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Crown Jewels Stolen | Johnny English | Funny Clip | Mr Bean Official

Right Johnny English, I’m here to see Pegasus no, no sense rushing things There are some items you need to sign before your briefing This is your new retinal ID card and this is your level 9 security clearance Signing date please Oh Reminds me of the old services you ballpoint. I remember every agent would carry a pen that looked just like this completely innocent to the untrained eye but Click it twice. Ah English See my surgeon She went out Now agent one believed that there was a plot to Steal the crown jewels now, they’ve recently been through a multi million pound restoration largely paid for by a corporate sponsor, of course And they’re due to be unveiled tonight at the Tower of London Unfortunately, the Queen is insisting that the ceremony goes ahead. So what we want you to Ha Who? Who is the sponsor so? Pascal Sauvage That flouncy Frenchman who owns a couple of prisons Sivaji 7 billion pound Empire English operates over 400 prisons in 60 countries He’s built 25 of them here writer The man’s related to the royal family for goodness sake as far as the Prime Minister is concerned he’s one of the greatest friends England’s got Now English I want you at the tower tonight Monitoring this unveiling any chink in security any weakness? However slight must be plugged immediately Do we understand each other perfectly? So good. Oh, yes and English we can’t afford any mistakes Not tonight the word mistake sir is not one that appears in my dictionary Mr. English Colonel Santa t7x had a royal security can anything Snipers pissed on the roof as per my request 13 of them windows. We fitted with bullets and shatterproof glass as I shall now mingle inconspicuously with the guests. Let me know when her majesty Good good Shanaya mingle with you, sir. Oh, yes, Bob once you’ve checked Well, hello Hello yourself Johnny English Lana Campbell a Bloody Mary, please not too spicy So are you here in some professional capacity I worked on the restoration of the jewels intriguing and yourself If I told you that I’m afraid I’d have to kill you. I’d like to see you try Let’s just Sauvage on behalf of Her Majesty, may I welcome you to the top So, are you here alone? Mr. English, that’s how I choose to live my life with young women once safety security I can offer them nothing but danger some women find danger very attractive Women like you as good Women like me expect men like you to find that out for yourself Oh It’s for me actually and could you rustle up some of those cheesy niblets that are going around? Now, well, you obviously haven’t met our host Monsieur Sauvage. Oh Thank god, you know? I think I’d rather have my bottom impaled on a giant cactus and exchange pleasantries with that jumped-up friendship As far as I’m concerned, the only thing the French should be allowed to host is an invasion Sorry, can I help? Pascal is some bungee jumped up. Frenchman Blahnik handle. I’ve been so looking forward to me until I met across Europe Johnny English. I’ve heard all about you in between you and me I’m so keen on sir French myself. Please. Don’t answer Let me go and search for your new beaches another Answer is a friendship after all fantastic waiters the best in the world Well, we do it and I will wait on and then it really does no, no, no, please please please please Hey Jose, you saw very him Ladies and gentlemen madam a Monsieur Bienvenue welcome tonight to this wonderful occasion as we stand here in Tawaf London the most famous prison in the world where these wonderful jewels will safely under lock and key I Want to thank you for giving me this wonderful experience to contribute to the first occasion of these jewels it was as we say in France lit up the best of And what? It’s kind of symbolic It’s got a nasty wound, sir. Do hit him the assailant he ran in here Say buff don’t come in the mania I’ve managed to subdue the assailant the panics over everything’s under control Gentlemen, we should compose ourselves for the arrival of the majesty and return to the site of our great nations magnificently restored crown I Know I feel it too. The very symbols of our island nation. So close we could almost reach out and There are the jewels It’s an unmitigated disaster English. I couldn’t agree more sir. Well, we need to get these jewels back English and fast Tell me about this assailant because when they searched the room later, there was no sign of him. Well, the man was clearly a professional He must have escaped while the Queen was being sedated, but he’s the only lead we’ve got English. We have to find it come in This is this is Roger from data support Please sit down. He’ll produce a likeness based on your description So tell us what did this man look like? Well, he was big hair color Orange orange hmm and curly more frizzy actually frizzy ruling frizzy an eyepatch broken nose very few teeth – I would say the most and a scar on his cheek and the shape Cheeks they sort of met in the middle Are you sure about this English? Players but him an uncanny resemblance was just as if he’s in the room with us Wow, hey, sir all the bells and whistles, isn’t it? Never mind about these gadgets just focus on the case Thank you very much for waiting now The question that faces us this morning is a simple one namely how did the thieves gain access to this highly secure environment and then escape with the jewels afterwards a Simple question but one which I believe has a complex answer Actually said please bother my mind is at work Now what you must grasp gentlemen is that the master criminal sees not a room but a series of opportunities Should I come in through the window? Possibly should I drop down from the ceiling? Happy actually says one thing I think we can be fairly confident about that is that they didn’t come up through the hole? That’s right, just come on bring me right up the holster panic Can you see the bottom yet Bob Trust me buff. You won’t get stuck if you just keep moving Are you at the bottom now Bob? God’s sake Bob stay there. I’m coming down Don’t worry Gently does it

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  4. Mrs.bean: "The word mistake is not one that appears in my dictionary"

    Me: is it the title?… Lol
    Jk I love Mrs.bean.

  5. Wonderful! Impressive! Fantastic! Just one more little thing, please give us all Johnny English videos chronologically.

  6. If only the brits knew about their colonial past they'd know that crown jewel was stolen from subcontinent lol

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