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Dad Jokes Christmas Edition

Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie and
today I’m going to be playing the dad jokes challenge: Christmas edition with
my husband Justin. He’s always very amused to be on this channel. So, how
we’re going to play, is obviously we’re here at this table; we have to pick up a
card and read the question or joke or whatever it is. The other person, if it’s
a question, so, if “why did the chicken cross the road,”
the other person has to say, “why?” and then you give them the answer. You gain a
point every time you laugh. The person with the most points loses. So, yeah.
Justin’s probably gonna win because he is very good at not laughing and I am
very good at uncomfortable laughing, but hopefully, it won’t be that bad. You
already put on your game face; it’s not fair! Also, if you laugh at your own
joke, you also … -Why are the mummies such big fans of Christmas? -Why? -Because they
enjoy wrapping. -What do you call a bankrupt Santa? – What? -Saint
Nichel-less. -What is … red, white, and blue during Christmas? -Hm? -A sad candy cane. -It’s
not laughing. -It’s pretty close. -It’s not laughing. -I don’t think you can hold it
in much longer. -Shh. I can’t look at you. It’s not laughing yet. What do they sing
at a snowman’s birthday party? -I’m not sure. -Freeze a jelly- jolly. Freeze a-
No, I can’t say this right. Freeze a jolly good fellow. That one got a little bit of a
smirk. -What did the gingerbread man put on his
… bed to keep warm at night? -What? -A cookie sheet. -That’s not fair; you can’t say it funny.
… You can say it funny, but I’m not laughing, so. Really close, but I’m not laughing yet. What does Santa suffer from if he gets
stuck in a chimney? -What? -Claustrophobia. Claus- trophobia. I feel like the dad in the dad
joke game right now where he has to explain the joke. -That was kind of terrible. -He laughed! He laughed. -How do all of the baby
sharks get their presents on Christmas? -How? -From Santa Jaws. You know all the answers. You wrote them out. -Doesn’t mean I don’t want to laugh. Why is it always so cold during
Christmas? -Why? [laughs] -I can’t do it. I lost. Because it is Decemburrr. -Hm. -He did a “hm!” That wasn’t really a laugh, though. -Which one of Santa’s reindeer likes to
clean the most? -Which one? -Comet. -Good for him. Why are Christmas trees so bad at knitting? -I don’t know. -Because
they always drop their needles. That one wasn’t that good. -No. Oh, there’s a smile! Maybe we can … -What do snowmen do on the weekends? -What?
-Just chill. -Seems like a good thing to do. To be fair, I didn’t write these originally, just so you know.
They’re bad, like I said, because I got them from a website, so. What is a
snowman’s favorite breakfast food? -I don’t know. -Frosted Flakes. I feel like you won’t
appreciate because you don’t care about cereal. -What kind of motorcycle does Santa ride? -What kind?
-A holly-davidson. -You’re really good at this, just so you know. [laughs] That doesn’t count! -For the record, that’s two. -No, that doesn’t count. You have one. What did the beaver say to the Christmas tree? -I don’t know.
-Nice gnawing you. This isn’t fair. I’m playing with somebody who can just stone face everything. -What
do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? -What? -A Christmas quacker. -Mhm. -It quacks. -Mhm. [laughs] You suck. -Three. -You still laughed
one time. I feel like, I feel like that’s an accomplishment for me.
How do sheep say Merry Christmas in Mexico? -I’m not sure. -Fleece Navibaaaaad. Baaad. Baah. Bah. -What nationality is
Santa Claus? -What? -North Polish. -Nice. If I could pick this up. Okay. Why – … Why did Santa’s helper feel sad? -Why? -He had
low elf-esteem. -Why don’t you laugh? -Because I’m not supposed to. -Why is Santa so good at karate?
-Why? -Because he has a black belt. -Why does Santa come down the chimney? -I don’t know. -Because it suits him. It soots him. Soots him. -Try it one more time. -I think if you told the jokes from your
own self you would laugh more because I think you amuse yourself more. Well,
congratulations. You won the stinking challenge as predicted.
You may now laugh smugly or smirk as you are anyway. Hopefully, you guys
enjoyed this challenge and watching me be terrible at not laughing at really,
really bad dad jokes. If you enjoyed this video, go ahead and give it a thumbs up
and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have any terrible
Christmas dad jokes, please let us know. That would be wonderful.
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5 thoughts on “Dad Jokes Christmas Edition

  1. That was a tough competition. I worked really hard to not laugh while watching, just to be a good sport.
    Here's my attempt to come up with an epic Dad joke for Christmas, using just my mind as a source:

    One year, all the children were good. What was Santa's nickname that year?

    Saint Nick Coalless

    [Maybe someone else has come up with that before, but I've never heard it, so I'm leaving it here.]

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