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Critical Role Crack – Episode 2: A Show of Scrutiny

[Critical Role Theme] Marisha: I’m in, I’m in shackles? Matt: You are. Marisha: Okay, I’m gonna do some monk shit here. I’m gonna elbow one of the guards, right in the ribs, and take the other one and bash- John Cena: Are you sure about that? [Critical Role Theme] Matt: You see Beauregard being pulled forward, but now the chains around her are being pulled taut on two sides. She’s being brought forward like a wild animal almost. Jester: What happened?! [“Help!” by the Beatles] Jester: I thought you didn’t like jails. [“Help!”] Molly: I’m going to be very helpful and not go in there with the two of you while you try and get her out. [Critical Role Theme] [Seinfeld Theme] Jester: Ay oh ayyy, good morning! [Laugh track] Sam: She’s a morning person too? [Laugh track] Fjord: Ay oh ayyy, yourself. [Louder laugh track] [Closing Seinfeld Theme] [Critical Role Theme] Matt: He hold up the ‘Fiends of Folklore’ book- Liam: Yeah. Oglen: Three gold pieces. Caleb [quietly]: Three gold pieces. Oglen: This one [sniffs] Oh! [Laughs] *Ten* gold pieces. Liam: Which one is which? Matt: The ‘Fiends of Folklore’ is the three. The other… [Sad music] Katy Perry [overlay]: When they ask you how you are, you just have to say that you’re fine. And you’re not really fine, but you just can’t get into it because they would never understand. [Critical Role Theme] Liam: Frumpkin disappears from on Nott’s shoulder… [Finger snap] and reappears next to the little man. [Oglen screams] [Oglen yells] [BANG BANG] [SVU Chime] [Critical Role Theme] Fjord: Let’s go. In Grog’s Voice: That worked way better than I thought. Like, we should just…I mean- In Fjord’s Voice: Should we just look around for stuff or what? [Sad trombone as everyone laughs] Caleb: You are very, you are very good with voices! [Critical Role Theme] Matt: At which point, the back flap of the tent opens up and it’s Jester… [Audio from Monty Python’s ‘Flying Circus’] [Voice Over] Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise- surprise and fear, fear and surprise! Our two weapons are fear and surprise, and ruthless efficiency. Our *three* weapons! [Critical Role Theme] Jester: I did get a very evil kind of vibe off him. Molly: What do you mean ‘evil kind of vibe’? Nott: He’s a devil. Jester: Well I mean, he’s a fiend. [Jeopardy Theme plays] Molly: He’s a what? Jester: The devil toad guy; he’s a fiend. Molly: That’s just a name. It’s not actually like a real… thing, that’s just a, I mean, he’s a, he’s a… …well. Nott: It’s the lizard man! [DING-DING DING-DING] [End song]

79 thoughts on “Critical Role Crack – Episode 2: A Show of Scrutiny

  1. I genuinly wonder if Tal DIDN'T hear the first time when Laura's spell indicated he was a fiend…. BRB! Also subbed!

  2. Look up a high quality video downloader and pull off the Monday YouTube episodes. That'll at least give you 1080p footage to work with. Love these videos!

  3. I've just watched all 7 first episodes (don't wanna be spoiled about the 8th one yet), and it really is good work! Keep it up 🙂

  4. Now I get why Molly was so flabergasted when Jester said that the devil toad was a fiend, he is a bloodhunter, those kind of things should not pass under his nose… but here we are.

  5. I love the moment with Travis slipping into Grog and then overcompensating (his face is priceless). But what is the name of that tuba and trombone incidental? I keep hearing it used and I have yet to learn what it's called!

    6. I had a blast watching all this. Subscribed.

  7. I was watching the recent NYCC Talks Machina panel and when you asked your question I thought "HEY I follow her!!!" hahaha. I thought it was awesome that the cast recognized your name and knew what you did. Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Dude, I’ve seen this whole series, and I just wanted to comment that the Cena edit at the very beginning is literally one of your best.

  9. Also, the song at the end, because it's perfect, is the middle of this song:

  10. Blood hunters. Can't. Be. Surprised. By. Fucking. Fiend's. If there is one. A blood hunter is supposed to be able to tell.

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