Laughter is the Best Medicine


We did it, guys! We hit 50 MILLION, thanks to your help. yeah.. we believed. no thanks. don’t swear.. please.. 52 million now… -_- a what? nah.. it isn’t Now I’ve never been done before ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) No one’s even close. We believed. No shit.. lulz.. then do it.. -_- Yaay!He’s deleting his channel *slowclaps* say Hwa? You know when you make a joke but it blows up bigger than you’ve ever imagined? Waaaait a minute.. what? mmhmm.. *shia labeouf* JUST DO IT! (Cue anger and relief about the joke) We didn’t take it as a joke. no it wasn’t That was it. That was, th- that was the joke. *generic point at audience done by celebrities* ♪Omg I’m a retard.. Omg I’m a retard.. gimmie a life. ♪ ♪ Whatever I said is a clickbaity joke to get more views. ♪ ♪I’ve been a retard a lot ♪ ♪Senpai please teach me how to kill myself! ♪ ♪ Omg I’m a retard.. Omg I’m a retard gimmie alife that wasn’t original subs.. we subbed so that you delete your channel.
*not lolol 60 mill+ now, boiis *not

100 thoughts on “DELETING MY CHANNEL

  1. you just delted your pets, RIP JORGEN 1,2, WATER SHEEP , ROLF , PEEPEEPOOPPOO and many more and congrats to Sven. and yes u minecraft channel now.

  2. Pewdiepie: In going to delete my channel.

    Realises he earns money from it and hasn’t got a job

    YouTube: You could not live with your own failure, where did that bring you?..back to me..

  3. 2016 Pewds: will delete pewdiepie at 100 million

    2019 Pewds: we gonna do 12 hours livestream playing minecraft at 100 million subs

  4. i remeber watching this the day it came out, and i never really assumed pewdiepie would get to 100 mil. We're in danger.

  5. Well.. you have got 1,121,690 to go.. Please NEVER DELETE YOUR CHANNEL! You and Jacksepticeye Make a great team and I’d Hate to see any videos gone.

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