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Degenerated Disc Relief with Chiropractic Adjustments (POP & CRACK), Decompression, & Laser Therapy.

hi this is dr. Moran with kinetic
chiropractic and I’m gonna go over how we treat degenerated discs and joints
the low back if you look on the left to see an x-ray of a normal low back and on
the right is a degenerated low back of this patient the degenerated x-ray has
narrowed disc spaces bone spurs and narrowed holes for the nerves these
problems are putting pressure on our nerves and causing pain in her low back
thighs and legs she is unable to drive or sit for longer than a few minutes
before she starts to get excruciating pain for this patient we started a
treatment program with chiropractic adjustments to get pressure off the
nerves decompression to open up the compressed joints to start healing the
disc and class 4 laser to decrease pain inflammation and speed up the healing
process this is her sixth visit and she’s already starting to get results
and is able to drive for longer distance with minimal pain. It’s in the same spot but not nearly as bad time backs a little tight to it let’s
lay this sign up facing me work on all right yeah it’s starting school all right just laying back here gonna do
hip traction here all right house sweet all right right here nice enough
you don’t mean like company I have to drive an hour and a half home which I’ll
be doing it again tomorrow you know I’ll be home until Friday you have no idea
the difference in driving because going from being excruciating pain to drag
even you know down something second Street yeah being able to drive for an
hour and a half and not be in pain is amazing no it’s down okay I could check it down Friday
okay so doesn’t understand you’re right they would slice you Jays for us so does
that mean like I don’t know like something that’s for him I mean if
nothing is there yeah if there’s not a lot left that’s a good thing yes all right

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