Laughter is the Best Medicine

Decoding Laughter w/ Comedian Lee Levine

you’re writing activity now in and
during the break badly let me in my body here joined us and that merely made fun of me say that
i didn’t say could starting out concentration so it has been to a stop
at coconut nineteen abouhalima this it is not a complete their profession with
so much about that all right leah rabin comedian my friend of we found this said but here they are
already in finance meeting finds any of this is an dr uh… i think think progress there first uh… bob we want to join his talk about the
reaction to a joke and and what laughter actually means don’t let’s watch this
video it space okay first off you repeat is that what
it’s like a dot m bailout they would like to let me repeat again which is
that you know that i do think it means you don’t get the didgeridoo former not
fashion and double entendre with the word had and then herrity incident dot com but this is that there’s no doubt that
was the guy who wrote the marriage of our religion telling people together to square against uh… pornography in
saying that mary sex is the best axion since forum you know be in the open
minded that if he is resigning and michelle bachman because behind the
almost a threesome hope religiously every night yeah exactly that pizza is
actually better for negative it was better for tougher black children honestly very nicely they had to ten
cents a somewhere along the line reason i’m uh… you know i thought it would be
helpful buffet what do you agree to them and i a
contrivance nor is it was much better returns with a bit of a br a private
school absolutely hello homeschool even had a cough even better one-on-one yes soap but well where did you ever really gotta item
that you there’s nothing worse than then going to end up mike and someone who’s
never done a laugh i said before ever ever ever travel family telephony logo o now i’m just gonna tell their job
creation right now for the next five minutes the public extending it by ear and then i think the his repeated again but in fact so what
do you agree with that as a professional comic when someone last is something you say
what does that mean when the laugh at war there there’s a
couple after he had to laugh at the laughing at you uh… that they’re laughing with you uh… and that that they ran on it order
and i think it’s something that you did uh… in that case i mean i think you’re
laughing and joking with relief into the system had you know it’s selling out there has been around
for so long and it’s so obvious and and when’s the last time you for anyone use
were found in reference to cigarette now deal and i have imaginative in middle school satellites
in the word file twice with friends and family drugs help or that other suddenly
it to me is headed insight into this guy’s seki because he’s the they’ve been
trying at least to say that there probably richard this approach traditional values they
have so much love for like in their in their christian hearts for
uh… for humanity that they don’t want it to be depleted by those homosexuals
you know loving each other legally you know having legal rights uh… that like to have to see a video of of a
guy like lasting effects weenies like clearly in his forties feelings and activist trying to deny a
minority of people their rights uh… i’d find that it’s like its accepted a window into what he really
believes which is he just doesn’t like ten people you know i think that
president bodies consistent you know and i think downing of the stuff that he
doesn’t mean this is a guy who clearly a skinny people so i don’t i’m not
surprised when he uses the majority i’m sure
that’s not the worst thing you can certainly diversion for both mother and
i would never have backed up all kinds of stuff the you know that’s probably
came to think that you sent usually lol needed

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