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Davis and Miller “28” Routine – Blackface Minstrel Comedy

– Emmett Miller and Ches Davis. (applause) [Ches] We gonna eat. Now shut up. [Emmett] Man I’m hungry. I want something to eat. – That’s all you talk
about is something to eat. – Well that’s all I do
is just talk about it, I don’t ever get nothing. When I left my good job
on that ministry show, what did you tell me? – What I done told you? – You said “Come on, go with me boy. We gonna have fancy drinks, horses and eggs, Pussycats’ tails, gin frugal.” I ain’t drank nothing but water. Drank so much water, my stomach think I’m takin’ in washing. I’m hungry. – Didn’t I tell you I’d stick with you through thick and thin? – Yeah, and the longer you stick, the thinner I get. I’ll be so thin after while it’ll take nine pussycats to catch a rat in the
bosom of my britches, I’m hungry. My stomach hurt. – I know a man who’d
give a million dollars for that stomach. – Well he can have it for a dime, I ain’t using it. My stomach hurting me man. – I know what’s the matter with you. – What?
You got a tapeworm. – The what?
A tapeworm. – I had one, but he starved to death. – I took you out to a
chicken dinner last night, didn’t I?
– Yeah. – You insulted me too, didn’t you? – Insult you how? – The lady brought the chicken,
and laid it on the table, walked down to the head of
the table and asked the man, “Say, where are you from?”
– Mmm-hmm. – He said, “The North.”
– Yeah. – She give him the neck of the chicken. – I was looking at her. – Went on the the other side of the table, ask that man where he from.
– Yeah. – He said, “The East.”
– Mmm-hmm. – He got the east wing of the chicken. – I saw the woman. – And she went on the other side, and asked that man where he’s from. – Yes.
– He said, “The West.” – And he got the west side of the chicken. I was lookin’ right at him. – Then she over and
asked you where you was– what did you tell that lady? – I told her I was from the South, and I didn’t want no chicken, that what I told her.
(audience laughs) And what did you do? – What I do? – The lady had some coconuts on the table, and you asked her to
pass you them potatoes, what got hairs on ’em.
(audience laughs) Man, gimme my money. – Give you what money? – Money what you owed me. – How come you figure
I owe you some money? – You stole that shoe shine polish, didn’t you?
– Yeah. – How much you get for it? – Bout $28. – Well, gimme my part. – What is yo’ part? – Well, it was seven of
us what owned the place. – That’s right. – Make me get one-seventh of 28. – What is one-seventh of 28? – $13. – You got to prove that to me. – I’m a man when I prove it to you. Lady, will you bring me that
blackboard, please ma’am? (footsteps walking) Now, the first thing you do
when you prove an example is put down the principal, which is 28. (audience laughs) That’s a two. – What you call that? – That’s a capital eight. Then you draw your semi-colon, and you put your seven out here. – What’s that? – Man, that’s a period. That shows you that that’s as fur as I’m going with that seven. (audience laughs)
Now, take that seven, it will not go into the two.
– No. But, it will go into the eight one time if you shove it right hard. (audience chuckles) That give you one left over. Seven go into 21 three times. Now gimme my money, man c’mon. – You ain’t showin’ me nothing yet, boy. – All right, I’ma prove the example to ya.
– Prove it. – I’m gone put the 13
back into the 27 time, and then I want my money, hear?
– Yes. – You know what this is? – Sure, that’s a one. – No. – What is it? – Half of 11. (audience laughs) Then you make a capital three. Put yo’ seven down there. Draw your cooler and you multiply. Seven times three is 21. Seven times one is seven. Seven and one is eight, and that’s a two. Now, let me have some, boy.
(audience laughs) – You know what I’m gone do, boy? – What you gone don? – I’ma put 13 down seven times. I’m gone figure it up. Come to $28, I’m gone give you yo’ money. – Well, FOB. – What’s that? – Figures on the board. (chalk writing and blackboard rattling) – Three, six, nine, 12, 15, 18, 21! – 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, Twenty doggone eight. Man, gimmie my money!
(audience laughing) (piano chords playing loudly)

100 thoughts on “Davis and Miller “28” Routine – Blackface Minstrel Comedy

  1. Everyone's missing the underlying joke here. Yes they are whereing black face and pretending to be black. But what are they really joking about? The answer is southerners, uneducated black southerners to be more exact. Listen to their accents. You have to remember that everyone and a lot of people still do regard all southerners as uneducated simple people. But let me ask you this, who's the smarter one in this joke? The guy who said 7 x 13 = 28 or the other guy who's going to give him $13?

  2. I love Black people so much that this doesn't even offend me. I kno it should, but im proud to be black and i kno we're not who white people say we are.

  3. Comedy gold. These guys are brilliant. I love the African-American man in the background cracking up. I wonder why he isn't outraged? Maybe because he has a sense of comedy and an appreciation of art.

    We have deprived ourselves of a source of very funny comedy. If you are offended, don't watch it.

  4. People might say that this was a long time ago forget about this or You guys are to sensitive But. remember this
    “✨🤕Forgive But never forget✨🤕”

  5. I am black. I am strong. I am a survivor. I am a nice color. I have faith. I am not what they say I am. I am what I chose to be and what God has for me. I am stronger then you say. I am better then you say. I am.I am wiser then you say. And I am always be and a human. I have faith in myself! I live my color and my family! I am the best! I am strong! And I am wiser! I am NOT what you think I am.

  6. We need more brothers like Micah Xavier Johnson…R.I.P. Solider. You fought in their war for nothing but died for a cause in the war on racism…Mission Accomplish Sleep In Peace Solider, Sleep In Peace brother 💙

  7. this is hilarious. The absurdity of it all lol. stop being so offended people. the black guy in the background wasn't. He looked like he quite enjoyed it actually

  8. In my eyes i dont know anyone thats looks like this over time due to so many slave owners impregnating there slaves hate or love it somewhere along the lines you have a mixture of black and another race in your DNA its unfortunate we cant have conversations without huge arguments or one race saying something demeaning to another and the fact that i watch this not in madness just like wow our ancestors were dragged out of there homes brought here stripped of everything just to be taught to be just as ignorant as these imbeciles Lol the key is not to match them but to be better than…god sees everything as long as your heart is pure no HATE ,ENVY ,BITTERNESS u will overcome despite of what a person may feel or say

  9. I didn’t think people were laughing with this they were laughing at this for how stupid it is 😂😂😂😂
    Cause it’s so stupid that you question that time period

  10. The core joke didn't need the weird racism. It was funny on its own. With the blackface, it's just a terrible message that black men are crafty liars. Remove the blackface and it's a joke about a man screwing over his friend with some funny math-magic.

  11. "28" was a pretty well known routine which was not restricted to blackface acts. Weber and Fields used it in the early 1900s, Abbot and Costello were playing a variant on this but into the 1950s.

  12. This video is very cringeworthy and rearviews how illiterate and unstabilized the white community thinks of African Americans

  13. Makes me sick how then way they are speaking and contorting their voices to try to “sound black” this is so horrible and distasteful

  14. Imagine these guys going forward in time to see their great grandchildren befriending African American people and going to Kendrick Lamar concerts

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