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Daily Humor - Episode 12

charging the cat the eyes agree it's charged please unplug your cat I just realized I do yoga everyday when it says shipping will be three to seven days and it comes in three I know I heard you in the past but I've changed watches the Food Network once I made a peanut spread with a great relish reduction paired with brioche bun by age 35 you should have a huge box of cables but you can't throw them out because you're pretty sure you still need a couple of them but you're not sure which ones when a girl changes her clothes in front of you she's either really interested or your level 99 friend-zoned or she hasn't spotted you in the tree yet two kinds of people with e connected me then can act like it cut my leash into pieces this is my best test book domestication no breeding can't give a heck because they neutered my wingy favorite high school memory leaving i'm dying at the fact that Chris Pratt isn't his son's favorite superhero me don't cook too much I've already eat grandma okay love just a snack grandma bro I have two bad news for you combine them your girlfriend is cheating on both of us wife trying to open a can of tuna our can opener is broken me so it's a can't opener I can't believe I married you when I first started dating my wife she asked me what some of my dreams were I told her one was about a t-rex who didn't get a job because he couldn't tart I meant goals I think I found the one Samantha standing tall at five feet two inches I want to do adult things with you whispers taxes panting softly pay the mortgage moans make sure we turned off all the lights our utility bill with King three hundred dollars this month when you graduate it and don't have to deal with 8 a.m. classes anymore but then realize you have an 8:00 a.m. job for the rest of your life mother nature keeping up with memes finally figured out the reason I look so bad in photos it's my face liquid zoom pretty sure the word you're looking for is aquaria do they still worship us child well I in a box and they clean it good good damn what kind of conditioner she use if you won the award of the first man to break two world records that would make it three awards and you win the award of first man to break three records now you have infinite awards guy well you are see doc the problem is obesity runs in my family doctor no the problem is nobody runs in your family don't embarrass a guy by telling him his fly's open in public just be a man walk over there and slowly zip it up for him when you ask somebody for directions and they start using words like east and west Sir Isaac Newton was only 23 when he discovered the law of gravity t-pain was only 22 when he rhymed mansion with Wisconsin I have seen 14 million 605 different outcomes of our war with fairness we win an early one how do we win in that one I use time stone to travel back in time and gives an ass dad a bunch of condoms when you ask a game related question and someone replies with press alt f4 when you have a question for your mom but she's on phone so you follow her silently waiting for her to end the call when you invite your crush out and all of a sudden your friend becomes a comedian

45 thoughts on “Daily Humor – Episode 12

  1. So this ad for tailor the app came on and this girls mom was like her outfits were so cute and I asked her why and then it shows her iphone X and her buying a freaking $325 dress and I am like if you can afford all of that why not hire someone to come to your house and do it themselves like I was uugghh idek

  2. The thanos thing is a lie doctor strange could have opened a portal on his arm and cut it off I dropped him in dormamos demincion etc theatre was a lot of ways he could have won

  3. I wonder what the percentage of people are in the comments, that read each comment in that robot voice are.
    I even read my own comment in that voice as i'm typing it.

  4. Im all over the place rn. What the heck happened!!?!?! Why did u restart the series?!?!?! Why did u delete the old vids!?!?!? Why r u on a new channel?!?!

  5. {_/}
    ( °·°)
    1. u need to smoke weed
    2.u need drugs
    3.u need money to pick up gold diggers
    4.u need to be a rapper that mekes shitty music that people like for some reason
    5. U need to like this

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