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Customer disasters (funny) – how to avoid them! Improve sales. Marketing keynote speaker

So the customer’s calling you, but I
promise you, most call centres are blind. They see nothing, except the script that
supposed to talk to the customer about. So I say, ‘I’m seeing on your own
website, 20 percent different price on that. They say,
‘Well I’m sorry I can’t help you, I can’t see that price.’ ‘Well, I’ve got 18 of your competitors websites, open
right now because I have my portable,my iPad, my iPhone, my blackberry, I’m on watching TV, I’m texting my friends, I’m on Twitter, and all of this
information is coming and I’m talking to you, and all you can
see is the script you have to read.’ Put your hands up if
you get really annoyed when you get through, to let’s say, the
electricity company and they have stolen your money,
3 times this month. Okay, and you get through to the electricity company and it says, ‘Press 1 for Accounts. Press 2 for more accounts. Press 3 for Sales. Press 4 if you
have no idea what to press.’ Put your hands up if you
find that makes you really angry. Put your hands up,
if you think, that people who install such systems
should be put in prison and sent to Siberia?’ So we understand… okay, now I’m sorry to say this, you know
what’s coming next. Put your hands up if your company has
such a system. Come on! I know you all do. What happens? What happened was you forgot what it
feels like to be a customer. We spent too much time feeling what it’s
like to be a manager. I’m just saying let’s take off the glasses of being a
manager, remember what the glasses are like to be
a customer, and try to imagine how it feels. Because
now we’ve learnt, that the fastest way to make your customer annoyed is to make them
wait for more than five seconds for anything.

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  1. Enjoy funny stories about (terrible) customer experiences and see how easily corporations can become blind to customer needs.  Why most call-centres are blind and what to do about it.

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