Laughter is the Best Medicine

57 thoughts on “CS:GO Funny Moments │ SPITROASTED

  1. Great video Bryan I'm so glad that you are getting back to it and that you feel better after your long deserved break! ❤️

  2. Your videos always crack me up, after a bad day, after a good day, no matter what. Thanks man. Keep it up 🙂

  3. OMG I just realized that I played in a death match against you yesterday! Im krusty krab pizza! The one that was always knifing and zeusing you!!!!!!!!

  4. Can I tell you that you and Jordan have really inspired me. And you are the reason I am doing YouTube rn so I thank you so very much dude and I hope you hit 200k very soon I've been with you guys for a while watching your videos and stuff and let me just say you guys mean so much to me and I love watching your guys videos. I thought I would tell you this not to be in a video or even for you to read this I know you are busy a lot I just thought I would tell others how much you mean to me and others that watch your video if you can responed to this I would love that once again thank you so very very much.

  5. Ugh, as much as I love your videos, Bob needs to work on new jokes. It's getting old real quick.

    (inb4 Bob replies with "My pussy is getting old.")

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