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37 thoughts on “Cycling Funny & WTF Moments Compilation │Ep.1

  1. 10:05 Matt Hayman couldn't believe that he won Paris-Roubaix. His facial expressions say it, as his team staff telling him "you've won's real mate".

  2. DAmnd , the last vid was so hard for Tom Boonen , he just missed his 5th victory in Paris-Roubaix , a aussi won & we never heard from that guy again. Dju Tom …

  3. Peter Sagan is a very great champion who has always taken life as a game. He will always remain in the memory of cycling. He is a man who deserves respect

  4. Peter the Great!! Is there not a price named after him?? The Peter Sagan-price for the funniest cyclist?? Greetings from Holland……….

  5. I feel a bit of hay fever coming on, I need a massive steroid injection. Who says having double the allowed level isnt normal for me after that race on that day.

    Nothings changed.

  6. I know this will be likely to put me in a minority of one but as much as I know that Sagan is an awesome cyclist, in a class of his own, I do find him irritating.

  7. I don't understand how Sagan is supposedly likeable? Like he does't even know the team that literally bikes him to victory. Like how impossilby rude is that!!

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