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40 thoughts on “David Bowie- Laughing Gnome

  1. I've always love this song of Bowie's I believe he was asked numerous times to perform it on stage, but always declined.

  2. You now, they wont leave me alone each time I open my window, there they are right , sitting among'st the toadstool's and that rather large toad, at the bottom of my garden, just giggling away, taunting me, for the fact that they now I will never be able to catch one of them. plus the fact they keep asking me weather or not it would be OK if they came in for tea, No I say No, [Bowies genius at work once again]ha ha ha he he he,

  3. The London School of Economics joke is that Mick Jagger went to that school – thus, a "Rolling Gnome"

  4. Amazing I had not heard this song before, not surprising as it was released a year after I was born. Re-issued was it but sadly I don't remember this song…….

    I do remember "The Smurfs"!!!

  5. Being a Bowie Fan I bought this Catchy 1967 Recording when it was reissued in 1973. It Reached No.6 on the U.K. Singles Chart.

  6. Love this, what makes it even more special is that it's Bowie's voice sped up to create the gnomes…… 😀

  7. Something about the way he giggles on this record prompted me to search out the following:

    'The first time I got stoned on grass was with John Paul Jones of
    Led Zeppelin many, many years ago, when he was still a bass player on
    Herman’s Hermits records. We’d been talking to Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
    somewhere and Jonesy said to me, “Come over and I’ll turn you on to
    grass.” I thought about it and said, “Sure, I’ll give it a whirl.”
    We went over to his flat–he had a huge room, with nothing in it
    except this huge vast Hammond organ, right next door to the police
    department. I had done cocaine before but never grass. I don’t know why
    it should have happened in that order, probably because I knew a couple
    of merchant seamen who used to bring it back from the docks. I had been
    doing it with them. And they loathed grass.
    So I watched in wonder while Jonesy rolled these three fat
    joints. And we got stoned on all of them. I became incredibly high and
    it turned into an in-fucking-credible hunger. I ate two loaves of bread.
    Then the telephone rang. Jonesy said, “Go and answer that for me, will
    you?” So I went downstairs to answer the phone and kept on walking right
    out into the street. I never went back. I just got intensely fascinated
    with the cracks in the pavement. '
    – David Bowie, 1976

  8. Brilliant video..Well done you,Made me smile.
    Icannot believe he not with us…What a shock,I loved his music and him as a person
    RIP Starman

  9. This was years before he became the Goblin King. Both gnomes and goblins are in Warcraft. Maybe these races won't be in the first Warcraft movie, but when they do show up in sequels, I hope there will be a nod to Bowie in some way.

  10. I remember this coming out and it being on Top of the pops. Always loved it. Excellent, your Mum has good taste 🙂

  11. My first listening to Bowie. I was playing with my tape recorder, trying to make the mouse voice like this 🙂 It was about 1974, so this number was already old, and we thought it was strange, since we heard Diamond Dogs and glam rock at that time. Good number, though 🙂

  12. Well done with the video, those outside the U.K. might not have caught his meaning with some words. This was the first single of his that I bought in the early `70`s, the next was The Jean Genie. Always loved his music ever since. Nothing like a novelty record to make you smile, though, they can be like Marmite.            🙂

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