Laughter is the Best Medicine

17 thoughts on “Cutest Baby Making Funny Things – Funny Baby Videos

  1. Cet énorme bébé , c'est impensable !!! Les parents sont inconscients et mériteraient d'être rappelés à l"ordre….c'est presque de la maltraitance …

  2. Wow good job man love your content, nice video you inspire me to make people laugh so i hoppened a youtube channel about funny moments go chech it out wont regret your decision!!!

  3. 2:15 no! I don't know what that is but I don't think it was designed for that! I'd be terrified to put a baby in that what if it breaks?

  4. 2:36 now that's just adorable you know she probably going to be a cheerleader when she grows up. Look how flexible she is, wait aren't all babies this flexible?

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