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Cyberpunk 2077 discussion: Combat system, humor

Let’s look at what CD Projekt RED is
actually hiring for and how they are describing what they want their gameplay
designers to be able to do. So in one of the more… This is, I think,
they’re hiring multiple positions in this and this is the combat designer. And
the combat designer affects the gameplay within the realm of the combat. What it
says is to work with quest designers, open-world designers, level designers,
environmental artists to design memorable… Memorable
combat encounters based on predefined narrative environment and gameplay
themes. Now, this is really important because the narrative that’s like,
you know, is it a boss fight or not a boss fight. Environmental is that like,
you know, are you at the top of an office tower or you on the street level or are
you in the sewers. And then but this is the big one: gameplay themes is really
what strikes out to me here. So gameplay themes means that there’s more than one
theme behind a combat scenario and I’m hoping that what this means is that
we’re gonna see some… Some really like some combat that’s designed and
structured into the the world of the… kinda more like more or less the pen
and paper style that kind of a concept that there’s multiple gameplay
themes that is really, really attractive when I’m looking at this list. So, then
the other thing they say in this the next thing they say and this is they
take encounter shells and use those shells to create scenarios. What that
means is that an encounter shell is something that is mobile, so you can have
an encounter with a gang in any of those previous… places that are just
described. You can have it on the, you know, street level,
inside of an office tower or inside the residential tower, you can have it in
the ruins, you can have it anywhere. But that shell is designed to be… to be
movable so you can encounter things in various scenarios and that’s really,
really good. So that means that they are leaning more… I think, towards the you
know towards the the high scheme mechanics mixed in with the follow up
freestyle and that also makes this a different shooter than most.
– Well, I believe that one of the things that people feel the most is that they
turn a cyberpunk into first-person shooter. Which I believe that is not the
idea because again we’re talking about an RPG. But it needs to have some
components of shooter. If not a first-person shooter it can be as a
third-person shooter, we have no problems with that, but actually you have a lot of
weapons to choose from a… range of all the Chromebooks. So the
parts of the weapons they are going to be very important in the game. And
yes, I just want people to know that we are not talking about the first-person
shooter. We are talking about an RPG game and in this game both stats and
luck they are very important. And luck it’s something that is really
really important in the world of Cyberpunk 2020. It’s not only a stat it
affects a lot of things. And for instance when you start creating your character,
you need to roll dice to… to see how many how many points you have for for the
stats and for the skills, which means that your luck as a person has a lot to
do with how your character is going to be. Not only the luck of the character.
But a this is a great variable to have also in combat because I remember
shortly ago one of our developer from CD Projekt RED asked on Twitter
what people thought about headshots do you remember that? – Yeah.
And well, headshots in this game they are are also affected by luck and
this is really important we in here a lot of variables that are not
the typical variables of first-person shooter we are talking about that is
much more complex – Hmm yeah okay. Well, especially with
the headshot thing, like that’s that’s another thing that I mean you get
that like that I’m glad that question came up and and it does kind of help
lean, you know, hopefully the experience of the game a little bit because I like
the concept of headshots and I think in the division and in, you know, Borderlands
I think it was handled decently well like, that that’s kind of cool that
there’s big spots and weak points and I think that’s decent
and I hope they they make use of that because it’s always fun or you know
dealing with that as it is a generalized concept and then just like, you know,
is everything is a bullet sponge in general. I actually don’t… I really
don’t mind bullet sponginess I really don’t. And I find it annoying where people complain that you know, they can’t bring down any enemy in
one shot. It’s like… What’s the point of wearing armor if everybody goes down
in one shot. Like what is the point of any you know defensive stats
– Come on, this isn’t Star Wars you’re not going to perform you drop dead it’s like
oh my goodness like like I’m at a concept I personally I hate it but I
know that that’s also like a choice. I agree, but it does seem also very, very
odd when you can shoot someone smack in the forehead and they just shake it
off and keep keep firing at you like… – Well not in this universe, because in
in your face you can have armor in in your face you can have implants to
protect you from that that’s not… – Yeah, but I mean, you know, in some
games where you’ll you know headshot someone who’s not even
wearing a helmet and nobody that you… – But you don’t need to wear a helmet, you can have
it to have under your skin in this particular universe, I mean.
– Right. So what I’m saying is, yeah, it seems like it would work in this game as opposed to
I’m specifically thinking of Fallout 4 where you have somebody who, you know,
they must have… they must have like adamantium bones or whatever because you
can shoot them everywhere they’re not even wearing any armor and then they
just keep running yeah, in the teaser in fact we could see that because
other cyber psycho had a bullet in her face. Remember that scene in the teaser? – Yeah. Well, that see that makes sense. If
someone’s cybernetically enhanced to that point and so I think we’ve got a
lot better yeah that’ll fit a lot better in this kind of a world where you can
where you have people who are cybernetically enhanced up the wazoo
they probably cybernetically enhanced there wazoo. And they can, you know, they
can take a lot more bullets. – I see what you did there Without being a, you know, without being unrealistic for them to take a lot of shots
– I want to critically just mention something else that you mentioned there
Madqueen, is that this game is undeniably going to be a third-person
shooter. That there is going to be of course first person like scopes and stuff like
that, most likely. But it’s definitely gonna be third person. So if you were if
you were worried or wondering the game is definitely going to be on the like
you’re gonna be steam your character a lot because it’s it’s there’s a lot of
stuff that that focuses on character connection so… – Mmm-hmm well I would imagine so, I mean did but with it just being and aren’t with it being an RPG
and it being it’s all about your character, right? It’s all about the
character. And so if it was first-person so you could never see your character
I’m fine with there being a first option but… You know, for running around
or whatever. But if it if you could never see your character that that doesn’t
make any sense to me. Character customization… – Is not going to have any sense and also earlier status of production they already asked what
people felt about being a first person or a third person. And people weren’t
very happy with the option of first person. There were some people that
thought, well I played The Witcher and I spent the whole game seeing a Geralt’s ass
and not something that I want to see one playing a game but apart from this a
portion of the game is who doesn’t want to see the characters butt, the vast
majority of people weren’t too happy about having a cyberpunk 2077 being the
first person game so I believe that that’s one of the main reasons why is
safe to assume that we’re talking about the third person game.
– I just like options like I have played Fallout 4, I play first-person
almost exclusively. But I like that it pops out during dialogue scenes you see
your character in law awesome stuff you’re wearing etc.
– Well fortunately for us we are talking about a game that is based on a very unrealistic universe. We
go into this some suspension of reality like in any other game or film or
whatever kind of story, but we are talking about a universe that’s so
exaggerated and so unrealistic that I believe that this is part of the fun of
the game and the universe. The fact that is so exaggerated even the humor is that
is exaggerated in there. That is also something that would I would love to see
how they do it in the game all the source books are so hilarious, so
sarcastic, so wonderful in their humor – Doesn’t take itself seriously in that
that’s really good There’s a something that we already saw
in the Witcher 3 that I really the sense of humor more acute and
unfunny and they are several jokes that I actually laughed a lot. But a lot. Like
the scene where he is with Triss in this lighthouse. He’s having sex
with Triss in the lighthouse and and they… Well, as they have two bodies
in front of the light, the light that comes out of the lighthouse is making
like a strange signal and there’s some guys on a boat trying to read what that
signal means… And I really loved it with that scene but I mean a lot like 20
minutes something exaggerated. Yeah, I remember that scene from YouTube. It’s so hilarious they do that. “What does it meeeaan??” It’s brilliant The best things of this game was a sense
of humor they had and girls personality and in Cyberpunk, one of the things
that you read the most when you read the source books is that um, how to call it?
um “attitude is everything” so I expect that this attude is going to be reflected in the game with the personality and with the
dialogues of the character yeah well, I imagine it. I imagine there’ll be some good humor in it. And some really good writing – I do want to comment on on
what Lee has… I can’t pronounce your last name I’m sorry. Lee S in the comments he
said: “Well we have drones now and Mike mentioned that tech evolve so
flying items like explosives and stuff like that isn’t too far out there even
one of the things that I really did like about The D ivision was the controllable
like little grenade bombs that he could like they’re it’s basically like bb-8 like drives over to the enemies and
blows up I thought those things were brilliant
and I really liked that design of like having this grenade it’s like okay
they’re gonna see a grenade if I Chuck a grenade in front of them but I’ll flip
this grenade down and it’ll move you know out behind them across the
sightlines come in behind them and just suddenly
like blow up or like a little little micro drone will fly over to the face
and like strobe light their face I’m really hoping that we see some of that
technology. And that kind of like combat stuff because it makes sense, a
lot. Like, you know, especially with like all the tech people are right if you fly
a little tiny drone over that scrambles like, you know,
so that you know they can’t really see ypu, they can’t really function very
well. That kind of stuff is so cool and it’ll be so it
would be so awesome to have that as a bigger combat abilities.
– Actually you know, I imagine if they go over the way that a lot of games are going, I imagine
they will have tools to to do a kind of a pacifist style of gameplay. – I’m hoping.
– There’s a lot of people that are into that, you know, try to try to beat the
game without killing anybody… So non lethal… non-lethal ways of taking
people down. That’s going to involve a lot of tools and a lot of tech, I would
imagine. Because like there’s gonna be combat, but that doesn’t mean you always
need to fight like you can find ways of knocking people out or sneaking around
the guards or, you know, getting away that would that would provide a lot of
interesting variety of gameplay and I always I love seeing that in games.
I love being able to play the same game over and try it a completely different
way, try to have to solve the same problems in a completely different way
– Well, that is that that’s a good thing about character classes. You’re expected
to do different things depending on your character class. If you are solo, you’re
probably going to solve it by shooting but if you’re or a cop… Yes, if you’re a
copy probably going to shoot faster than a solo. But on any other character class
you need to use another type of things about from shooting and they already
said that Deus Ex was one of the examples of a gameplay that they were
going to inspire the gameplay of C.yberpunk 2077 in. And one of the things
that Deus Ex has is the choice you have different choices on every
situation and you can solve them different ways. One is shooting but there
are others and usually one of them always involved crawling into something I’m really looking forward to and I have
got my fingers crossed is that… And as you were saying before, Ash is that you
know there’s multiple classes in the game I would like to be able to finish
the main questline as a journalist without having to shoot anyone.
Yeah just so someone just posted in chat Redum10 says: as a media pacifist
run you write you write an article and ruin people on social media dealing with combat
it’s like “okay hold on guys I’m bringing up your Facebook so I’m bringing up here…”
though shot media oh you just got you just got doxxed but like um call girl in
the south park game. – I want to play as I wanna play like the the punk… the rocker
right? the rocker boy of the rocker girl and, you know, you imagine that from the
enemy’s viewpoint. So that like the big bad guy, you know, if there is a big bad
guy. Big bad guys like in this office tower he’s like “so who’s been this
person who’s been stomping on all our plans?” and this second or
whatever is like the captain here: “we believe it’s this
rocker boy” and it’s like “Oh, well how are we gonna handle him? Or he’s coming
here to like take us down?” Right? I actually know he’s he’s rented out the
big stadium and he’s doing a show where he’s gonna sing to the crowd and they’re
gonna expose all our stuff at the same time of doing this big concert and
that’s how you bring down the big bad guy you have a concert. That would
just be brilliant

13 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 discussion: Combat system, humor

  1. Thanks for this I'm Overly Fucking exited for this game , hope they take their time to make a masterpiece of a game just like the Witcher 3.

  2. Man I can't wait for this game to come out already.. I probably will be putting over 2000 hours just like in The Witcher 3

  3. closest i could see is a first-person-rpg? skyrim in the futurish? 3rd person… more like witcher2/3 in the future? 😀
    i really doubt either, but…
    games do best when they have their own unique mechanics.
    i wonder how they make the armour/clothes/costumes? equippable? discoverable in secret places? stealable? buyable too?
    i have only questions for this game, i hope the near-future world gets a good atmosphere 🙂

  4. Very interesting video, I didn't red so well the job posting, and multiple type of combats for all the classes sounds good to me. It will be an interesting new year if CDPR will give us more little hints 🙂

  5. I like you (the Madqueen), but I cannot watch another second of this collaborative video series where you are disusing Cyberpunk 2077 with these two overly annoying males. Its a shame because I really enjoy listening to you and your thoughts regarding the game, but those two males are so overpowering with their condescending remarks and always talking down (if you will) as is they are superior to everyone else. Oh did I mention how they are always cutting you off as they speak over the top of you.

  6. I think it's going to have the best of both worlds. For first person they will have the traditional first person shooter machanics, mixed in with melee combat like Dishonored but better. For 3rd person it will have the usual third person mechanics of any AAA game. I just hope the way you move is improved, I didn't like the witcher 3 movement system, but loved the combat. The shooting part will probably be like the new Battlefront games or The Division type of 3rd person shooting. While using melee it may have an Assassins Creed or New God Of War feel to it. I just think it will be mixed together to make everyone happy. Like they did say it will have first and third so I think everyone will get what they want. I'll probably play in 3rd most of the time to see my character and stuff. But I'll probably only use 1st when viewing the beautiful city Projekt Red created.

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