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Danielle Cohn Reveals "Pregnancy Is Not a Joke", Gets Exposed with New Proof

tick tock star and youtuber Danielle Kohn has shaken the Internet after announcing her pregnancy before I get into the tea I just want to put out a disclaimer please do not send hate or threats of any kind to Danielle Mikey or anyone involved in this controversy if you have feedback please be constructive not hateful this video is simply meant to report on the news and give some insight on the issue I also have an announcement to make we finally reached a huge milestone 500,000 subscribers thank you so much for your love and support you guys asked for it and here it is to celebrate we're launching some merch we've got t-shirts women's tank top hoodies crewnecks tote bag final stickers and a mug check out the link in the description box below or click on the merchandise shelf below the description box we'd love to see you in our new merch tag us at hash tag spill 500k on Instagram and we might repost your picture on our page this is our first permanent collection and there will be more coming keep an eye out for future releases now back to the tee on April 10th Danielle Cohen and Mikey tua hosted a gender-reveal party friends of the couple uploaded Instagram stories of the party it's Daniel Cohen and Mikey tua are having a girl Danielle Kohn Congrats hashtag mani gender-reveal party tonight can't wait to find out what mani is going to have Danielle's mom jennifer is present at the party I want to congratulate Mikey and Danielle on the little one can't wait to be an uncle not really but you know what I mean on April 11th Danielle uploaded a photo of her boyfriend kissing her alleged baby bump and Mikey tweeted expecting August 14th 2019 hashtag mani baby many people were not happy this is too early for a kid you better get as that fetus press the Letus and pray to Jesus it's weird you're romanticizing teen pregnancy shaking my head some mock the pregnancy you and your baby can go to high school together I've actually gained respect for Jojo dr. Phil does the ranch of any open spots others thought it was a weight issue that's my belly after an all-you-can-eat buffet bet you the baby as a doughnut are you finally done photoshopping so you come out as pregnant some brought up her influence you realize they're a be gullible young girls thinking that getting pregnant at a young age is cool or funny prank or not this is not cool promote protection not pregnancy unless this was by accident I'm kind of mad the thing that gets kids in the street gets teens kicked out of their house ruins people's futures is now your way of making more money despite the negative feedback some people were supportive if you are really pregnant I wish you all the best if Danielle is happy and mikey is happy then let them be but congratulations but one person thought the situation was normal I'm 15 and I'm pregnant it's okay to be pregnant at this age if you're able to look after and provide for the child I'm due September 24th and I'm so excited to meet my little girl after posting the baby-boom photo Danielle went live on Instagram and admits how far along she is in her pregnancy five months in can't do anything about it on April 12 the couple uploaded part 1 of 4 of their pregnancy story they confessed to their parents about their pregnancy and planned marriage neither parent was happy about it Danielle's mom questioned their ability to take care of a baby inside Mikey's dad said Mikey's mom gave them an adult talk in the video Danielle also reveals that she and Mikey are getting married that night on April 13th Danielle uploaded a wedding photo the caption reads April 6 2019 the day I committed to my best friend many people called her out for taking fake marriage photos people speculated the photos were fake because when you click on the tag location the little Vegas chapel you find this photo which has a sign that says pretend wedding photos $35 Danielle posted on her Instagram story it's a real ceremony and if you don't believe then watch the video stop saying it's fake cuz it's not we didn't go there and take fake pics have a whole video Daniela uploaded part two of her pregnancy saga sharing their wedding ceremony in the video we can see the couple had an Elvis themed wedding if you go to the official website of the little Vegas chapel and go to the Elvis wedding packages you can see they offer real marriages with the officiated marriage license however they also offer an Elvis themed wedding in the pretend wedding packages in this package you get a certificate of commitment not an officiated marriage license and it seems like Danielle bought the pretend wedding package with the certificate of commitment because she speaks of the commitment in her in suppose she flat-out says the day I committed to my best friend and in their marriage video Elvis is there pretend wedding officiant and he pronounces them best friends for life husband and wife for life I now pronounce you des friend for life and best friend for life you may kiss your friend you may kiss your friend also on April 13th Danielle went live on Instagram where people asked her to show her baby bump she refused however she does show her belly in an Instagram story on April 16th Mikey uploaded part 3 – Danielle's pregnancy saga the visits to the doctor the ultrasound can be seen in the thumbnail of their video however they never show the ultrasound during any part of the video and then fans called the couple out free using someone else's ultrasound aka that's not their baby in the thumbnail this comet reads that scan us from Google Images from a lady named Donna in Texas and if we go to Google Images and search 22 weeks ultrasound there's an image identical to the one Mikey used it is YouTube thumbnail and the ultrasound does indeed belong to a woman named Donna the ultrasound was taken at a clinic in Dallas Texas and the office Danielle and Mikey went to is in Los Angeles California and even if we give Danielle the benefit of the doubt it still raises another concern the couple state it's their first ultrasound and the lady helping them said you know the gender please keep it a secret what if you were explained you don't technically find out the gender of a baby at the first ultrasound and if you take a closer look at the ultrasound the legs of the baby are up so you cannot tell the gender so it's safe to say the ultrasound doesn't belong to Danielle however it doesn't end there youtuber Gigi films called out the lady in Mikey's video she's allegedly a dentist here's the proof this is a dentistry website if you scroll down you'll see photos of the staff in the middle there's a photo indicating their dental staff the woman on the bottom right looks very similar to the woman in Mikey's video in Mikey's video she seems to be wearing one of the plum colored dentistry scrubs the other staff are wearing in the photo and if we go back to the same photo the lavender chairs in the background look very similar to the ones Danielle and Mikey were sitting on in the video and in another photo from their website the background looks identical to the lobby Danielle and the lady were talking in you can see the same glass wall the same chair and the same brown door with the notice on it also in there part 3 video the couple discuss their future plants with Mikey's dad Mikey's dad warned them about how a baby will drain their funds if they don't plan properly Danielle responded when Mikey's dad asked about doctor visits for check-ups Mikey said Mikey's dad lectured Mikey about how the parent has to adjust to the baby schedule he said do you think a baby is going to wait for you when you're ready to wake up and take care of the baby you love 2 o clock mornings you're gonna have one o'clock mornings yeah five o'clock mornings Mikey responded on April 18th Danielle uploaded part 4 to her pregnancy saga the gender reveal however if you go to the description of the video Danielle confesses that it's a prank they also admit it's a prank in the video Danielle explained she didn't mean to offend anyone she just thought it would make a funny video to prank her parents and the viewers hey they both explained they don't take teen pregnancy lightly and gave advice to their young viewers at the end of the video Danielle explained that 15% of what they earned from their prank videos would be donated to Planned Parenthood she ended the video by saying pregnancy is not a joke I definitely know that because my mom went Bruins she was a single mom and I really wanted to spread awareness to this it's not a joke and I'm sorry it offended you at first it was a joke but now it's more of a serious matter people were not happy the video has a very high dislike to like ratio many people were disgusted I can't this is so sick the fact you did this for attention you're constantly saying that teen pregnancy is a serious matter well you're not taking it very seriously this wasn't even funny some things just aren't meant to be joked about you have some people looking up to you for advice because you guys were pregnant this is actually so disgusting a baby is a life it's not a joke some people brought up their own experience I lost my first baby it was supposed to be a girl 24 weeks and I'd lost her you guys are screwed in the head you need to stop it took me three years to get pregnant with this baby three years of depression and disappointment three years of my husband feeling like he wasn't good enough three years of jealousy every time a friend or family member got pregnant without trying pregnancy isn't a joke others notice she was making money off the break the fact that this video is sponsored 11 ads in a 15 minute video from someone faking a pregnancy for cloud I got triggered when this girl made me watch a 17 second ad every minute here's a screenshot of all the ads place in her video there are actually 12 ads in her 15 minute video that's approximately 1 AD every minute in 20 seconds someone also pointed out her sub count honey your sub count is dropping this is what you get and it was indeed dropping overall she lost two thousand three hundred ninety five subscribers over that one video however some people still supported Danielle and Mikey I thought pranks were funny I will always support you Danielle Kohn I'm not going anywhere it just shows who are the real supporters true colours and you were very mature how you address the prank love you it's honestly so sad because Danny did nothing wrong whatsoever their loss Danny is the best influencer ever and by the way she doesn't care about the clout and followers see you haters need to back off and stop hating for no reason so what's the big issue there are several Danielle's influence on her young viewers with the terrible prank the struggles women go through and they actually lose a baby the potential dangers of teen pregnancy and why it's wrong to romanticize teen pregnancy and where you can learn about useful birth control methods danielle has 1.2 million followers on YouTube 3.5 million on instagram and 12.1 million on tik-tok formerly known as musically and Daniela actually exposed her audiences age range in an Instagram story she has a good chunk of tweens and teens that look up to her in fact one person shared that many young girls aspired to be like Danielle half of my middle school acts like Danielle they follow Danielle on all social medias and does the same thing as her most of the middle schoolers are 12 13 14 with so many people looking up to Danielle the couple really needs to be aware of how their actions influence their fans the couple set a bad example by joking about how they'll take care of the baby by shifting important duties like doctor visits on to the parents and keeping the baby in a separate room while they sleep that's child negligence and can seriously put a baby in danger as someone on reddit said babies are now capable of feeding themselves changing themselves moving away from danger or even recognizing danger and others explain the dangers of leaving a baby alone one possibility choke on his or her own vomit babies puke all the time your house catches on fire or if it does manage to roll over and get a limp stuck in between the crib slats and yes you are going to say but I'm only at the store for five minutes but you cannot guarantee that something might happen at the store that causes a holdup something good happened to you on your way to the store like an accident which leaves you unable to tell anyone there's a baby alone in the house it's just too big a risk imagine coming home to a kidnapped child because they were left alone that would be so heartbreaking the reason why so many people took offense to Danielle's fake pregnancy is because many women and men deal with infertility and many people have struggled with losing their baby according to the office of women's health infertility means not being able to get pregnant after one year of trying or women who can get pregnant but are unable to stay pregnant Cleveland Clinic explains infertility affects one in every six couples who are trying to conceive and losing a baby is no joking matter an extremely painful process to give you a better understanding your stories from women who dealt with pregnancy loss my pain did not feel like cramps it felt like contractions I went into the hospital with blood running down my legs the amount of blood and tissue that comes out of you I didn't understand that it wouldn't just be one big gush I was basically chained to the toilet for the next 8 hours the procedure left me with what I can only characterize as a biological loneliness and it's not all that uncommon to unexpectedly lose baby according to the Mayo Clinic about 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies end in pregnancy loss but the actual number is likely higher because many of these cases occur so early in pregnancy that a woman doesn't realize she's pregnant Figo the International Federation of gynecology and obstetrics shared a 2016 study by Imperial College London that revealed many women said their symptoms had impacted their wider life with 40 percent citing affected relationships with friends and family and almost the third stating their work life had been influenced the study also raised concern about the psychological effects PTSD symptoms reported by the studies participants included nightmares flashbacks Andry experiencing feelings associated with the loss some women also noted they attempted to avoid situations that would remind them of their loss such as pregnant friends or relatives so you can see losing a baby is painful both physically and mentally even years after the loss another reason Danielle is receiving a lot of backlash is because she's young and romanticized teen pregnancy through her prank videos let's start with her age Danielle claims she's 11 years old in this video but she never outright confirms it it's just in the thumbnail there's a lot of speculation on her real age someone found fourth and fifth grade photos of Danielle from a 2015-2016 yearbook and someone found what many people believe is Danielle's mom's YouTube account from 2012 where she exposes Danielle as a six this would make Danielle 14 in 2019 but regardless of whether she's 11 or 15 that's still really young so why are people mad about teen pregnancy because having a baby is a huge commitment and shouldn't be taken lightly the Mayo Clinic explains that teenage pregnancy often has a negative impact on a teens future teen mothers are less likely to graduate from high school and to attend college are more likely to live in poverty and are at risk of domestic violence children of teen parents are also more likely to have health and learning impairment conditions and are more likely to be neglected or abused and child care costs aren't cheap Elena Nunez an expert in women's health parenting and pregnancy explains that parents usually spend more than they expect first-time moms anticipate spending 591 dollars per month on child care they actually end up shelling out $650 per month parenting com further explains parents can count on spending close to 50 dollars per week or 2448 dollars per year on diapers formula and baby food alone and the average middle-income family will spend roughly twelve thousand dollars on child related expenses in their baby's first year of life what about doctor visits for the baby according to vaccine fact check in 2013 the minimum cost of fully vaccinating a child in the u.s. was one thousand seven hundred twenty three dollars and in 2014 the cost went up to two thousand one hundred ninety two dollars sure Danielle may be richer than your average teenager so it's likely she can afford child care expenses but her teen fans don't have it as easy as Danielle furthermore there's also health concerns of having a baby before a teen according to kids health even though most teen girls are biologically able to produce healthy babies whether they do often depends on whether they receive adequate medical care especially in those critical early months of pregnancy those who don't receive medical care are at greater risk for perinatal mortality high blood pressure anemia labor and delivery complications such as premature labor and stillbirth low birth weight infant this proper medical care is prenatal care and you could seek obstetricians Gynaecologists family practitioners and certified nurse midwives for proper prenatal care in total the four-part series was fifty four minutes long and only the last seven minutes of it were dedicated to formally talking about teen pregnancy and proper birth control methods but even then they glossed over it very quickly without giving the right information they refer to birth control pills condoms and Plan B as medicine you can get at any convenience store however you usually need to see a doctor to get a prescription for birth control and their instructions you need to follow to make sure you're protected then yell and Mikey also didn't talk about the variety of other birth control methods such as birth control implant IUD birth control patch vaginal rank and much more for more information visit your local Planned Parenthood or go to their website they have information on just about every birth control method and easy-to-understand videos Oh Pharrell it's safe to say that Danielle Cohn and Mikey to us prank was not funny posting a photo of a fake baby bump would have slid by as a prank but the fact that Danielle and Mikey created a four-part series on a fake pregnancy was extremely ignorant and insensitive I know some people will praise her for donating 15% of her earnings to Planned Parenthood however the four-part series spreads a bad message regardless of her donations they brought up serious topics like child negligence adoption and child care costs they spoke about it in a way that would create shock value rather than giving educated answers it could send the wrong message to her young followers that may not know better if Danielle wanted to raise awareness properly her and her boyfriend should have created an informative video and spoke more about the resources at Planned Parenthood as one user argued just because she's donating 15% doesn't justify this she's already a millionaire at 15 and has plenty of money to spare she's gaining off of disrespecting the teenage pregnancy community to get that kind of money for teen moms moms have to work three jobs just to put a roof over the little one's head well she careless what do you think about the uproar Daniella and Mikey cost let me know in the comments below

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  3. I love you video! They are so detailed and gives a well rounded story. Honestly, I don’t feel like it’s such a big deal. She exposed the ignorance some teen parents have when they are expecting (living on a separate fl) and the jump to marriage when it’s too soon. I think that was smart and eye opener. There will always be people who are triggered and you can’t help that.

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