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Daily English Jokes Video 17 ENTERtainment

the best joke a woman should husband for stepping on the clean flow a police officer jumps into his squad car and caused the station i have an interest in case here he says it won’t show her husband for stepping on the floor she just mopped have you arrested here asks the sergeant no not yet the flaws still wet the second joke about the teacher and pupil teacher what is your pants or Billy pupil I ain’t got none teacher how many times have I told you not to say that harmony now listen I didn’t have a pencil you don’t have a handsome they don’t have a pencil now do you understand people not really what happened to all the pencils this that joke teacher kisses anton’s begin with I’ll the beautiful I is their teacher know Paul you must say I am NOT I is John all right i am a nine salata of the alphabet as a force choke to elderly couples weighing join friendly conversation when one of the man asked the other John how was the mammary clinic you went to last month’s outstanding jungle flight he told us all the latest psychological techniques visualization Association it has made a big difference for me that’s great but was unable to clinic John one blank his salt and salt but could not remember then a smile broadly across his face and he asked what you call that flower with the long stem and souls human arrows yes that’s eight then he turned to his wife and asked knows what was the name of the clinic atheists joke would you call 100,000 Frenchman with their heads up as the army thank you for your attention

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