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Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Gravely Overestimated Their Spice Tolerance

-You’ve been a guest here
before. I’ve been lucky enough to be
a guest on your podcast, which is fantastic.
-Yes. -We’ve also been guests
on other people’s shows. -Yes, we have. -And you were very helpful to
me. There is a YouTube show
hosted by a wonderful guy named Sean Evans.
-Yes. -Called “Hot Ones.” -It’s the greatest show,
perhaps. -It’s amazing. Yeah.
-Yeah, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, it’s an incredible show. You get — The man, Sean
conducts a normal interview, but you’re eating hot wings and they’re getting
progressively hotter. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -So there’s 10, and, you know,
you’re starting at maybe like 100,000
on the Scoville system, which is how they monitor
the heat. And then it goes up
to in the millions. Right?
-Yeah. -Like, you get a little
Carolina repeater in there, and that’s 10, and a lot
of people are rendered incapable of communicating
with Sean. -Yeah. -But he keeps firing
the questions. -It’s really —
the magic trick of it is you — in interviews,
I always try — you’re a little guarded. You’re trying not to say
anything you wouldn’t have gone in prepared to say,
and that part of you dies. [ Laughter ]
-It’s like this Mike Tyson quote that’s been going around
which is, “Everyone has a plan until
they get punched in the face.” [ Laughter ]
-It’s very similar to that. So, like, whatever you thought
you were going to say about your thing,
you’re in a lot of discomfort. -But I — I have genuine fear
’cause I got asked to do it. I had seen you that you
had done it. -Uh-huh.
-And I texted you, and I have told people that you
gave the greatest description of what it was like,
not in the moment, but the next two days.
-Oh, right that — [ Laughter ] It was the first time
I ever felt food move all the way through the
G.I. Like, 3:00 a.m.,
I was like, “Okay, it’s leaving my stomach, and it’s in
my upper intestines.” [ Laughter ]
The whole ride. -Yeah.
-I mean, it was not a surprise when it was time to go,
’cause I knew it was time. -Yeah. -But I got really cocky
from that. I’m in — I don’t know if
it’s called the hall of flame. It might just be
the hall of fame. They should call it
the hall of flame. -They should. Another —
-Another lateral punch. -Yeah.
-Yeah, punch side. And — so when I got to 10,
I ate it. And then I said, “Sean,
I’d like an 11th hot wing,” and then I just slathered
the hottest one, and I ate it. And that landed me
in the hall of fame. -Yeah.
-And so, Kristen and I, who’s also great at it,
she also was on “Hot Ones.” -She’s your wife. Kristen Bell.
-Yeah, Kristen Bell. [ Cheers and applause ] -Let’s get her the applause
she deserves. -Yeah.
-Not just blow right by it. -Guys, I’m sorry she’s not here. [ Laughter ] It would be better
for all of us. She’s — she’s a beast when
it comes to eating hot stuff. So we got challenged, ’cause I work with
the Prostate Cancer Foundation to raise awareness,
and there was this, like, chocolate bar challenge.
Right? So they sent us these
two chocolate bars and it said, “Oh, this pepper in here is
hotter than a Carolina reaper,” which is supposed to be
the hottest. -Yeah.
-2 million on the Scoville. Kristen and I are like, “Yeah, whatever.
We’ll eat these right now.” We start videoing it,
’cause you got to do that. [ Laughter ]
And within 30 seconds, we know we are in
big, big trouble. We were so arrogant. We were just — I think
you’re supposed to take a bite, and we just pounded
the whole thing. We’re like, “We like chocolate.”
-Yeah. -“We don’t care about
the hotness.” And then the wheels came off
immediately. -This is — we do have
a short clip of what it looks like
when the wheels come off. -Yeah, yeah.
-Let’s take a look here. -This’s what the box looks like
if you’re in the mood for — -[ Hiccups, groans ]
[ Laughter ] -Whoa. [ Burping ] -To the burps. Robert Durst now. -[ Groans ]
[ Laughter ] -Oh, God.
-I’m gonna throw up. -Wait. [ Laughter and applause ] -We did throw up.
-You did throw up. -We threw up and then we tried
to go to bed. And like after two hours of
rolling around and everything, I’m like, “I don’t think
I’m gonna be able to sleep.” And she’s like,
“I can’t either.” It was like eating a pincushion
or something. -Oh.
-It was — it was horrendous. -Who’s it for? Like, does anyone
eat that and enjoy it? -I don’t know. It was supposed
to prevent prostate cancer, but I think it caused it. [ Laughter and applause ] -Like at the end
of the experiment — -They tricked you into getting
prostate cancer. -Yes, I think I might have
contracted prostate cancer
from the experience. But, yeah,
it was real, real rough. That’s — That’s but 15 seconds of what was an hour of pain.
-Yeah. That’s like the idea that
someone’s making that chocolate. -Right.
-You know, and thinking, “Well, you know,
it’s not like Willie Wonka, like, let’s take them
on a magic ride.” It’s like —
-You make a great point ’cause we are, as I said,
I bragged. -Yeah.
-We’re the champions at eating hot stuff.
-Right. -The fact that they’re selling
this product, you’re right. It’s — it’s way worse
than lawn darts. -Yeah.
-Or anything else, you know. -Yeah, stuff we banned
years ago. -It’s like a chainsaw that
they know one link’s gonna break after five minutes.
-Yeah. -It’s just — yeah. I would like to meet the guy
or gal. -Yeah, we’re going to get
to the bottom of this. -Something tells me it’s a guy.
-Yeah. -I don’t want it generalize it. -It does sound like
an ass [bleep] move. -It does.
-It’s very masculine. -A very alpha move to poison
a piece of chocolate. -“Try it, bro.
You like chocolate? Go for it.”
-“I can eat it.” -“Yeah.”
-“Can you eat it?”

39 thoughts on “Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Gravely Overestimated Their Spice Tolerance

  1. ok, I don't know who this Dax Shepard guy is, he seems very nice, but why does he pop up on my YT home page with an interview every other day? do they make him promote 15 different movies a month?

  2. Joe Louis: "Everyone's got a plan till they get hit." I get it, Mike Tyson's the greatest boxer of a generation but he sure as hell didn't say it first and Mr Louis deserves to be remembered for it.

  3. I love Kristen bell but has Dax ever done an interview where he doesn't mention her? It seems all the late night shows are using her for views

  4. He's wonderful in "Bless This Mess." If you haven't seen it, you're missing the best new comedy in ages. He's great, and so is everyone else in the show. His co-star, Lake Bell(?) is a writer/producer and you can tell this isn't a typical humor-by-committee format. There's real HEART behind every episode. Happily binged watched the first season. You'll like it too.

  5. Cancer-inducing peppers will one day exist: someone will figure out how to irradiate them and give them a 10 mill on the Scoville scale.

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