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40 thoughts on “Das Leben Der Anderen – Honecker joke

  1. Axel Stiegler was NOT demoted to opening letters.

    "When Grubitz is questioning Stigler, Stigler mentions that he works for "Department M." At the end of the movie, while Dreyman is going through his file, he sees a note that Wiesler was likewise relegated to Department M as well. In reality, then, what appears to have happened is that Stigler, as a junior officer, already performed the same low-ranking work, and Wiesler was simply given the same work when he was stripped of his authority."

    Stiegler was a junior officer in the same department Wiesler got demoted to.

    Which means that the Lieutenant Colonel DID NOT rat him out.

  2. its not possible to translate the second joke about the telephone…it can be understood only in german

  3. German language is so expressive. This movie is a great film. I love a final scene. I do not remember exactly, because I watched the movie in Russian. "Is this book for a gift? NO IT IS FOR ME". Bravo! Bravo, German people!

  4. if people like hoeckner was here, europe wouldn't have devolved into far-right neofascist cannibalism within 25 yearss

  5. yeah and it took Europe only 25 years since the fall of the Bloc to turn into full on far-right Nazi cannibalism. How's the far-right Putinite Russia doing? They only have the highest approval rating among American and British neo-fascists.

  6. @jkoloklkoklokl dann hast du nicht nur die szene nicht verstanden sondern auch den ganzen doppelbödigen subtext, der den film ausmacht. "dass auch stasileute spaß verstehen" … meine güte. naivität kann gruslig sein.

  7. In the English subtitle script, in the salutation, there is always missing the "Genosse" / "Comrade", f.e. in 1:42 "Bitte Genosse Oberstleutnant", "Please Comrade Lieutenant Colonel" or "der Genosse Generalsekretär", "the Comrade General Secretary" a.s.o., so much circumstance must be.

  8. Another joke:
    Erich Honecker receives a gold watch for his birthday that he is very
    fond of. He even keeps it under his pillow when he goes to bed. One day,
    while at the office, Erich realizes that he is missing his watch. In a
    panic, he calls Erich Mielke and tells him that
    someone has stolen his watch. Later, he realizes he left it under his
    pillow, and being relieved, calls Mielke to tell him to cancel the
    investigation. Mielke responds "Too late, we've arrested three suspects
    and they've confessed everything!"

  9. i think this movie is accurate in so many ways…these kind of people were all a bunch of cynics, narrow minded and vain. a low form of humans. they only knew to provoke, threat and use violence.

  10. The guy making the joke actually never manages to climb up in the Stasi hierarchy. When Wiesler is degraded and ends up opening letters, that guy is working in the same department as well (he announces the opening of the Berlin Wall).

  11. Another DDR joke: honecker and mielke are disgussing hobbies and honecker says: i have a hobby. I collect the jokes people tell about me. Mielke answers: mine is similar i collect the people who tell them.

  12. Den Film haben wir bei der Schulberlinfahrt gesehen, ich mag ihn voll. <3 Und die Szene. xD War aber freiwillig, sich den Film anzuschauen und wir waren zu siebt (bei einer Gruppe von ca. 80 Leuten) … Die anderen wissen gar nicht, was sie verpasst haben. ^^
    Vor allem war es cool, dass wir am gleichen Tag die Stasi-Zentrale angeschaut hatten und immer wieder Orte gesehen haben, die wir kannten.

  13. sie verstehen keinen spaß. sie tun nur so als ob. man meint das stasi-leute auch spaß verstehen aber am ende des filmes sieht man wie die karriere von dem typen am arsch ist, da er als sachbearbeiter in der postüberwachung arbeitet und keinen hochrangigen beruf in der stasi ausübt.

  14. While it's not part of the clip, the set up before this is that Hauptmann (portrayed by Ulrich Mühe) already concerned about the direction of his service, pressured his superior, Grubitz (portrayed by Ulrich Tukur) – the one cracking on Stiegler – to sit at a table normally used by junior personnel.

    The fact that such separation exists further highlights the hypocrisy of the system in which Hauptmann – the once true believer, by this point in the film doubting – finds himself in.

  15. Ulrich Mühe is dead?!
    That's really sad
    I came here o laugh about this nice joke (and learn a bit, cuz' there's more thing in this joke that I didn't know that make it funnier), but now I'm really sad… :(((

  16. Ich versteh den sinn der szene nicht so ganz. wenn der offizier am ende nicht gelacht hätte dann wäre es schockierender und wirkungsvoller gewesen, aber so sagt die szene einfach nur aus, dass auch stasi-leute spaß verstehen oder sowas ähnliches.

  17. ….und heute wählen sie im Osten zu einem Drittel wieder die, gegen die sie vor 22 Jahren wegen eben solcher Gängeleien auf die Straße gegangen sind.

  18. @DXFoley Das ist nicht immer der Fall. Neben Das Leben der Anderen, habe ich mehrere gute Deutsche Filme gesehen. Ein davon ist Der Untergang.

  19. Could Herr Stiegler be a little more careless?
    I loved this movie. I was really sad when I found out that Ulrich Mühe died. He was an excellent actor who portrayed an excellent character.

  20. @freeuganda snt this this: neu wählen meaning to choose a new victim? xD
    like, lynch one and choose new victim 😛

  21. @freeuganda aah, so it make sense….but in the Italian version he tells a different joke : "What's the difference between DDR and China? None, both of them have the great Wall"

  22. Von BND/Verfasssungsschutz ermordet
    Uwe Barschel,Jürgen Möllemann,Heiner Gehring(Author von:Versklavte Gehirne),Martina Pflock(Politische Aktivistin,zwar rechts,aber trotzdem kein Grund sie zu ermorden),Tron(Internet Aktivist),Karl Koch(Politischer/Internet Aktivist),Bernd Seiffert(Menschenrechtsaktivist),Kirsten Heisig(Authorin/Richterin),Fritz Bauer(Staatsanwalt der Frankfurter Auschwitzprozesse),Markus Bott(Menschenrechtsaktivist).
    Und viele weitere weniger bekannte Morde an Oppositionellen

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