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Dan Levy Jokes It’s Been ‘Torture’ Working With Dad Eugene Levy On ‘Schitt’s Creek’ | Access

>>>My son’s almost 17 and the idea of coming to see this thing with me tonight didn’t do anything to him. His thing was can’t see it with the dad. Got to see it with friends.>>Oh. That’s the great Eugene levy at the premier of “American pie.” Dan, you were just a teen.>>Yeah.>>Over two decades later, you’re teaming up together. Co-creators and stars of I can say it O “Shit’s creek.”>>They have a first-ever blank creek special. Nice to meet you, Dan.>>I remember that exact moment of saying I’m not going to come to the premier of this movie. Friends of mine seen a sneak preview and were like you might want to skip that with your dad.>>Too close?>>Well, I took it in high school asking whether it was based on my life. I said my life’s not that interesting. Fortunately. No pies involved in my life.>>So when did you actually go see it? Was it around the time it was>>Like after. And sort of just sat in the back row and took it in and said this is weird.>>Saw it with friends but it was like the first thing you tuned into that I did that you were kind of interested in. You know? Subject matter wise. It was like a — oh.>>Uh-huh. An awakening.>>I get it.>>An awakening.>>It certainly was, yeah.>>An eye opening awakening.>>Did you always want to follow in your dad’s footsteps?>>Yeah. I’d always wanted to act. I ended up hosting television for about eight years which was a bit of a sidetrack and I was with mtv for a while it was really fun and then when that ended I, you know, came to los Angeles and thought about television and writing something and ended up coming up with an idea that I eventually brought to my dad. Here we are. Which is the most surreal experience. If I do say so myself.>>You are in deep already. Five seasons in. Over 50 shows. You are the show runner. What is it like producing dad and directing dad and telling him — I need more of this from you?>>Absolute mayhem. No. It’s been great. It’s been really, really good.>>Listen.>>What is your take on it?>>I’m — you know, with the show, so wonderful experience putting it together with Dan and then we started the show. We worked together kind of doing it and then I realized very early on he is more than capable of actually taking the brunt of the work here and that would free up a little time for me which is wonderful. You know? A bit more time on the golf course. So no. He’s been doing a great job on the show. It’s fun watching him work and really quite, quite proud of this young lad here.>>Hee’re’s a look at the scene from the first holiday special.>>You own the story. Where are all the decorations that you sell in your store?>>They’re at the store. Being sold. I couldn’t just bring everything home just because you wanted to have a party at the last minute. We are saving for stuff.>>Oh. Well, that’s very responsible.>>What are you saving for?>>An espresso machine.>>So you couldn’t bring home decorations for your family on Christmas because you’re saving money for a coffee maker for yourself.>>I believe he said an espresso machine.>>You’re not helping.>>They’re expensive.>>You have to save.>>Can we talk about the clothes?>>Yes.>>Costumes in the show — you have to be having fun in this.>>Oh my god.>>Yes.>>Or not. Case in point, yes. The answer is, yes. Just with Katherine O’Hara’s character, alone. They dress quite boldly to say the least, putting them in winter wear was a fun prospect and something we had a lot of fun with.>>Yes. It only snows in “Shit’s creek.”>>You can say it. I can’t.>>It’s a last name.>>It is a legitimate last name.>>It’s in Canada.>>Maybe get away with more of that.>>It’s how we got away with it. We basically said there’s people on the planet with that as a last name. We have to be able to celebrate them.>>Inclusive.>>Speaking of that, I love that your character, you’re openly day and resonated with the fans and viewers said thank you for being honest and open with how you –>>Yeah.>>We made the choice very early on that home phobia and intolerance not involved in the narrative on the show. And that we were going to show sort of a transformational affects of what love can be without all the hatred and the negativity in this world and it’s really done well. I mean, you know, for me, it is great to be able to write the stories and hear the feedback of people watching with their families.>>Amazing affect on a lot of people out there.>>It’s nice. Television is an I want mat medium and to convey the message to the masses and get positive response of people whose families have been changed because of it is a wonderful thing.>>Beautiful.>>Good for you.>>Can we talk about the genetic strong game here?>>I don’t see it.>>I mean, from the brows to the hair.>>The jaw line. Just like the –>>When did your brows come in?>>Early.>>Okay. My son has –>>Early.>>Did you have the problem with –>>I didn’t know there was a tweezer in high school. No! It was just a — like a –>>When did somebody introduce you to –>>When did you have a unibrow?>>High school.>>I never saw that.>>Because I’m your son and you love me. That’s why.>>Hold on. This throwback of dad in high school.>>Huh oh.>>Here we go! Yeah!>>Can’t really see the brow.>>You look like a Jeff goldblum there.>>Jeff has gotten so sexy. Have you seen him everywhere?>>It is.>>One of those two is quite handsome. And it ain’t me.>>I think two of those.>>It ain’t me.>>The first-ever holiday special queds at 10:00 on pop.>>Happy holidays to you all.>>Great to have you here.

36 thoughts on “Dan Levy Jokes It’s Been ‘Torture’ Working With Dad Eugene Levy On ‘Schitt’s Creek’ | Access

  1. Wow, the American interviews really care a lot about such mild swearing. It still surprises me years in when I watch US interviews about Schitt's Creek. At home in Canada that got barely any attention even at the start.

  2. I will admit, the Holiday Special actually sucked, it was like it was rushed and not had time to get into the Holiday's, showing how stressful that people go through because his business would have been open to close at midnight, rush shopping, lol. But all in all, Schitt's Creek is fab.

  3. I love Schitt's Creek with all it's wonderful characters and awesome fanfare from the Rose family. I hope the Christmas special will continue for next season as well. It was brilliant per usual. Great interview!

  4. Acting like yourself is not acting. That being said, how many actors does it take to screw in a light bulb? 10
    1 to do it and 9 to say, "I could have done it better."😉😎

  5. Someone send me to live in a cave if Dan Levy ever gets engaged. Come retrieve me after his wedding. I don't want to hear about him and anyone else if its not me.

  6. When you're heading up Schitt$ Creek without a paddle, this has been a great "go to show" to just lift you up.

  7. Oh my goodness, binged watched 4 episodes! more to come, amazing cast, the father and son are the best, so funny! Great humor, keep it coming! Mom you are to freaken funny and the outfits!

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