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43 thoughts on “Damon + Bonnie | Humor [Part 2] | Trouble

  1. I love these two Damon deserve so much better than elena….. He should be wid someone like bonnie or caroline…. I prefer bamon

  2. They need a relationship like this on the show, something that will always keep the viewers amused and entertained. I love bamon so so so so much.

  3. Bonnie Bennett is the KEY of this damn show! TVD needs her more then ever. . .she has literally given up and gone through alot of shit for those she calls FRIENDS! sometimes i wish people could appreciate her character rather then hate on her cause they dont understand what she has given up for them just for them to be safe. thank you for this wonderful video x

  4. If Bamon does happen (which I'm still crossing my fingers for) and people are like 'it came out of no where!' which is bound to happen, I'll show them these videos.

  5. if everyone else expect Damon and Bonnie got killed off the show i might consider going back to it till then I'll just keep watching your amazing vids

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