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100 thoughts on “Dan Rather, Sam Donaldson have dire warning about Trump

  1. Why would anyone care what Dan Rather-not-tell-the-truth thinks? I certainly don't. Dan lied for a whole week about a phony document pertaining to W. Bush's service in the National Guard that he was insisting was authentic when he knew it was not. Rather and Donaldson are just two Democrap hacks who masqueraded as reporters. Dan's big lie ended up costing him his cushy job at CBS.

  2. If he's not removed before the end of his term the us political arena will be DIMINISHED…long term repercussions…if he's not jailed the judicial system diminished further (underscoring different justice for different people)

  3. I never did like Sam even in the old days and I think he's even worse now. He's looking more and more like an old rebel from the civil war. He talks like one too!!!

  4. Dan rather I'm very disappointed. You and the news are supposed to remain neutral. If you cant do this then step down.

  5. I really want to understand what defines a great president, in my experience they all enforce more laws on people, take away freedom of choice, and freedom of speech. Punish truth tellers, and make long lasting businesses affiliation, create “nonprofit “, “charitable “ organization for better to launder money, it’s all for their own future and glory, Help me to understand what makes man a great?!
    It’s not a sarcasm, it’s a genuine question. I have not yet witnessed single case, when a person came to authority and truly made difference for sake of future generation. There is no wisdom, no reason governs the world, more of single minded week human, stripped of morals and integrity. If this continues not much left till we turns back to cave man.

  6. The republicans are not doing anything because most are probably on Jeff Epstein's little list of perverts to extort, and thus under heavy blackmail threats.

  7. I haven't seen these two in a loooooong time. They are looking older… Sam now has white hair and a front tooth missing… but still has those famous eyebrows!

  8. … here's how I see what Trump stands for. I suggest … most folk who voted for Trump and seem to be willing to do so again … Trump embodies the back last against Obama. The election of a man, near brilliant about politics, a black man … cannot be tolerated by those who have master/slave in their DNA. R A C I S M … in the fabric of the unconscious american psyche. How is it … nearly all commentary does not say this word? Case in point.

  9. Think of all the propaganda we listened to growing up with these people. They are making me take a second look at Trump. These people are sick…💔 🙏 for them

  10. Why would anyone care about what these two dinosaurs have to say? They have never made this world a better place with their paid for sponsored opinions over the last 60 years.


  12. To think that Trump, who is without doubt the greatest idiot that ever held high office in the USA, and is making America the laughing stock of the world, has his finger on the nuclear button should be a real worry, he is likely to press it just to make his presidency a special one!

  13. Really his giving up his presidential salary ? well his enriching himself far more from the presidency, his the worse person been in the white house he is not a president, we all know he stole the presidency from Mrs. Clinton, sure she would be a great President, so sad we living this horrible times , hope ends soon very soon he deserves jail time for all his corruption

  14. As a Republican, I was so shocked when he won !!! I always thought he was Dangerous!!! I've always thought he's was unhinged!!! His mental health is a issue !!! Impeach him now ……. Where are the other republicans like me ??? My own family call me Republican right winger !!! He is BAT shit crazy!!!!!


  16. SAAAAAM!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😆😂😂😂🤭!! WOOOOOWEEE!! WITH COFFEE!!!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆🤭😂😂😂😂😅🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!!

  17. I asked on a national forum, what other countries thought of this and I was correct in my thoughts that they are laughing at us, waiting for us to implode and it's about time the US got knocked down a peg. We are divided, deeply divided by a racist man who played on people's racism and fears. I wish his Zealots would see they are being hypnotized. That's the only explanation I can come up with after watching one of his advisers get on tv and the man talked just like they do on those guided meditation, hypnosis tracks. That's the only thing I can think of that would make them so blind to what a horrible man he is and how we are ALL in trouble because of the things he's done.

  18. The Emperor has on no clothes. "Wag the Dog" in real life. Ironic that the President was played by Robert Deniro.
    Trump distracts us each and every day. This is exhausting! End Times. Trump is the Evil One. So glad I understand prophecy; and yet, it's still scary.

  19. From two of the most errogant despicable self annoited news personalities to have ever been in the business. I guess rather has forgotten he wss fired for reporting false news. No thanks, do not need any warnings from these losers!

  20. Trump is a mad man. He has no compassion for those around him. He throws them under a bus as soon as he is finished with them. Ask the Kurds what they think of Trump.

  21. During President Trump's second term He's going to drop the ban hammer on the fake news MSM. Can't wait to see it.👀

  22. THANK YOU DON LEMON & CREW… for having Dan Rather and Sam Donaldson as guests on your show! Brilliant move! 🤗👌😉👏🙏

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  24. I am African we are used to such things, but to see it in the White House, the richest most powerful country in the world is mindblowing. It is funny but in a tragic and sad way.

  25. these commentators know presidents hes the very worst liar theif corrupt money makes him tick
    would sell his own mother

  26. Personally speaking; Hmmmm.. Perhaps if both Dan and Sam would get a sex change, they would be much easier to look at as well as believe.

  27. Republicans are not trying to contain the damage trump does. They are throwing fuel on the dumpster fire and then they attack the fire fighters when they show up to try and put it out.

  28. Can anyone answer this Question….Should Trump not get removed from office can the Republican party stop his reelection by not endorsing him?

  29. I have watched these two gentleman all my life. Maybe that's why I agree with them so much? I know that I consider Captain Stupid the most dangerous man in modern history!

  30. He s like a person that is surprise slavery was abolished just can t get over it like he can't get over having a black president in this country that s way he so heck bent on Biden he was after all vice president to Oboma it s sad

  31. FBI – We have observed quote paranormal Tampering 'coercion' of Witnesses Mr. Drumphf as on 'ur' part? Do you refuse to acknowledge these 'cult' observations Sir! U.S.Chancellor

  32. Trump is a Russian spy and a traitor to us all. He is in love with PUTIN and wants Putin to suck his teenie weenie until they both bust their nuts in each other's rectums. Donnie dreams about Putin's penis being inserted in his butt hole or poop shoot as these 2 days like to call each other's rectums haha. Donnie also whacks off over the love letters that he gets from the North Korean dictator. Donnie loves dictators so much that he wants to die and cum back as a dictator for life in a place like Russia or North Korea. Trump believes Putin over our own intelligence agencies. What American dumb fucks voted this piece of shit into office? Evangelical Christians who were rectum fucked by priests when they were in Sunday school lmao!

  33. Donald Trump is the Chosen One. Everything He says is the literal Word of God. If God wants an ethnic cleansing and a genocide of the Kurds then so be it… If The Divine Blessed Apostle Trump and His billionaire friends manipulate the markets to profit mightily then it is because they are the Blessed. If any doubt or go against the Word of The Divine Blessed Apostle Trump, in his great and unmatched wisdom, they go against the Word of God and they will lose their mortal souls and will burn in lakes of fire and brimstone in Hell for eternity. The unbelievers, those named by the Divine Blessed Apostle Donald Trump and all those guilty by association or by blood must be shown no mercy, must be arrested and executed forthwith. There is no God but God and The Divine Blessed Apostle Trump is His messenger. Oh unbelievers, for all the good it will do you, get down on your knees and beg mercy and forgiveness from the Lord God and His Chosen One, The Divine Blessed Apostle , Donald Trump
    Donald Trump is all class and to say other wise is BULLSHIT (now a Holy Word) !

  34. “Lost control of the narrative”. If Dan Rather says that about you, you better listen. Trump is self destructing. The question is, “When he falls who will he take with him?”


  36. CNN will never be truthful. Talk about Deep State. FOX, CNN, and MSNBC are all on the same team. Wake up people. Rise up!!!!!

  37. What’s a tragic mistake is that rug on the top of your head. Talk about a lack of confidence! You poor pathetic souls washed up. Just retire! OH by the way how’s your 401k’s doing. And we know your in the stock market. You’ve both reduced your reporting of the news to gloom and despair. You pray on the weakness that we all have to stare at car accidents. Have you ever reported on something positive. Ever watch a Trump rally? Heard of a presidential election were the people speak and cast their votes? Maybe your friends have flown on the Lolita Express? DRAINING THE SWAMP!

  38. He always talked about Obama that is so much hate he is so jealous and terrified of Obama what a sad sad sad racial president that you guys have. and that's who y'all chose that's what y'all as get know he is f____g up y'all world get him out before he do more damage

  39. Just watched the Lt. Col. Vindman and he is awesome, so eloquent! He doesn't favor either side he, supports what is the best choice, and follow your country's protocol! God bless us, everyone!

  40. Mind blowing. What if the idiot Does find him self in jail. No doubt Pence would pardon him. I’ve never even thought of that till now.

  41. He donates his salary out of guilt that he is doing a awful job and for show, if it wasn't for show, why even mention it? He is not a humble man. Obama lives in his head rent free. Why not go an straighten out this mess himself before Congress if he is so certain that he has done nothing wrong? He is the one who said that he knows how Washington works and he is the only one that can fix it, lets see him do it in person and not by degrading tweets. Stop letting lawyers do all the heavy lifting of his mess.

  42. They can't stand the fact that the American voters are tired of politicians and lying journalist. Both of these are sellouts. Dan Rather has a lot of nerve to even think we find him credible.

  43. It probably bothers tRump to no end that he can't deface The White House with his stupid name real big in gold on the outside

  44. Trump is the worst president we've ever had. He has turned our country upside down and now we all see the maggot-infested, stinking underbelly. What once was a country that others looked up to is now no better than Russia. Thanks Trump supporters for turning us corrupt! Trump = Putin's puppet.

  45. If the president is impeached, i would love to see his punishment work out like this,,,,,,,,,sell all off his property, clean out all his bank accounts. Take his name off anything he has it on in the United States. Just take all off his wealth and return it to the taxpayers. After all this is where i think he took it all from, lol

  46. Apparently, these journalists are clairvoyant and can read peoples minds. What a gift. They even know how he feels with out speaking to him.

  47. TRUMP: A scam from Inauguration Day, A con artist, a fake president, a crook from early on in life. A broken soul, a lost child, a totally mess up person. May his numbered days bring him some awareness so he can begin an eternity of atonement. He will not Rest In Peace after death for sure.

  48. Why Kentucky -Louisiana voted blue Democrat Governors
    Nobody with common sense wants a trump at the helm Leading Their State

  49. Yes we are being laughed at for our fake news stabbing our president in the back ! We are all sick of this shit you have all been trying to impeach Donald Trump since day one so do it or shut the hell up!

  50. Record stock market ,record employment, taking back millions of tax payer dollars from our allies who have never paid their share for defense budget and the cleaning out of the shit that has landed in the white house you go Donald Trump !

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