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David Sedaris Teaches Storytelling and Humor | Official Trailer | MasterClass

If you’re writing
about people, you have to be interested in people. What makes a question
a good question? Well, I like a question
like, do you children shower? Who is the drunkest customer
that you’ve had today? I met this woman one
time, and I said, when was the last time
you touched a monkey? And she said, oh, can
you smell it on me? In this class, I’ll talk
about connecting with people and asking them questions. I’ll talk about keeping a diary. It begins with a notebook. I’ll be reading a few
of my published essays. “Lisa, you’re a natural.” I’m often asked,
what does your family feel when you write about them? Well, I thought I would bring
my sister Lisa here and find out from her. [LAUGHS] I go willingly to my desk every
morning and write in my diary. I write something over
probably 12 to 18 times. Writing is rewriting. And when you read in front of an
audience, and I’ll make notes, and I’ll rewrite it, read
it, rewrite it, read it, rewrite it to get an idea
of the overall rhythm. The danger is writing
something that just stops instead of something that ends. A huge part of writing is
learning to trust yourself. And that just comes
with experience. I wrote every day for 15 years
before my first book came out. Most of the writers that I
know have similar stories. Write something that stinks. Try and fail. Failure is fantastic. Don’t underestimate failure. You have to connect with
people on some level. And it’s good to pay
attention and keep a diary because,
every now and then, your life feels like a story. It’s exciting to
think that you’re living in this world with
all these other people. And today, is an
opportunity for you to connect with some of them. That makes life worth living. I’m David Sedaris, and
this is my MasterClass.

10 thoughts on “David Sedaris Teaches Storytelling and Humor | Official Trailer | MasterClass

  1. Is this the guy that wrote a takedown piece on his dead sister after she committed suicide, painting her as a lunatic when in fact she was the family scapegoat who was sent away to a boarding school that abused her, leading to mental health problems, which his whole family conveniently ignored until she died alone? I am obviously no writer, just an ex reader who threw out all of his books after reading that article.

  2. It's out?! I saw in the email, but shit, that was awesomely fast. Neil deGrasse Tyson soon, too. This is great.

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