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Dabangg 3 trailer | Comedy| Ritesh Asylum

Ohh they raped me Hey oldi who is raping you Are sister f**keep This as**let is brainless We are good villain and only believe on loots Kicked the oldi Sounds effect Sounds effect Ahh Throth cleaning heyyy Basket fallen down Welcome me Ahhh kicked the oldi and broke the CHULLBUL Ah ah ah Gunshots Oh oh oh brother Cannot welcome me? Dubeji I am not fears anyone *slaps* Except my father *slaps* And my dead mother **** You cannot me me trailer Ohh my my leg is broked Somebody give me medicine Oh dude help me as**let dube Dubeji ohh dubeji Oh dubva where you dead Oore Abu****se word Are you clicking my photo moth***er If you hit the media then movie Cannot reach 100 crore what you say You put your *** in your ear then how can you listen As**let why can’t you bath Either take it or get out Ok it take it *Kissing* Hey CHULLBUL what are you doing to my wife See that pandey is taking kiss If you want this then Why are you marring not Boys having girlfriend Men having wife But the legends having pros***e Oh my ashose I take it for RS 1700 from chor bajar *What to what happened * song *What to what happened * song Like the video And subscribe the channel

11 thoughts on “Dabangg 3 trailer | Comedy| Ritesh Asylum

  1. Hahahhahahaha video bara mast tha bhia maja agya hshs ke pate dard hone laga😂😂😘😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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