Laughter is the Best Medicine

dan and phil photo booth challange but whenever the laugh the odd1sout says holy frick

[Dan] Hi Internet, if you’re wondering why
this looks like it’s been filmed in a potato No, you have not fallen through a wormhole
in 2006 today as created by queen Jenna Marbles This is the photo booth challenge tag (Explosion
sound effect) [Dan] You have to make yourself look as ridiculous
as possible on photo booth and the other person has to try not to laugh Yeah, whilst this is definitely in no way
original creative or opinionated. It will be funny as I fuck. [Dan] Hi Phil. [Phil] Hi internet. [D] You ready? Yeah, let’s go [Dan] So Phil, not allowed to laugh, right
O.K? (hysterical laughter) Test begins now (yay) [D] You just look slightly wrong. [P] It looks like I could be a person. [D] We’re your parents brother and sister? I trapped my arm in a car door. UGH HelLO.
mY nAme Is SteVeN. [P] oh my god. [D] hMmM the [P] You look like Quagmire from Family
Guy. [D] Giggity Giggity Goo. [D] Slender Dan [P] Thats so weird. [D] Hey
there little child. [D] You ready Phil? [P] yeah [D] Boom Nicki
Minaj. [P] Oh my god. [D] Something’s gone horribly
wrong. [D] I’m 8 months pregnant. [D] OH MY GOD THATS HORRIFYING!! [P] Daniel!
[D] Stop. [P] Daniel! [D Please, stop. [P] (seductively) Yeah. You like that Katie?
[D] OH MY GOD WHAT WERE YOU DOING TO KATIE ???!!?!!!?!!??? [P] Stroking her hair. [D] Jesus Christ. the [D] Hey, you wanna be friends? [P] Oh
my- [D] Yeah, let’s be friends. Yeah [D] bOObS [Both] haaaaa [D] Intertwine with me Louis [P] Sometimes i just want a friend. [D] Oh
my fucking God! What is happening? Jesus. [P] Help, help me! [D] O.K this one is more disturbing than funny.
We’re stopping this. [D] Hey name a moon child. [P] Stop doing
that. [D] This is the Quentin Tarantino filter [P]
Wow. [D] I’m shutting her butt down! (dan what
even are u doing) [P] Hi, my name is Christie and I’ll be cutting
your hair today. How would you like it? Can anyone help me? I cant find a glove to
fit my hand. [D] hey, Phil, can you tell I’ve been WORKING OUT!???!!!?????!? Oh is than a mosquito? Oh it’s bit my eye,
it’s bit my eye it’s bit my eye! ahhhhhahHhhhhHhhHHH I could start a twin channel with this feature. [P] It’s dan’s gap and his special (ed friend [D] Hey Phil, I look like a goatse. [P] No…
No. [P] A A A A [D] Caw caw caw. [D] Hey internet.
Don’t mind me.just having a little float. [P] (hysterical laughter) [D] Hey, I’m the fucking son from the Teletubbies. [P] Hey, Dan, what why the long face [D] Oh,
Jesus Christ. [D] I look like a mario block. UGHHHHH UGH
UGHHHH. [P] I’m Marge Simpson. [D] (hysterical laughter)
[P] (in worst Marge impression ever) HeY hOmIE. [D] Hey do you wanna go
to space? [P] Yeah. [D] let’s go. (Dan falls off the
moon) [D] Hey Phil. [P] Yeah? [D] Tyra Banks. [P]
(Laughter) I think the shirt I bought was a bit too big. [D] Anyone is… like any aspect of your actual
face is now permanently traumatized. We both suck at not laughing? [P] Yeah [D]
Ooh uh… Phil this wasn’t you okay, please I want don’t
want this to make things awkward between us. Okay. It just happened. It happens sometimes

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