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Cute and funny moments with Kristen Stewart! (PART 4)

One question that they all wanted to ask. Do vampires have sex? Did you get a chance to walk around the floor a little bit, put on a mask and go in disguise so you can see sorta the craziness of Comic Con. No, way. No because I’m terrified. Because they’re, oh, sorry. ’cause like I would not.. Like I feel like they would recognize my shoes and just like. In the states it’s sort of like “so what is it like kissing a vampire?” Well, come on man, I don’t know, I’ve never done it. I was always really terrified of Disneyland because I heard all these stories when I was younger that you would get abtucted and, this is horrible, but they would like shave your head and change your shoes because the only thing that, it’s like if you report that your child has been kidnapped at Disneyland they say “okay, what shoes is he wearing?” And then they stand by every entrance and exit and they like, check shoes and so they change the shoes and you’re gone, and I was really scared of that when I was younger. I will be, maybe crucified if I answer this, but uhm I think, I think, Edward. This is him right now in the bathroom. Watch, he’ll make his exit soon. What’s that? What does that mean? Just wasn’t funny. Because we didn’t get it. Shut up and eat your weenie. Yeah. She’s got one right here. I already, I broke, I broke mine. Can you eat it? Is this real gold? You’ve broken the award already this early. I broke my award it was really embarrassing. Here, give me my award. Am I wrong about that? Yeah. I mean, or I mean, no! Fuck! Shit! Yeah, yeah, yeah actually you are, you’re wrong! No, no, no, but you’re right. You know. Let’s… fuck I sound like fucking Nooo. Common misconception. Really? Yeah. I read that everywhere. I know, it’s everywhere that I’m like an avid surfer that I can rip up the wave. I, please, I can barely, I get sea sick on a surfboard. I said it once when I was little I think in an interview for like Panic Room or something. My brother’s surf and maybe I did it like the week before and they asked me what I liked to do and I said “oh like surfing’s fun and!” and then it becomes like, this I’m like a professional surfer. Anybody wanna tell me what they remember about their teen years the most? Wanna move on? Yeah. Do you think that he’s so beautiful that it’s painful to look at him? No. I can’t, I can’t stroke his ego anymore than everybody else has. What is is that you can’t bear about person next to you? His smell. You find yourself becoming, or being so in love with someone.. what? We keep looking at you on a TV. Come on, you’re on a roll. I think you should keep going. You might be only the second person in film history to be driving around in a AMC Pacer. Oh yeah. Second? Who’s the first? Wayne’s world. Oh, yeaaah. That’s so cool I didn’t even ever think of that I mean like, oh that’s awesome. Can you talk a little bit about how your lives have changed since we saw you here last summer? I cut my hair off. Right, I know I’m really not funny, I’m sorry. Okay, that’s okay. That energy thrown at you like that is really like, SONIC BOOM! Like, it’s literally like.. wrenching!

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  1. "Am i wrong about that?"
    "Yeah, oh, i mean no. Yeah, yea.. actually, well actually you're wrong. No.. but… uhh, no, but you're right."


  2. 1:15 she is soooo cute in this interview.. You can really c how she feels in every interview.. that's what I like about her (: <3

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