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Critical Role Crack - Episode 15: Where the River Goes

gibbehh gibbehh start DND beyond is contributing $100 to a to six la for every natural one we roll and to honor that good I've written a folk song I need participation for this and many times has actually been back one how many times kid how many times has Caleb had a bath oh how many testicles to Sam have for how many cords are there in this song the past tense of win what's Kenobi's middle what's the synonym for pasty and pale the washington football team do when they face the counter this is just like that scene in fez club which scene the scene where the ship is sinking and Oscar and Genevieve do paddle to shore it is sad when just sink are you why I don't know no I'm not gonna get in the water don't worry have you been practicing learning the techniques that we try to get I've been practicing one technique it's called wearing this ring of water walking you could literally literally just be walking aside like I have to tell you in the book mangos rises up hey hey hey hey hey a ghost ride the whip I'm gonna gingerly oh my god please yes just barefoot – you just barefoot onto the water gets down just in time to see one of those stones that's protruding while a river your whole leg starts throbbing and you're like add serious skiing shake it not under the boat as you do [Laughter] are weary of traps in these no traps here a second snake an as you approach the first bit of that hallway you kind of threw this in glanced over to the right of you something comes firing out at extremely fast lightning speed towards you know you hear a very slope I'm gonna go forward a bit to the side and being ready for you duck out of the way sparks against the stone okay I don't want to get rid of that vase oh the holes are about that big take my brass doorknob and shove it in there and the door knocker cracks for a second and there's no more clicking has the party at this point all right I'm just gonna roam across and seconds make a buck maybe nobody else do that I'm holding on the money market is fun [Applause] catch it you kitchen and just embeds itself about an inch in your chest before I was told to check for traps and I missed many of them and I will strive to do better in the future this one this one's on me you take two gold coins out and you place them roughly and they both fit into the eyes of one face I'll do that as soon as they occur in there the relief opens in half and you fall it was at this moment he knew he fucked up as he falls I throw a piece of feather then I cast feather falling on him for suddenly he begins to disappear the floor going where you leave now not just barely releases the spell in ty Ford goes from plummeting just gently falling and you just kind of glide down it love doesn't say anything will move at all but he's thoroughly impressed Ashley has married iess than Laura apparently what is this what is this all my options exactly this is terrible I'm gonna start rocking upstairs as you look going through you see there are a few other stone cages that have been open and left empty that is one that has not been removed I'm gonna okay I grabbed the stone out it's not budging oh yeah watch this I got you one better I'll shove in my staff and kind of push against the pillar the middle actually unhinges in the stone can upon the top you can't drop it you see this is it's like a simple tool is that your new nickname what simple tool you know what that's fair I'll take that well use it like this I won't tell anyone yeah remember one time I liked you no good cuz never happened haha Oh your eyes just kept something shift above you a strange translucent cube like creature we just slap jell-o jell-o you stalking with your fists it quakes our old hand goes numb then you push the other hand up both your hands are nothing like it's going to kneel down next to gestured pick up her head in there for any paper you don't release paper friends you glance underneath one of the tables in the bottom it looks like one book has been not hi everyone I hope you enjoyed this episode I know these episodes take a while to make so thank you so much for your patience anyway I have a special announcement so don't click away just yet as you may know critical role will be heading to New York City for a live show I myself have been lucky enough to snag of the IP ticket but this isn't about me this is about you having the chance to win a ticket when I was scrambling to get that VIP ticket I panicked and bought a regular one as well because the VIP ones were selling out so fast I'm giving this one away to a lucky winner here's a picture showing where in the theater you will be seated for more details on location and time just go to crit roll calm for all that if you think you'll be able to make the show see if you can win a ticket come see the critical role cast live in this beautiful huge theater where you get to see Sam come on stage wearing something like that but live here is how to enter I set up a gleam account and put an important link in the description below I've never used the service before so please let me know if something goes wrong but I'm pretty sure all you have to do is log in then you get an entry ticket in three different ways one you have to subscribe to me in order to enter in the first place to follow me on Twitch three check out my patreon page you don't have to obviously donate or anything like that it's just an extra little bonus to get one more chance into possibly winning this ticket you do need to be willing to give me your address or a p.o box or something so I can mail the ticket to you the contest ends on September 22nd so please make sure you do this as soon as possible and spread the word this is meant to be a huge thank you for all the love and support you've given me in these past months of this unexpected Fame I'm hesitant to even use that word so don't miss this chance good luck and have a great day everyone

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  1. Liam would later have his revenge on Matt that Christmas when he through another gelatinous cube at him.

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