Laughter is the Best Medicine

Dark humor

I mean I try to include a lot of humor in
my books, and along with some dark moments and serious moments because I think that’s,
that’s just part of life, and I don’t know if it’s also because this family I grew up
in, my dad was a doctor, my mother was a nurse, so they often talked about like, when they
worked in pediatrics, so usually when something bad happens to a kid that’s pretty sad, and
scary, but they still had a sort of a sense of humor about things, you know. “The little boy threw up today. At least he made it into the basket.” You know, like so they still, even though
things could be grave they could lighten it up a little bit. And I don’t know if that’s because they worked
with children and they developed a sense of humor from doing that, but I try to do that
same thing, just I think it’s important for kids to laugh and to be entertained and to
enjoy reading, as well as, you know learn about some darker things.

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