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DEADLINE | A High School Horror Comedy Short

[Footsteps] [Footsteps] Do you kinda get it now? Look, do you want an honest answer
Sure… Stop listening about…five minutes ago [laughs] Just kidding…Just kidding It was ten
Hold on, how do you find the linear- function of a normal when you’re given the coordinate of a circle? Alright well you’ve just gotta- I’ve figured it out… Really? Last day of school… Next week… I’m gonna steal the maintenance buggy and drive donuts around the main oval… You are so thicc Come on sir, you gotta admit that would be amazi- Mate, I don’t care… What’s the point? Look, if I spent as much time worrying about methods as you do.. I’d probably blow my brains out Well maybe because I have the most important exam of my life tomorrow life’s more important than exams and deadlines you sad, sad kid… Far out…I’ll leave Pointless trying to anything here… Oi mate? Forgetting something? Give it! Magic word? Please, give it? Thank you… Uhhh.. You right there? No, no, no, no, no, no…. So that’s that Who says? Oh my god… Piss off!! Seriously Harry, You’ll be fine There’s someone out there… Yeah it’s a school…there’s generally people up and about… He wasn’t right Are you being serious? Yes… No sir, surely not! You are such a little… Even if you did see someone you should’ve just gone up to him and knocked him out You know, I would’ve suplexed him You probably… Would’ve thrown your CAS at him or something… Okay… Right… That’s not normal I told you so… [scream] Okay….right. Think we’ve gotta go How bout… How bout we take my car It’s under the science building Car park’s such a hike Do you have any better ideas!? Maintenance buggy… What, it’s fast, it’s agile! We’re going to my car Leave your stuff…let’s go I can’t leave my books… Fine, take your books Let’s go… Come on…
Come on!! [low growls] Open the door! Come on! Come on…
Hey! Get back here
Come on! He left us! Yeah mate, thanks to you! Well unlike you I actually CARE about this! I don’t this exams really gonna matter if we can’t get through this… How do we get through this? What? Nooooo… Yes. What are you doing!? Drive! The engine’s cut… Oh my god, we’re gonna die here! You know what, Screw this! What? Davo, no!!! Davo!! No- You think you got him? Yeah… I think I got him… Is that the lab assistant? Not anymore… I think you should drive… Oi!! Can we please go? Alright… Fair warning… I’ve only done two lessons… [tires scretching and small crash] Was that the lab assistant? Not anymore… Oh, jesus… This film was brought to you by RCV Productions

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