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Day 3 Ep 2 Quiet the Noise But Not the Laughter (RND 2 Let’s Finish YOU KNOW YOU ARE EXHAUSTED WHEN)

hello everyone this is dr. Carolyn Rose Smith welcome to day three episode to quiet the noise but not the laughter hope you got a chance to see I'm day three episode 1 the focus was on meditation listening to our bodies and quieting the noise I shared some great tips in there on meditation and as I shared with you guys in day 3 episode 1 and a really challenging time going back to sleep you know I had gotten up checked on the kids was only asleep for a couple of hours but then when I went back to bed I could not fall asleep and then you know I got up you know started doing my ig and then I was getting ready to go into the office but I said nope you know again the reason right for creating the channel was to inspire and motivate myself to make permanent changes right and so even though we committed on day one it doesn't mean our path or a journey to improve our health or mental physical and spiritual health is going to be easy so you have to hang in the air you know stay the course right be mindful and just keep adding each day ok so I went back to bed and was and told myself hey you know what whatever you got to do you know just get some more rest you'll be able to focus more to you know and be able to accomplish more right so I was able to go back to sleep get some rest and and I was better for it alright so just keep hanging in there guys alright a day – episode – the focus was on let's have a healthy hearty laugh right so on that day I'd completed the phrase you know you are exhausted when right guys had a great wonderful hearty laugh and we had a great time with it at home you know our Steven or three-year-old you know is completing the phrase so we came up with so many cool phrases so I say you know what we're gonna share those with you and I hope you guys find them funny so go in the comments section and feel free to join in and complete those phrases so we so I hope it giving you guys some wonderful laughter that you know it's a lifting you guys spirit throughout the day all right today we're gonna keep that going alright so today we're gonna call it wrong – again you we're gonna keep it going so on day you know for example day 4 episode 2 day 5 episode 2 going to talk about whatever topic were discussing but find a way to include some type of laughter component alright so the point is to get us to keep finding something to get us to laugh each day or to have a smile on our face which I think will make us able to get you another better you know happy fulfilled day all right but a three-episode to quiet the noise but not the laughter okay we're gonna have round 2 of completing the phrase you know you are exhausted with okay guys alright so I'm gonna complete the phrase again my son Scotty is going to join in on the laughter today all right and I hope it gives you guys a nice hearty healthy laughter – you know – a nice healthy hearty laugh to brighten your day alright so we're gonna keep it going alright so here it goes you know you exhausted when you're asking for the tongue but you say this was my then this was my son's response okay come on Johnny come on come on what was your response bah bah what all right guys all right you guys got a good laugh from that one so keep hanging in there stay the course okay guys we can do it alright it's not gonna be easy because we committed but we can do it so stay the course and I will see you on day four

2 thoughts on “Day 3 Ep 2 Quiet the Noise But Not the Laughter (RND 2 Let’s Finish YOU KNOW YOU ARE EXHAUSTED WHEN)

  1. This one was a joy to make and is the epitome of the #youknowyoureexhaustedwhen theme. If there was ever a blooper real for this episode!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  2. Please share your tips and keep the laugh going by completing the phrase: YOU KNOW YOU ARE EXHAUSTED WHEN …..

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