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CS:GO FUNTAGE! - Crazy Noscopes, Bottle Kill & Hand-Offs!

what happened like did I think I crashed his game great I'm trying to hit a one-day event play this game in so long hello alright Brock catch his hands fam oh my gosh oh my god I gotta kick you I actually have to kick you I agree Hey oh don't work of a fucking pro oh hey how's it going I'm just gonna wait okay hey fly out mini go hold on what the fuck did that a K go what that was sick Oh fuckin chicken go did fashion right there in my defense i no scoped you all the way from IV to the epic spy music oh okay turn off their big spy music turn it off we don't need it on anymore shit where'd that go oh my god how many I never mind what happened look at your necks all right as your option okay as Europe I got the short end of the stick in that dude oh hello do you mind sir how mad is he right now did hey Brian how's it feel to get fucking killed by a bottle of liquor you dumb bitch when you die I'll take that where they going where you going look at me with the nade throw it as you're falling back say Oh God I'm so sorry okay go help that so right there nice kill oh Jesus Christ it's like someone had like a cane and pulled it off this stage okay help me green now you're fine dude you're fine anything no he's up on cash later idiot did you just check shot him and he died in one is the 16th point in a saber in that shower come through with it he's gonna come one is a mechanic I got this eventually where is it there right right more I just hold on Tyler he's done nuke swallowed a ball punch your mike byson punch a splint it's fixed now look at that let's see how far this can go I wanna see how far can go whoa okay what's that cool yeah I'm dead doctor you just watch one go jungle Tucker yeah I don't care there's me there might be one here the guy clearly sizing is amazing I'm shoving a big needle up my dick hole thanks for the hand all for the egghead yeah no problem dude I'll give you a hand off anytime so like a discounter give me a hand on fuck is a head off discount mine explains one me one hand off I can't fit two hands on we started talking about hand off discounts my god they're poison you need to stop alright stop voices they'll catch me spoon I'm not linking you in the description

47 thoughts on “CS:GO FUNTAGE! – Crazy Noscopes, Bottle Kill & Hand-Offs!

  1. God I have a headache from laughing to much from the one handed hand job and that Pterodactyl laugh

    Edit: no spOOn’s laugh reminds me of that colorful bird from up

  2. I love Smii7ys content now and I don't blame him for doing what he does now but what he does now will NEVER compare to this 😂❤️

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