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92 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Group Dance “No Laughing Matter” (Season 5) | Lifetime

  1. I love this dance! It was so beautifully executed, the lines were extremely beautiful and the technique was flawless! Also I'm I'm newbie here, mind checking my channel out? <3

  2. Kenzie did a layout in this and mature choreo Abby should have utilised her Acro ability into more mature solos Kenzie honestly had the potential to be the next Kalani or even better she’s a great dancer. Don’t get me wrong I like her in her own way though.

  3. i loved this piece with the music. the girls were in sync and had perfect movements and momentum. this is oneof my favorite pieces. they should have won first instead of fourth

  4. The choreo was barely musical, and they were off sometimes, but overall the piece was prty nice. Mackenzie got to execute more advanced tumbling too, which was nice.

  5. Why did this have to be a dance about clowns? The song was graceful and pretty, the dance was graceful and pretty… If this was a dance about dolls and they had doll costumes, it would be slightly closer to what the dance was like. But, otherwise, I got zero "clown" from this piece.

  6. this group is amazing and so underrated! brynn was absoltely flawless, kalani's technique was perfection, sarah was so good and kenzie actually surprised me!! they all slayed 😍😍

  7. This isn’t the best dance ever they are doing ballet and gymnastics…. Kenzie did a back layout I’m a gymnast too idk if it’s called back layout or back tuck cuz I’m not from the English place

  8. This is a group dance I normally overlooked, but now that I watched it again, it’s more technical than what Abby would normally give the girls and they did a great job with it!

  9. Was Mackenzie alright? She ran off the stage like something bad had happend what happened?.😮😮😮😯😯😓😓🙁🙁😕😕

  10. Wow McKinsey did the most most I don’t know if I said her name right but it’s like McKenzie yeah that’s right I am she will did a good job because she has more talented she’s talented than her sister Maddie it’s easily it’s so easy to write Maddie’s name but McKenzie just get wobbly because Maddie is popular than McKenzie McKenzie is actually popular than Maddy So team Kenzie like this team Marie talk to me and say this is Maddie who won and popular then McKenzie then you can give this a like

  11. this piece was so cool, can't believe they are all kids being thrust onto reality tv. At least the dancing is still quailty

  12. Considering that Sarah was always overlooked and labeled as the "weakest" dancer on the select team she really shined in this dance.

  13. Mackenzie is 10 and can do a backhand spring back layout and I’m 16 and can’t even cartwheel properly

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