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Danganronpa Crack School: Episode 1 Another Normal Day

I Guess it’s about that time again Listen here fuckers. It’s School time now go to Math I’m a great principal. Everyone is gonna get up soon,I’ll just chill in the halls for a while Phew it’s just Mario doing his thing he scared me there, Akane what the hell was that! Don’t worry it was just Mario. Oh, I see. Can’t wait to see Ouma’s cute face again. Hello Komaeda. How are you? Oh, I’m good Actually, I feel great now that you’re here. That’s really sweet of you Thanks. Hey bitches, go be gay Later class is almost starting. Oh Boy, Makoto is gonna show up any moment now don’t lose your shit Shinguji! Oh hi Kiyo. Oh, I totally was not watching you from a distance just now. Hey fuckers. It’s math time get to class Would you look at that, I’m first to class Now my daughter best not be slacking. Oh, man. I wanted to be the first one here. Oh, well, I guess next time Ms. Kirigiri, Akane did too much crack now, she’s ummm Okay Okay class what is 68+ 1? Ooh Ooh Ibuki knows pick Ibuki, Ibuki? 50 cents! You fucking idiot. Toko, What is 68+1? I don’t fucking know 1738? Relax don’t beat the shit out of her Natsuki what is 68+1? and wasn’t it? Oh and if you get it wrong 69! Correct. I never get called on. Okay, since everyone is a fucking idiot I’m gonna cut this period short go to sex ed, please Okay, I got the hentai on the Promethean Board classes ready oh Oh Boy, it’s this class. I can’t wait till Kiyo gets here. Makoto it’s fucking time! I’m gonna cum all over your big sexy face Kiyo and Makoto get an A+ Actually, the lesson is to fuck each other And if you say no you get a detention Then that means me and Chihiro are gonna… well me and Mahiru have been dating for a long time and Kaito We just started dating, but I’m not ready for this. Don’t worry. I won’t force you to do anything You don’t want to i’ll stand my ground, even if I get in trouble. Kaito, Mikan. You both get detention. Looks like everyone is having a good time Okay, everyone class dismissed Listen here motherfuckers go to the field. It’s time for P.E Hi papa, I’m still trying to get over the break-up I had with Hajime aka the guy with hair dick. Want me to talk to him? No, it’s fine But thanks papa. Anything for you. Kaede let’s fuck YASSSSSSSSSSSSS! Tenko not here. Too bad! Okay, run around the entire field 14 times GOOOOOOOO! Why the hell is everyone so fast?, I can’t even run for two seconds without wheezing. I found you you went in my room didn’t you? I’m gonna bite your ballsack off! TO BE CONTINUED Bruh

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  1. I am so happy my lovely Toko was in here to be dumb at math. I love our discord server. Thank you Pepper for creating it.


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