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Danish humor – The swimming facility changing room debate

Okay. I’m back. A woman whom Denmark has learned to fear. is also a woman, we now, unfortunately, have to
say good bye to. albeit in an exciting week. Uhm. I see Henrik Sass Larsen.
I see the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Taxation. I see Ole Sohn.
Plenty of stuff to deal with. Signe, where are you looking for
some dirty stuff at the moment? – I’m standing in a changing room.
– What are you doing there? – Well, this is a classical journalistic trick,
to set the scene. The case I’ve chosen to dig into today,
is a case I feel deserves great attention. It is of course, the swimming facility changing room debate.
– The swimming facility changing room debate… – If you’ve been keeping up with what’s been happening
the past six months, you’d know what I’m referring to. It’s an extremely heated debate, about a rule
applicable to all swimming facilities in Copenhagen. A rule saying that children above the age of 6,
meaning as soon as you turn 7, you are no longer permitted access to the
changing room of the opposite sex. To be frank, this rule exists mainly because
of the small 7-year-old boys. And because some women feel offended, because they
feel that the small boys are staring at them. There is of course, another party, believing that
this rule is awful, and should be repealed. The latest post in the debate, is a mother, who experienced having her own 7-year-old boy
removed from the changing room. She refers to the rule as “Obscenity Hysteria”. But all these woman are parties in this case. I, on the other hand, am journalistically and objectively
involved, and I’ve done some research on, what regular mothers think of this rule.
– Cool. – The rule for swimming facilities in Copenhagen, saying
that small sex-fixated boys, above the age of 6, are not permitted access to the ladies’
changing room. Is that a reasonable rule? – Sounds a bit hysterical to me. – I think it’s ridiculous. – I think you’re asking a very leading question;
But no, I don’t think that’s a good idea. – Boys at the age of 7-8, do
not yet think like that. – So you are against the rule?
– Yes, I am. – Have you considered, that it may be because you’re
one of the women having trouble accepting the fact that your son is staring
at other women than you, and interested in other women than you? – Eh, well, ya, I think… Well… Oh my.
I… Eh….. – Evidently, it’s impossible to find a mother, not
emotionally involved in this case. I will have to speak with an objective expert. – Hello.
– Hi. – Christian Graugaard, is a doctor, and chairman of an
organization, fighting for sexual rights. What are his thoughts on the rule against 7-year-old boys
in the ladies’ changing room? – I think it’s a really awful rule, belonging to a bygone era. It is not in accordance with the knowledge we
have about children, and children’s sexuality, and the sexual morality, prevailing in the year 2011.
– So, as an expert in the field, are you seriously agreeing, that small perverted 7-year-old sex-fixated boys, should be permitted to use the ladies’
changing room as a haven, to stare at us naked ladies, leaving us
without the opportunity to opt out? – What you say about the boys being sex-ficated
and perverted, is yours to vouch for. Prepubescent children are sexual, but in a completely different way than you and I. They benefit from being present in a changing room,
and watch a variety of different bodies, different from what they’re used to from the medias.
It’s actually one of the few places left in the world, where they get the opportunity to look at
normal, non-retouched, non-edited bodies. – But, don’t you understand that it’s offending
for us women, when we know, what’s going on inside their small 7-year-old heads,
when they’re staring at us? – No, I certainly don’t.
And I’m afraid, that women who feel like that, confer some sexual motives to the children,
which they do not possess. – Don’t you remember what went on
in your head, when you were 7 years old? – Yes, I remember very well.
And it was nothing like what you insinuate here. – Perhaps you were what is known
as a “late bloomer”. Carsten, I don’t know what I was thinking with this guy. He’s clearly stating that these perverted, 7-year-old boys, should be permitted free entry to the
changing room. I mean, he’s the chairman in an organisation, called “More sex in society”. – We’re called “Sex and Society”.
– Shh, give me a monent. I need to figure out what to do. I mean, he’s a really awful expert. Uhm… – Well, I’m sure I can refer you to some other professionals, who would say something else. There are many
moralists in society, you can talk to. but not people who are objectively oriented.
– Shh, I need to figure out what to do. I need to think. – Uhm… Just a moment. If there are no factual experts nor objective
mothers in this inflamed case I will have to confront the ones, whom it’s all about.
The 7-year-old boys in the swimming facilities. Do you know where I can find some
small nude boys, not under supervision? – What do you mean?
– I’ll figure it out myself. Hey, little buddy.
– Hi. – Hi. How old are you?
– I’m 7. – You’re 7? Where’s your mom?
– She’s in the changing room. – Say, you were permitted to enter the
changing room with your mother today, what would you stare at in there? – I don’t know. – Oh, I think you do.
Look at this. Do you know what this is?
– Yes. – What is it?
– Some coconuts labeled B, C, A, D. – Yes, but are they small coconuts or big coconuts?
– Big coconuts! – And this here.
– Yes? – What is that?
– That’s a cat. – And if you were to call it something else
than a cat, what would you call it? – I would call it a pussy.
– Two cute little pussies, right? And if they had been outside in the rain.
What would they be then? – They would be…
Mmm, what do you mean? – What would you call them if they had just
been out in the pouring rain? – Wet pussies! – I’ve investigated the issue.
– Well, okay. – I think you should take a look at this. – Hey, little buddy. How old are you?
– I’m 7. – Say, you were permitted to enter the
changing room with your mother today, what would you stare at in there? – Big coconuts! – And what else? – Wet pussies. – I believe that concludes the case. – Thank you so much!
– You’re welcome. – You were great. I’m so glad
you let me interview you. – Do you mind looking at my face? Are you staring at my breasts?
– No. – You’re staring at my breasts!
Yes, you did! You looked straight at my breasts.
For shame! You should be ashamed of yourself! You’re so disgusting. For shame! For shame!! CHANGING ROOM
LADIES Hey, little buddy. You’re only permitted in there,
if you’re below the age of 7. – How old are you?
– I’m 5. – Nice ass! – Aw, we’re gonna miss her.

100 thoughts on “Danish humor – The swimming facility changing room debate

  1. Drenge på 7-8 år har ikke de tanker?? Man kan godt høre hun aldrig har været en dreng på 7-8 år.

    MANGE drenge er sex fikserede allerede i børnehaven, og det har INTET med porno at gøre, det er rent instinkt.

  2. Da jeg var 4 år gammel var jeg allerede "sexfikseret", husker det tydeligt som var det i går 😛
    Og det er altså synd for drengen heri interviewet at han skal gøres til skam for at kigge på bryster…

  3. I halvfjerdserne havde drenge og piger fælles omklædningsrum. Hvad skete der? Hvorfor vokser religion og fascisme i samfundet?

  4. Børn i den alder er da gamle nok til selv at klæde om i deres korrekt omklædnings rum.
    – fatter ikke at voksne bliver ved med at være så OVERbeskyttende over for deres børn ved at tro de ikke kan klæde om alene..
    Det handler ikke om at børnene har seksuelle fantasier, men om at de resterende voksne ikke føler sig tilpas når der står et barn i den størrelse og glor på ens "private dele"
    – jeg har selv svømmet og brugt svømmehaller fra jeg var barn.. og der var da ingen børn der krydsede ind i de andres omklædningsrum..
    tag jer nu sammen og lad børn blive i deres rigtige omklædninger.
    Så kan det også være at man som voksen eller teenager ser mere frem til at få rykket tøjet af en af det modsatte køn, når den frække tid kommer..
    – syntes da selv det var spændende at få tøjet af en pige dengang.. det havde måske ikke været det samme hvis man havde set piger i hele sin barn/ungdom 🙂

    tværtimod, så er man blevet voksen nu, og er mere ligeglad end før, har da været i klubber hvor der var fællesbad ( men hele klubben har stort set også været 25+ år..

  5. Jeg begyndte at se porno da jeg var 6-7 år sååå det kan godt være de får lidt med, meeeen det er trosalt bare små børn xD

  6. Ahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Jeg har ikke ledd så mye på flere måneder!!!


    Beste jeg har sett

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