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Cruel Microsoft Excel Tutorial [Office Humor & Funny Jokes] Warning!!! – Puns & Surprises

Listen you don’t watch this video. it’s not
engaging non professional and it doesn’t worth your time just click Next
button or Back button just you came to their own place ok let’s click on a
blank workbook when you start Microsoft Excel you see this screen and when you
click on it this is the screen that you see so the key first element I’m gonna
introduce to you in the bottom right corner and that’s the zooming element
we’re gonna make it a little bit larger so you guys can see better even if
you’re using this video on the mobile devices so first of all Excel allows you
to do data entries into the cells so we can type and enter the data we can say
that this is for example HP monitor right this is the text value that we’ve
entered into the cell next cell might be Alexa and as you can see that we’re
trying to list things that might be for sale another thing might be remote
control as I go here I can extend the rows width and this would allow me to
fit information right into the cell I can select it and do a little bit of
formatting in Excel for example I can make a bold and I’m gonna make it back
on unbold if you wish I can make it italic underline right
I can also format within the cell and this is alignment I can make it center
to the left which is currently formatted to the right I can also place it in a
different area in the cell are you still here why is
still here I warned you I warned you okay if you continue it
will contain inappropriate jokes okay but I warn you and as you can see all of
this is done through the ribbon interface so this area on top where I’m
moving my cursor you see that this is a ribbon you can switch between different
tabs in the ribbon and you see based on the name of the tab you see different
possible functions and there are a lot of functions in Excel but you don’t need
to know all of them and that’s a good thing I use maybe five ten percent I
know about a lot of them but in the day to day basis you probably use very few
of them so 95% is used by a lot of other people like engineers signed book no
Instagram or Facebook just study study look look at this material it’s so
exciting it’s Microsoft Excel buddy that’s what
it is it is data scientist so for typical job like depending what you do
you may not need all of this so don’t be scared it’s all good now let’s continue
and let’s enter some numbers so for example we need to format to align it
back to the left and we will put some numbers so that would be the price HP
monitor for example 9999 right that’s the typical price – $100 – 1 cent and we
can format as you see dollar sign this are different number hey are you
studying Excel on company time should I talk to you I’m gonna go and talk to you
but wait a second okay he’s gonna be right back and he’s
gonna talk to you types right full list of number types listed right here
general number currency accounting and have them gonna go through those but the
most typical one uses the number currency dates and texts those are the
most typical ones that I use and most likely you will be using the same ones
you can also copy and paste here so what you do here is you select the value and
I’m gonna use the ribbon for this there are other ways to do copy so you click
copy then you move your cursor into another cell and then you click paste
then it will paste the value but the Lexus price might below the different so
let’s put $49.99 but see it copied not just hey seriously you think you can
watch this video and master the material and you will learn by just watching this
video hey I’m not gonna hire you good luck to your future employer the value
but also formatting like a specific dollar value that was cut and then the
last value are for remote control let’s put it at $9.99 and you see what I
typically do I just copy and paste if it’s a similar data and then I just make
modifications so now let’s talk a little bit and this is the last piece of this
overview is how is it helpful right you so you launched excel how is it helpful
for the regular user like I am what I can do I enter the data I can format the
data and I can print the data right so for example I can put borders around the
cells I can also make a header and this would be item and this would be priced
right so I just added those two and conveniently spaces that have been left
empty I can also put some header color here you see there are different colors
available and I probably would also want to do a border around hey stop
daydreaming no daydreaming no thinking of something else
Excel Excel that’s it Excel Microsoft Excel the header but now I can print I
can manipulate the data with formula so for example let me show you the simplest
formula we’ll just click on autosum and it will sum up all the values and this
would be the total value of c2 through c4 $159.90 and now you can print it
right that’s pretty basic workflow so you enter the data you format it as you
wish and then you can print it and it shows the print preview and we should be
able to zoom in and we can see this values right on the page and this is
what Microsoft calls WYSIWYG what you see is what you get so whatever’s
entered here on the screen you will get the same printout on that page [Music] in this video we’re gonna look at how do
you do copy cut and paste in Microsoft Excel but before we do that let’s just
talk about the basic concept of what does copy mean
copy means that you copy the value and paste it somewhere else that that’s the
basic fundamentals right it keeps the value in the original cell
and it also pastes it into a new cell I’m going to show you multiple ways how
to do it so when you highlight the cell you can click on the copy button in the
upper left corner and then you can also paste it to the left or in fact to the
right I’m sorry and you see that the blank value because here we had a
formula you see here there is a formula it’s a sum of cells c2 through c4 but
there is nothing here the formula here in this in d5 would be sum of d 4 d2
through d4 but there is no values here so let’s play a little bit of a trick
and let’s just say all right listen I am tired my patience is gone I
need results show me results show me what you’ve learned show me what you
learn okay just open up Excel stop watching this doesn’t help you stop
watching open up Excel and repeat after me every step every single step that we
can only paste not we can paste not just one value but we can paste a lot of
different values so we just create a new column and we’ll call it old price right
in old price what I did I create are used ctrl C and I used ctrl V that’s
another way to copy and paste and I can also use ctrl Z or I can do undo that’s
another key function when you’re dealing with clipboard so we will undo undo
paste and there’s nothing here so I’ll highlight it again and keep the
selection so I’ll use this button because it’s easier for you guys to see
and I’ll click copy and then I move the cursor to d1 and then I’ll
just click paste and it pastes the value now if we change it that’s the cool
power of Excel it’s in real time it will modify so let’s assume that HP’s monitor
price old price was 1:29 you see the total value mediately modified and it
became 189 for the old price and we just need to rename it to make it an old
price right and for other values Alexa let’s say was 59 the old price and
remote control was 1999 okay this is the last time I stopped this video last time
absolutely last time normal warnings I’m going to call the
police and they will force you to study they will just force you they come here
they will make sure that you reading and listening and watching and getting ready
this is Excel body will enforce that there are multiple different ways and
multiple different copy and pastes function for example you can apply
different types of paste to formulas and you can apply different types of copy
the data because Excel can copy and paste as values or as formulas but this
is outside of this particular tutorial because it’s for absolute beginners but
it’s important for you to realize that this is what it is and this is one of
the questions that you might be asked on the interview is there only one type of
copy and paste no no there are multiple types so let me just show you the
options and what they are and this would be the last piece of this video so if
you select something and you click especially the formula and you click
copy see this small arrow under the paste button and you can paste it as is
you can paste values or you can use other paste options so we’re gonna skip
and not do anything so now what is cut cut is really as it stands you cut it
from the place and then you paste it to another place so copy keeps the original
values but cut takes them away and moves them to
another area so let’s let’s do a cot of this value 1:29 I just click the cut
button and if I paste it to e to I just click the paste button and you see the
tunnel was automatically updated [Music] in this video we’re gonna look at basic
Microsoft Excel data types and first let’s take a look at this document here
we have item listed we have sales for this item our January sales and February
sales it looks like only one item was solves I apologize that’s kind of how I
played with the data so it doesn’t look really realistic but let’s just use it
for the sake of using this information so let’s just look at what are the data
types we have here we have a text data type right
HP Monitor item January and February and Alexan remote control our old text data
types and then we have dollar signs currency data type right and if you want
to look at the old data types you can just click here and you see all of the
most common ones are number currency dates different types of dates and then
the text so what we’re gonna do is for you to better understand the difference
between data types and the difference is how the formulas being calculated for
example if you do sum of dates it’s going to be different than some of
dollar numbers and etc and you cannot do sum of text values so it just doesn’t
work this way so that’s why you need different data types because if you
apply formulas they work differently for different data types that’s really the
rationale behind having data types Excel is very smart and it’s a science data
types based on what you’re typing so Microsoft did a very good job and Excel
recognizes this very very well hey stop wasting YouTube server time
you’re not listening you’re not listening here you gotta
listen listen listen with your ears ears you see ears right here years you have
those just listen and think and repeat step by step step by step now let’s
change for the purpose of this exercise we know two data types now let’s
introduce the third one the date so let’s say instead of January and
February let’s say that it would be two dates and first one would be January 1st
0 1 0 1 2019 so that’s the first date and then second one instead of February
would be 0 1 alright that’s it I am taking you on the flight to Milwaukee
Wisconsin Wisconsin ok we have a nice I have a seat next to me here alright
you will be sitting next to me and studying and learning learning them at
you I think it’s better for you alright so be prepared
ok we have a nice weather today 40 degrees I’m putting on my shorts all
right I’m going outside so we love it here in Wisconsin 40 degrees weather a
very nice good I love it I love it you will love it and you don’t have a choice
alright don’t try to escape I would be 1 to 2019 and I’m in the United States in
the United States month goes first and then the date goes after the month so
it’s a January 1st in c1 in in d1 its January 2nd now let’s see what we can do
with this data types now if we select now it knows that it’s a date so I told
you it’s smart enough to pick up the fact that it became a date with most
text and it became a date but we can also do few other things we can use a
different format for example this is already a short date so the fact that I
switched it didn’t make any difference but let’s change it to long date and
let’s see what happens this sign means that the there’s not
enough room in this cell to show everything that’s in here so I’m gonna
expand it a little bit and a little bit more and a little bit more and that’s
finally this is where we see a long date format and it shows Tuesday January 1st
2019 we can change this one to the same format as well but instead let’s take a
look at all the different data formats and to do that if you look at the number
section on the ribbon here I click on the small icon in the bottom right
corner of the number section and look at this and here on the left it shows us
different categories but here it shows all different possible data types and
I’m pretty sure when you come here you will be able to pick the right one for
you [Music] [Music] [Music] in this tutorial we’re gonna learn the
basic formulas in Microsoft Excel we’re gonna look at some average Max and min
and in order to do that we’re gonna use this document and by the way all the
documents are available for download from my website so I definitely
recommend that you go and look in the description of this video and the links
there really will take you to the right place so you can download okay listen
this is the very serious thing don’t share this video with anybody English
this is very serious it’s only for you that’s how I build it just for you and
wait a sec I’m gonna go and get the non-disclosure agreement
okay you remember I’m gonna be bad and you will sign this non-disclosure no
sharing with anybody so what we see here we see a list of sales right in the
different categories there are two categories I kept them two for
simplicity purposes this are the sales of different devices wireless charger
screen protector Alexa voice remote and this is sales for quarter one quarter
two three and four this could be fiscal quarters or this could be calendar
quarters doesn’t really matter so what we’re gonna do right now we’re gonna
look at and determine how to use formulas to calculate this for different
types remember sum which should give us the sum of all the values average which
will give us the average of all the values maximum and minimum so those are
the key formulas we’re gonna look at so there are multiple ways how you can
use formulas the hard way is that you put in the cell let’s say that we want
to do a summary of all this values right if you can just say equal and then with
some and then you say okay what is my first number and what is my last number
maybe you just want to do more sophisticated let’s just do so you can
start highlighting and then you close the bracket so a lot of manual work now
thirty seven thousand four hundred and ten dollars hey how old are you told you
they remind you that you need to study do you wanna find that job do you want
to get that job huh just keep pushing keep pushing
step by step step by step I’m gonna delete this value by clicking delete
button on my keyboard and instead what we’re gonna look at is the order some
right here in the upper right corner in the ribbon so we’re gonna click autosum
and it automatically guesses and typically Excel guesses extremely well
in you’re telling us extremely well so it guesses and I’m just going to do a
sum here and hit enter so typically the only thing you need if you agree with
Excel selection is that hit enter and now we can also copy and pastes and it
will copy and paste formula and it wouldn’t be the formula for q1 it would
be the formula for q2 q3 and q4 so let me just demonstrate this so if I am here
in the cell c10 and I click copy and now I move cursor here and click paste it
will calculate the q2 so I’m gonna undo the paste so I see I’m
in the upper left corner we can do one piece and we’re gonna look at other
formulas so as you might have noticed all of this formulas are listed in that
box so we’re gonna do a summary for q1 we’re gonna do average for q2 we’re
gonna do maximum for q3 and minimum for q4 all right
Coffee time not for you buddy you were not listening you go back
rewind this video a little bit and keep listening it’s only for me okay I’m
gonna step out for a few minutes and I’ll be right back
and don’t even think about switching to Facebook so let’s do that I will do the
same thing but instead of just clicking on autosum in the upper right corner
here in the editing women we’re just going to do an average here and you see
I picked average in Excel again guess them guessed correctly and the average
value and I just guessed for one cell guest for all the remaining cells
thinking okay this guy needs average for all of the four columns de and F which
is not exactly correct so sometimes it does make mistakes but the average value
is 5003 so I bet you if you want to recalculate you certainly could let’s
clear those off so I am going to select those two rows and I’m going to click
the delete button on the keyboard so for this one as we’ve discussed we’re going
to look at the maximum value and again we’re gonna select the cell e10 we’re
gonna come back here and we’re gonna select the maximum and it selects the
range so this selection of numbers calls called the range in Microsoft Excel
so what its gonna do it’s gonna look at maximum value and there’s only one
maximum in between e 2 and e 9 and would see if Excel is correct
and again a guest that I eat the same thing for column oh yeah which is
typical and a lot of times in the business calculations it’s the similar
way but because I’m doing that educational demo it’s alone the
different so eight thousand six forty four so let’s find this number and there
are two numbers like this there they are and that’s how we came up
with this values and the last piece let’s just do a minimum value in this
column F so we’ll do the same thing I’m gonna click the delete button and delete
the values and I am going to click here the minimum value and again Excel is
looking for the minimum value between F 2 and F 9 all right and the minimum
value 2940 10 and this is at 29 40 10 knock-knock who is here huh that’s me
but listen why are you sleeping why are you not absorbing this material I
already know this it’s all for you you gotta know this not me
[Music] sorting and filtering data in Microsoft
Excel so what we see we see a table here and we see different categories of data
and our goal is to sort them in sales and highlight the items that have
highest sales so that might be one objective might be one business
objective second objective might be put those descriptions in alphabetical order
so let’s try to do both in order to do that we need to select the area where
all the values we interested in are and we can do it multiple different ways for
example for sorting hey B+ life is good for your friends that stay
at the pool that stay in the beach be positive respect them for where they are
and where you are right now but you need to spend buddy studying that’s how you
make ahead in life study we can select the area and then we can just say custom
sort and we decide how exactly are we going to sort we can only sort one way
in a sense we can do multiple sorting but we have to understand how sorting
would work because Excel would need to maintain the values for example if it
moves Wireless charges it would have to move supplies and all the values
associated with a wireless chargers accordingly otherwise the data wouldn’t
make any sense so in this case let’s just do a simple sort by description and
what we’re gonna do description is the field and we’re just gonna say sorting
by description okay and you see that description values
was a they come first and was the lower letters and alphabet Lake wireless
chargers they come last so let me undo this
again remember undo button control Z and Excel returns us back to the initial
statement now let’s take a look at how would you do filtering of the data and
the easiest way to do it and this is what I typically use I use highlight the
top row with headings and I select here filter and look what happens
Excel just added drop-down boxes for every header description item and what I
can do now I can select the key aisle I don’t want to select everything but I
want to select just specific items and because there is only one item I guess
it’s not doesn’t seem as effective but let me show you where it might be
affected for example I’m going to unselect Amazon echo and I’m going to
select all here return back to the initial stage but see we only have two
categories of suppliers to supplies and 1 2 3 4 6 electronics items so let’s
pick one category and this is much more effective way of sorting now it pick six
items for electronics or I can pick supplies and only two items for supply
so this doesn’t seem as useful but imagine that you have Excel document
with hundreds or maybe thousands of rows in hundreds different categories
this tool is extremely useful to sort regardless of how many rows you have in
Microsoft Excel hope you have learned something and
enjoyed this video make sure to click the subscribe button to stay in touch
with me on YouTube and join my email list so I can share with you more
information about my free training courses hope to see you back soon
again this is vidya Mecca lanka thanks again for watching

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