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Dadi Ji Ki Car Chura Ke Bhag Gaya- Granny Car Escape (Free Android Game)

So today *Weird laugh* Today is going to be a bad day for you granny Today i am going to be free once and for all And i told you to paint these shitty walls , why didn’t you. I am definitely going to escape from this house today Yes, granny this is world war 3 (Weird joke) I (a gentleman) have been a hostage in this shitty house for so long but that’s enough, i’ll be outta here soon. I promise I’ll be gone….oh it’s a wrench :O close it…… Finally i got the wrench You see this wrench granny? you see? Just one hit with this and you’ll be crying like a baby You surely don’t know yet, how badass i am granny Let’s break this shitty house a little bit Did you like it granny? lemme kick your doll’s ass too You see how badass i am, huh? Come on Come on, i’ll just jump in the bathroom Oh She’s here, let’s just jump right away aeeeeeee….. great what’s in this bathroom? is it car key or weapon key? oh it’s car key let’s go let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go oh it’s granny again Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, there’s a cogwheel lying down here, let’s go to the playhouse first *part of shotgun and meat* Wow this meat must be for her crazy pet spider So it means……we’ll do this later, no problem anything here….oh! special key Now we have special key, let’s go and meet that crazy spider let’s go and bring whatever that spider is hiding. oh! the hammer is here too. HAMMER, that’s great let’s just get it over with already we should not waste any time let’s go and use this key…….. OMFG Come on come on i’ll use the special key and then we’ll bring the meat to lure that stupid spider of her just wait i’ll show you, how to do this shit like professionals Granny is coming or not? She is old and ugly, lets just forget about her. ok now let’s kick her doll’s ass again and let’s go come on granny , be quick so that i can go for the meat Ugly granny? Oh! there’s the gasoline for that broken ass car Yes, we will do the car escape today. Soon i’ll steal your car for good. Don’t worry, i’ll pay you granny. Don’t cry for the car ok, i’ll pay ๐Ÿ™‚ Lets just be quick with this shit, what was i searching btw ? let’s check here first. what’s in here? look granny, i got your melon now. i will eat it all alone hahaha you are old so you need fruits but na na na…i’ll eat it all alone How’s that? You happy granny xD Cry like a baby now let’s check this melon, what’s in here? Master key. i don’t need this garbage. let’s take the meat to that stupid spider now Oh! OMG, granny you are fast AF, Holy shit chill. hahaha you can’t even jump now i am outta here hahaha old ugly granny lol another part of shotgun here and one is there in other room and what’s this…….a book? let’s just go straight to that stupid spider first and see what’s there let’s taken down that ugly spider first okay , time to meet spidy , we have the hammer too. we’ll come back here later to get the plank Hello spidy ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s your lunch , you ugly spider xD *aeeyyyyy come on sweety eat it. have fun* Shut the F*** up granny. i just made fool of your stupid spider hahahaha okay , got the playhouse key. was there another key here? no just a spider web Okey spidy i hope you enjoyed your lunch , you dump spider xD Now let’s just get the hell outta here. finally got the playhouse key *Kicking doll’s ass again* Oh, granny’s here again. let’s go lets go asap …… I should investigate this kitchen too. Nothing……Shit Okay, one cogwheel is here but where is the other one? huh? Okay done with this… Oh no. wrong timing let’s take this and……off i go is granny inside? Oh shit….. let’s go for now so granny will come here soon then i’ll jump inside again and will use this…..EASY Granny??? Come on Planning to stay there forever? hahahaha dumb ugly granny, don’t even think okay it’s done. where is the second one now. i must keep in mind about this wrench lying down here wrench will be used later let’s go and i think i should switch this shotgun part with hammer for now okay now it’s time to move. granny is not here right now, we have plenty of time *FAST, FAST, FAST, FAST,* the bell rang too…..come on … now we’ll get the plank from above also with many diff. things, Oh and we also need cutting pliers dammit. I have to stop the fan with those pliers What a mess. Let’s take the plank and place it let’s g…. oh wait, let’s take the hammer too. let’s break this camera how that feels granny? Oh, it 2nd cogwheel but i need pliers. well at least i got the gasoline Oh granny’s here. Welcome granny. go open that gate stupid and…. i am outta he….. i should have let her open the gate first ;-; Now, that’s messed up, i was so overconfident that’s it will be alright Damn, my gasoline was dropped there too. granny closed me in this room, huh? then lemme just break your room. i am sure you’ll love it what’s with this ugly picture anyway :/ Don’t you have any manners granny? You should knock first before coming inside :/ What if i would have been doing something dirty? don’t you have any shame or something? she just get’s straight into anyone’s room :/ yeah, like i am really going to tell you. You should go away granny or i’ll be mad go away and don’t you dare turn around or i will …. i will beat you something here? nope Something? hello? something here? noep. here? nope granny must be broke. nothing in the kitchen what is she planning now? a part of shotgun, let’s take this you see this stick granny? Now you should better stay away from me i will bea…… omg sorry Dammit, i was running and she got me anyway. Granny is more dangerous than i was. i need those damn cutting pliers man coz i can’t do anything else now anything here? nope , i already checked it earlier. Whats with these boxes these boxes…… Omg i got it. i love you , love you so much. Finally my sweet pliers Let’s remove these boxes and investigate Oh! it’s a winch handle and i am fu**** stuck :/ darn it. okay, so let’s just get rid of the wires first and bring that cogwheel down then we will go for the winch handle What’s in here?…. nothing it’s empty It’s meat. Granny is dangerous for sure. *granny is dangerous* OMG, these damn boxes again :/ Let’s just make a mess so that granny has to clean this up later OMG, i am stuck again…..whew safe okay, let’s get it over with and go up Granny must be coming too. I bet guys. For sure, she will come let’s go for now Now, it’s time to go up again,, hmmmmm it’s easy no need to rush thing. it will be easy to get that cogwheel now. OMG, granny is Here! oh no, am i stuck here now? i am definitely dead now, this gate is closed too She saw me right? Granny, you saw me? *That face tho* That actually scared me and gave me goosebumps ๐Ÿ™ Damn that oldy scared me OMG, which day is it? Day 4? This is going to be touch AF now I had something in my hand earlier. what was it? I was bringing something with me…..oh it was cutting pliers ;-; Now this granny really made me angry The gate is closed and i am sick of these stupid boxes coming in my way Damn, the gate is closed Oh, then lemme just make a mess in front of you Pray for your sweet chair granny now let’s hide and wait for her. Come on granny open the gate Open the gate and go away as quickly as you can so that i can go up get out now what are you doing you ugly granny this granny is definitely mad do you need me to call an ambulance for you do you? I am hidden for so long and she is still acting like a crazy old aunty. Hitting the chairs OMG, don’t go up. i need to go there too Are you mad or what? i need to…. omg she dropped that thing. she knows what i am planning? :O OMG, she knows, she is coming for me Please leave me ๐Ÿ™ Don’t catch me please ๐Ÿ™ (Please……∞) Oh finally i am safe Oh the gasoline is here too. Granny’s gone? Hello? old ugly granny? Thank god. i am safe. she was so angry Okay granny come one. i know you can’t control yourself Come fast I need to be careful this time. (You should beast) I’ll let her open the gate first. I will not take any risk this time Ready? granny? Oh, let’s go. Let’s just GTFO here Don’t even think to stop What’s this….oh padlock key Oh yes there’s a padlock down there near the car Okay so we opened the lock now Hey granny wanna smoke with me? Come on in if you are interested I got your favorite brand too. Come on xD Don’t forget to bring the lighter ๐Ÿ˜€ Heheheh, don’t just laugh like an idiot. Did you brushed your teeth today coz it smells so bad Don’t laugh like a creep our neighbors ran away after hearing that noise Omg the locks granny used are,…. Dammit granny , gimme some space will ya? Stop following me for god’s sake STOP. Just stop I saw that winch handle somewhere do you guys remember? coz i forgot dammit, my bad i think i saw it here…. or up there Yes, up here i am sure Oh god anything important here? ummmm nothing Oh here it is….the winch handle Finally got it. Now let’s go No you don’t you old ugly granny. You are old and your eyes are weak. Ohhhh…. that damn woman she is one ugly woman…….oh no oh god. let’s just do this granny is coming now, isn’t she? Okay, go away granny . bye bye go away and let me do my thing is she gone? What the hell, don’t teleport you ugly woman okay, let’s do this don’t you dare come back Don’t even think to catch me now so what’s in this? *HMMMMMMMMMM* what’s this? Engine part :O It’s engine part , right? okay… done with this….now i need…… that stupid wrench which is right here somewhere after using this wrench at least i will be finished with this engine part but still i need many more things i need my gasoline too which is still on top floor that gasoline bottle okay. done with this. now……….now………what should we do? OMG, granny sorry trying to scare me huh? OMG, she actually got me ๐Ÿ™ i wasted 4 days now it’s last day OMG, my last chance oh what’s this. Car key hmmm let’s take it with us i hope i will get something useful in the car OMFG, are you mad or what granny. what are you doing here anyway I hate her so much :/ Leave me alone granny it’s my last day ๐Ÿ™ let me run…just let me run…. just……∞ she is not going to leave me , is she? i really don’t think so okay, what’s this… weapon key finally ๐Ÿ™‚ finally i got this key granny is coming to me right? i am sure she is on the way, she is just too excited now There she is. She is going where the car is ๐Ÿ™ This is my only chance to go let’s get the weapon and show granny who’s the real boss just you wait granny. it will be fun okay okay lets get it Now we are talking. Come on granny Where are you hiding you ugly woman. come on! Oh She is coming and i am ready for her did you enjoyed that injection granny? Go away now Was it fun huh? was it hahahaha *MAKING FUN OF GRANNY’s TEETH* Oh oh oh oh let;s take this screwdriver too Come here my baby let’s check here too anything important here? nothing. She is so smart what’s in here…oh safe key. great So now what am i going to get? there are still so many things missing i need so many things for that stupid broken car this is great got the car battery, let’s go but still there’s one thing missing in that car okay, the battery is set….now….spark plug is missing. oh and i also need gasoline damn still too many things….let’s go god, this thing :/ i think i will need my weapon again i should check the kitchen again too. is there anything in this place or not. granny is so good at hiding things and what;s up with this book :/ huh? i am not a bookworm FYI i don’t read books granny. it’s useless Finally got this baby ๐Ÿ™‚ then that means…. OMG, this ugly woman scares the shit out of me, every time It’s my last day, can you stop screwing around :/ i got spark plug and i know where gasoline is too Now we got everything. we can escape with granny’s car I’ll pay you later , don’t worry. but lemme just go from this jail first Yeah , yeah check that room. I am definitely there xD I am not going to tell you stupid. keep shouting like a maniac xD i should get over with this quickly. then we’ll go for gasoline so we can escape with the car i don’t have anything else to do. i don’t even need my weapon now. let’s do this quick okay done. let’s go let;s get that gasoline just wait for a minute granny let’s make some noise here to distract granny and we’ll go from the other side *SMART SHUB* Oh granny’s here….let’s go Just go, don’t wait for even a sec let’s run like crazy don’t even think to watch your back it doesn’t matter if she is coming or not. let’s just go don’t get stuck you idiot. let’s go. now is our chance granny is downstairs. now is the chance let’s go granny is having fun downstairs lol, lets go hey granny, hey granny oh my lovely granny oh my xD close it bruh. OMG, don’t mess up now just close the damn gate my gasoline is here right? ok let’s make noise and go come on granny she is not coming. what the hell don’t you care about your sweet doll what an idiot, she must be coming now as i kicked her doll’s ass again come on granny….. alrights let’s go i am outtie granny hahahahaha ugly stay busy up there and kill some time i’ll be gone soon let’s fill this shit up quick omg that much :/ come on, it’s my last day. be quick will i need two? no . okay it’s done That’s great. now take the key and ….let’s just get out it’s time to leave this house once and for all don’t wait okay let’s go Take this granny yeah, break that shit xD break the wall hahahaha once more… come on hit it. Granny be like…. “WTF just happened” “What the hell” Okay guys this was granny’s car escape if you guys liked it. make sure to leave a like on the video and if you want to see more like this then “SUBSCRIBE” with notification bell “ON” so that you’ll not miss any future videos

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  1. Granny Mae well kae nichae bath jao jaha pae rinch handle lagta haa bilkul chipak jao aur stand ho jao fir dekhna aap jaha par car kahadi hoti haa wahai par aa jaogae please do in next video

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  3. Please watch play on bonus day in granny in YouTube,find painting pieces and complete granny picture she will give you extra day

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