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David Tennant is Catherine Tate’s new English teacher! | Comic Relief – BBC

The one and only Miss Catherine Tate English is well dry. I don’t see what’s so great about reading anyways now reading for losers Ain’t it though? At least we’ve got a new teacher today Yeah, right that’ll be a laugh Morning … Alright… As I’m sure you’re aware my name is Mr. Logan, I’m your new English teacher nice to meet you all hope you’re all ready to Get to grips with some Elizabethan literature. Let’s all turn to page 53 in our poetry textbooks Then we’ll dive straight in with the Bard himself Sir, are you English sir? No, I’m Scottish. So you ain’t English then? No. I’m British. So you ain’t English then? No, I’m not, but as you can see I do speak English. But I can’t understand what you’re saying sir. Well, clearly you can. Sorry are you talking Scottish now? No, I’m talking English. Right, don’t sound like it. Okay, whatever you want, Now, let’s get on with Shakespeare! I think that you’re not qualified to teach us English I am perfectly qualified to teach English I think the are though you. Don’t have to be English to teach it. Right, have you got double English or double Scottish? Is your name Lauren Cooper by any chance? Yeah. Why? Your reputation precedes you. Anyway So… Shakespeare’s sonnets. Sir? A Sonnet is a poem,. Sir? Written in 40 lines. Siiir.. the last two of which Siiir.. must form a rhyming couplet Sir? Sir!? Yes, Lauren. Can I ask you a question?Not just now. Can I ask you a question now? Just wait Can I just ask you a question? Can I ask you a question now I only want to ask you a question kind of artsy a question I’m just asking you a question. Can I ask you a question? What is it? Are you the Doctor? Doctor Who? I don’t know what you’re talking about. You look like Doctor Who though. I’m not doctor here on your English teacher. I don’t think you are though Lauren! I think you’re a nine hundred and forty-five year old Time Lord Listen… Did you just pitch up from Mars? Don’t be ridiculous. You know your house right?
What? You know your house. Yeah.
Is it bigger on the inside? No be quiet. Did you park the TARDIS on a meter? Can we please get back to Shakespeare? Thank you So… Did you fancy Billie Piper sir?
Right! You are the most insolent child I’ve ever had the misfortune to teach. Thank you You’re pointless repetitious and extremely dull. A bit like Shakespeare. You’re not even worthy to mention his name. William Shakes… William Shakespeare was a genius. You little madam are definitely not. Now just sit there keep your mouth shut. And I will fill you in this whole module all right now. Amiss I bothered? What? amiss, I bothered, forsooth. Looketh at my face. Looketh at my face. Stop it! Is this the bothered face that… Right! I’m calling your parents! Are you disrespecting the House of Cooper? Art thou calling my mother a pox-ridden wench? Enough. Art thou calling my father a goodly rotten apple? Lauren… He ain’t even a goodly rotten apple.
Listen… but he ain’t even a goodly rotten apple.
That’s enough! Faceth, my friend, looketh.
Lauren My liege, my liege, my liege, my liege… You take the high road and I’ll take the low road… Bothered face, bothered, I be not bothered, my liege I be not bothered Face bothered Shakespeare sonnets I ain’t even bothered. my mistress eyes are nothing like the Sun Coral is far more red than her lips red if snow be white why then her breasts are done If happy wires black wires grow on her head I have seen roses Damus red and white but no such roses see I in her cheeks and in some perfume is there more delight Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks. I love to hear her speak yet well I know that music have a far more pleasing sound I go on I never saw a goddess go my mistress when she walks treads On the ground and yet by heaven I think my love as rare as any she belied with false compare Bite me alien boi! That’s better. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet I still ain’t bothered.

100 thoughts on “David Tennant is Catherine Tate’s new English teacher! | Comic Relief – BBC

  1. this awesome man right here is the new voice is Scrooge McDuck and his real name is David John McDonald born in Scotland he gos by the name of David Tennant by his real name is David John McDonald

  2. And this do not help me move on from the fact that I ship the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble so much. Goshh they're just awesome together. HAHAHAHAHHA

  3. There could never be a more perfect way to both respect and mock both Shakespeare and doctor Who than the way Catherine did

  4. he doesn’t qualify obviously 😂 did anyone qualify speaking a bunch of languages properly at all, sadly no

  5. Lauren: are u qualified to teach us English?
    Mr teacher : I am perfectly qualified to teach u english
    Lauren: I think the are though
    Mr teacher: u don't have to be English to teach it
    Lauren: right have u got double English or double scottish

  6. Why does she says – aks – instead of -ask-?
    Probably it's a stupid question, but as non-english person I really want to know

  7. “I think your a 945 year old time lord”
    “Did you park the tardis on a metre”
    “Do you fancy billie piper sir” are the best bits

  8. I’ve had an American variation of Lauren in a classroom. To paraphrase HHGTG: “Death’s too good for her”.

  9. This low quality trash is on BBCs official channel? Well cant say i expected more from the idiots who destroyed so many classic who reels

  10. This REALLY needs subtitles, and not the generated ones because even google can't figure out what the frik she's saying.

  11. I adore this. Because, my sister has a strong resemblance to Catherine Tate. And she's also a maths teacher! So, when I get in my cups a little, I'm like "do your Catherine Tate impression". And she sits there and says "am I bovvered"? She's a good sport and raises a lot of money for charity. But she does make me laugh. Xx

  12. David tennant my favorite and by far IS THE GREATEST DOCTOR!!!!
    (He’s had the best companions so far)
    Prove me wrong

  13. Quick nerd thing here, but isn’t the fact that the Doctor turned Lauren into a doll a reference to the Master’s TENdency (sorry, I just had to) to turn people into dolls, ie. Logopolis? Does that mean that The Master has taken the form of David Tennant, except he’s Scottish and working as an English teacher?

    the plot thickens

  14. Watched this so many times and I still love it. Comic genius. "Am'st I bovver-red?" is a catch phrase in our house.

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