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Devi 2 Tamil Movie Comedy Scenes | Kovai Sarala | Tamannaah | Prabu Deva | Kovai Sarala Comedy

'Don't touch' 'Hello, madam
Tamilian, huh?' – Yes, anna
– What do you want to buy? – How much is 1/4 kilo tomatoes?
– Rs 50 – Give me for 40
– New to this place? This time okay
Next time don't bargain Okay, bro 40 rupees means- Here you go – Why have you given me Rs 20?
– In our currency it is 40 I meant Mauritian rupee – I meant our Indian rupee
– Hey! Wait, madam You look innocent
You'll sell Mauritius in one go – Pay the balance
– Don't cheat, bro 'Hey! Let go of her' As per the women protection law Section # 901 – Women harassment
– That means? Humiliating women Attempt to rape Aiyo! Lawyer madam
I didn't do anything to her – What happened, dear?
– I bargained and bought tomatoes Now he wants extra money This girl claims she meant
Indian rupee instead of Mauritian rupee As per the Consumer Protection Law Section # 304 Cheating case Do you know, you have to
count bars for many years? I'm not to blame, madam Did she pay you or not? – She gave, madam
– That's all Case dismissed A Tamilian should not cheat
another Tamilian Come, dear You should not cheat Are you new to this place? Yes, akka My husband just got transferred New surroundings
That's why I feel kind of lost – Which is your hometown?
– Muthampatti, near Madurai Muthampatti? I hail from Arasampatti
Just 9 km away from your village – Are you from Arasampatti?
– Yes My mother's sister's husband
is from your village You even remind me of my aunt Don't end up calling me 'chithi'
I am not middle aged like your aunt Just call me 'akka' Okay, sister Lawyer akka Pooju darling
I miss you very much Don't drink whatever your grandpa gives
Maintain your distance My father is no longer an alcoholic Pooju princess – Come
– Where to? I want to pee
You want to come? Hey Maria, hi Hi Krishna 'How are you?
Oh! So good to see you' Okay…okay 'You're looking good' Yeah, I know 'Come and have coffee with me?' Okay, thanks 'But this lion is no longer single dear' – Who is that girl?
– Which girl? You claimed you were going to the loo And then I saw you coochey cooing
with some random female Maria, dear
My colleague If she is your colleague
why send me away and talk to her alone? You can talk in front of me 'Interjuice' her to me – What 'juice'?
– Interjuice! Introduce Not worth it, dear I'm not worth it, huh? [spluttering] Okay…okay…okay I meant her
Mariu! You are soooo beautiful
How can you compare her with you? You've started lying
after coming here I'm not lying, dear
You are truly beauuutiful! Don't change the topic If you aren't lying- What? Swear on our daughter Pooja Are you mad or what?
Asking me to swear on our baby! Hugging and all that
is very common here 'And all that' means? I meant just hugging, period Go to bed 'Didn't let me eat the yummy dosa' I understand how you feel Hugging isn't considered a crime
to file a case, dear Who hugged whom?
Where, when, why? Reason is what counts – I don't know, akka
– Who hugged whom? – One girl
– Whom did she hug? My husband Your husband? Er…like this? Or real tight like this? Tiiiight like this, akka Then that's mutual case
Yours is divorce case Tell me
I'll file it Akka, what do you mean?
How can I do that? Then learn to live with her
under the same roof 'Wonder where he is with that girl now!' 'Happy wedding anniversary, dear
Let me wish my son-in-law' He is in the shower, pa – What is Pooja doing?
– 'She's asleep, dear' Devi I'll call you later Where's my charger, dear? Come fast
I'm late for work Should be fast as lightning – What is today?
– Why dust this now? Must be on the sofa
Go, search Forget everything Problem is you lack discipline Here's your charger – How did you get it now?
– Try asking me anything – Serve me breakfast
– No, I won't – Why?
– I forgot! Forgot?! My dear, your husband can
forget your wedding anniversary But how can he forget
he is married? – What do you mean, akka?
– You're too naive All men are like this In their newly married phase …like race horses with blinkers on
they can see only us After sometime like the horses
you see in Marina beach …they will trot around,
eat chickpeas salad and pipe down That too after they have 2 kids …they will ask us to baby sit
and they will go behind other babes! Did you face this same fate, akka? Will I allow it to happen? Till date reins of my horse
are clutched tight in my hands – What shall I do?
– Do whatever he likes He likes drumstick 'sambar'
and roasted potato curry He likes vermicelli 'payasam' too – Food as 'feast', huh?
– Yes, akka Find your way back to
your man's heart via his stomach! If you appease his hunger in the morning
with a feast fit for a king for lunch …your husband's tastebuds will become
slave to your culinary skills, understood? Excuse me
Mr Krishna? – Krishna from…?
– India Oh yes, he's not here today She says he didn't even come
to the office today Akka, he told me
he was going to work He has come here
Please go and check, ma'am See, that's his chair
He's not here today Let me ask her this, wait Is Maria there? Look, this is Maria's chair She's not here
She's on leave She hasn't come either? Akka! Hey! Is your brain in your butt?
Idiot…stupid! Isha darling If a girl walks by his side
his brains move to his backside! – Look at that chap
– Let go of my hands – Akka!
– Then what? She's least interested in him 'But he is hot on her heels' He's a womaniser Men like him should be locked
behind bars for 8 long years! – No need, akka
– Why? Krishna, akka Krishna…? Darling, I'll give my life for you Your Krishna? Then is she Maria? Who else? Someone else 'Good twist!' Darling.. Then your husband's problem
is something else, my dear' – What happened?
– Ghost…ghost! She is not a ghost – Hi, I'm her friend
– Akka, she is my friend Lawyer akka 'Vanakkam' Glad to meet you What is she doing here? Our wedding anniversary
She helped me dress the way you lik- I gave her the idea Your idea sucks! Get out of my room How can you hide
in our bedroom? I was only in the bathroom Get lost! Look at her stride
Like Jackie Chan's grandma! – Get out
– I'm going Akka, wait – What are you doing?
– What about you? What did I do? I thought you were hitting on
only your colleague I saw you dancing
with another girl on the road Then you went behind
some other girl at the signal – So disgusting!
– What are you blabbering? I told you there is
no other woman in my life If it isn't you
will it become the truth? Then what I'm seeing is all a lie? Is that akka also imagining? – Sir, even I saw you
– Clear out Chinese pumpkin – Get out now
– I'm on my way out Akka…sister? 'I'm Devi speaking' Yes, dear My husband is possessed Not just 1 spirit, akka 2 spirits are within him Akka, I'm terrified Come immediately Why did you call me and
then not even saying a word? – Akka?
– 'Hello?' Akka, can't you hear me? I can hear you
only if you speak! Akka, my husband is possess- Whom are you talking to, dear? – From home
– What is it? Hello? My mother…amma She's ill, serious We must leave immediately – Let's leave right now
– Who is sick? – My mother
– She herself spoke to you? Yes How can we leave all of a sudden? I must book our tickets
and inform my office too We have to go Please…! We have to go Come…quick Wait, let me lock the front door – No need to worry in this place
– I'll lock and come – Amma! I have to go
– Aiyo! Okay We haven't packed anything
Is this bag enough? – Please I must see my mother
– Okay…okay Get inside, sit
What a turn of events – You…you?
– I'm coming, you sit 'Amma…!' 'You can cry when you get there!' What are you doing, dear? Come – Hurry up
– I'm coming Quick! Get the ticket there? Queue, dear Come fast – Madam
– Hello…hello Where are you going? – To buy our tickets, bro
– Is this your local bus? I have to see my mother – Stand in the queue
– You come with me Can't you hear me? Your ticket, sir Give it…go 2 tickets to Chennai, ma'am Madam, this isn't the ticket counter – Boarding gate
– Excuse me, I've got the tickets You bought? Passports please – Well planned indeed!
– Here, ma'am Thank you Come soon I'll come, let go of my hand Thank you Sit here What are you do- [In-flight announcement] Excuse me, ma'am Please put your seat belt We are landing We are landing 'Seat belt, ma'am' Seat belt, sir Bro, didn't we leave Mauritius just now? What are you blabbering? We left India and we are
landing in Mauritius now – Didn't we take off from Mauritius?
– No, ma'am Bloody baldie! How can you
lie through your teeth! All of them are coming back No one around Wretched fellows! 'All of them are going back' Bro…listen, bro – Madam, hello
– Where are you going? Go back to the queue You came in the flight with me- When did I travel with you? We've just now patched up!
Go and stand in the queue – Go
– Madam, go back – Go back
– Hurry up! Can't you see the queue? Hello…hello 'Your ticket, sir' Akka, didn't you give us
the boarding pass? They made us disembark Do something and get us into the plane Madam, is something wrong with you? Tickets Passports please God help me! – She asked
– 'Thank you' Good morning, sir Excuse me, madam Isn't he your husband?
Then why aren't you sitting next to him? Because he isn't my husband! Akka, this flight is going to India, right? 'Yes, ma'am
We are going to India' Bro, did you see my husband
who was seated here? No one was here
Empty seat Yov! You keep lying all the time Are you blind
if you're with a girl? You saw him with me
He's missing now Where did he go?
Tell me You saw him too
Why are you quiet? Madam, what's the problem? My husband was sitting right here He came with me
and he's missing now Please calm down, ma'am
What's his name? Krishna – Tell me
– No, ma'am His name is not there How can you say that?
He was right here Everyone saw him
Please move – Didn't you see him?
– No How can you- You saw him twice
I know you saw him – No
– He's lying again STOP THIS PLANE! Sir…sir, this is my house – Go inside
– My husband, sir No, you go inside Where did you trot off to
early in the morning with a bag? – There
– A policeman calls me He wants to know my address Haven't I bought you a phone? I called you twice
Why was your phone switched off? My mother…phone Yes, your mother called I told her you went out shopping Will you call and talk to her? Did I scare you?
I know you got scared Accept you got scared Let's go into the shower together Devi Devi Meditation in the midst of candles, huh? Er…hello, Devi had called me
So I came over 'Devi?' 'She called me to tell me
something this morning' 'Then she never spoke' 'Devi' 'Where are you?' 'Devi?' Excuse me
Devi called me – That's why I dropped by
– 'Akka' I can hear her
but can't see her – 'Here'
– Devi, where are you? 'Up here!' Why are you perched up there? – Ghost!
– Whaaat? Ghost it seems
Aiyo! God save me Aiyo! What has happened to her?
Possessed by a spirit? 'She didn't possess the spirit
The spirit has possessed her' Is that so? Door…open Open the door Door…door Let go of the handle Your hand…good lord! Aiyaiyo! Devi! His hand stretches for a mile!
What to do now? Which way will I run? I'm escaping this way God save me
My back is broken! I am back here…oh gawd! 'What will I do?' Phone…phone Bello, I am Lalitha
BA.BL, FRCS speaking Someone please save m- Aiyo! Phone is down I'll escape now My skull has cracked! I am back to square one! Come down, my dear Come down Please come, my dear Come…come, good girl Thank God
I'm so glad I didn't come down, akka You've climbed up! Am I up there? We can't escape, akka I'm hanging here
after trying everything Thanks a ton, 'ka I was scared of hanging here all alone You wretched female! You used to bug me for a whole hour
asking me how to make 'vaththa kuzhambu' If you had told me in one word
your husband was possessed I would have vanished into thin air! Machiavelli! Now tell me
Which spirit has got into him? Not spirit, akka – SpiritS!
– Plural, huh? – Two of them
– Double trouble, huh? Yes I'm Alex I'm Ranga Reddy, I say You'll fly out of the window
with the slightest puff Double action
in this scarecrow body? So many people in this world Why did you choose my husband? Ruby's contact Ma'am, Ruby told us
Krishna is a good fellow He's a good soul 'Heart of gold!' Ruby, huh? We haven't added her
in my list, dear Who is Ruby? You don't know, madam Your husband knows We are good friends You know? Friends, huh? For dead souls like us who suddenly
left this earth with a yearning …we need souls like Krishna
to execute our unfulfilled desires He can understand our feelings Feelings, huh? What is so great
about your feelings? Love Listen, madam Maaad love! I love Isha Yes, I love Sara When Sara and I,
Ranga and Isha spent time …when we wanted to profess our love Ranga and I died Aiyo! But our love is immortal That's exactly why we are back We've come back as spirits
to hear them profess their love to us Should they profess their love for you? He's my husband You are ruining our lives
for your desires to be fulfilled Ruby gave us prior warning
you'll say this That's why we are here
with a contract Read it and then sign What is this contract? Ghost contract Whatever happens, fine
We won't accept this Hello, sisters Yes, brothers We don't want your permission This is just for your information We won't disturb Krishna
when he's in his house If you disturb us
when he steps outside You can't even if you want to You can't tell anyone either 'Do you understand?' Sign the contract now – Sign it, dear
– You too Why do you drag me
in your family affairs! As witness Are you dragging
the lawyer as witness? Just follow my orders! My hand is signing of its own accord! He has come! Devi Devi…? Come…come Akka…no need 'Devi…?' – Go and talk to him, akka
– You go Let us both go together You go first
Then I'll follow [muttering incoherently] – Aren't you Krishna?
– What…? – I need to talk to Krishna
– What are your blabbering? What brings you here so early? Devi said you weren't feeling well Are you a lawyer or a doctor? Why are you like a buffoon
in this saint costume? It's just a common belief
saffron robes can ward off spirits I want to talk to you in private…no need Please go ahead You have a problem 'I am trying to-' Without crying I'll tell you gently Will you lend me your ears patiently? Tell me You are po…poss …possessed by spirits! Not just one But 2! Didn't I tell you not to inform Krishna? You are violating the contract You violated it as well You said you won't show yourself
inside the house and you did You want to inform Krishna
That's it, right? I'll kill him And send him to our world We'll tell him the truth I'll kill Krishna Aiyo! What are you doing? – Please don't
– 'Don't do this' Ghost brothers, please listen me 'We won't inform him' – We won't tell him
– 'Don't harm him' I swear on Krishna
we won't tell him You wanted to
talk to me in private Who are you now? Why do you keep repeating it? – Tell me
– I already spoke to you alone Devi, where did you go? – I wen-
– What happened? I was cleaning the prayer room
I spilt vermilion on my hand – I'm leaving for work
– Wait, dear – Please sit down
– What is it, dear? Don't go to work Doctor wants you
to take rest for 10 days 10 days? I must inform my staff, dear Doctor will directly mail
the medical certificates to your office That's the common practice here You are really over stressed If you take adequate rest
for 10 days, you will be fine After that 'they' will
take care of their work And we can go about our routine Medicine Prescription…? That…where did I keep…here Sweetheart I don't care what the doctor said
You tell me, that will do Watch your step…slowly – Hold him
– Where are we going now? – Where is the bed?
– This way…this way – We are almost there
– Where? Right here Watch your step
Slow and easy Hi – Hi, ma'am
– Hi…! – Nice get-up
– Thank you Caaaaa-r There's no driver inside! Me…? Where should I go now? To Sara Right Right To Isha Take the next left Yes, boss! You bloody fool, right! 'Yes…right' Bloody female, turn left Blessed spirit, don't torture me Look at my plight
Driving for a spirit! Right…left – Right
– Left-u Aiyo! Akka Oh gawd! Pillar Bus…bus! 'Stop…stop…stop!' – Akka!
– Not me 'What's happening here?' Gho…gho! 'I didn't do anything' Sara Sara…honey? You have to pay the fine You can't break the law No, I am a lawyer! Hey, Sara – Sara…!
– Please wait, dear My love, hold on Hey, Sara Bloody son of a gun! Stop 'Hey, darling! Look here' Sweetheart
Look behind Just missed, cha! – Please wait
– Sara Sweetheart…hey! Honey! We've reached our home Will you please alight? Whom are you talking to? Who knows who you are now? This is Ranga Reddy Ranga Reddy, let's get down, ready Why are you taking this tablet now? If I go inside without
taking this tablet …Krishna will come in He will question you If you don't answer right
Krishna won't step out My leg Lift his leg

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  1. Devi 1 was the best. I really enjoyed it, but felt devi 2 a bit of a disappointment. Over acting n boring.

  2. Gone are the days a family, with sons and daughters can sit together and watch a decent Tamil movie.

    Now days films are bloody filthy, vulgar words spoken, half naked no shy heroins for money they are prepared to strip all thier cloths show their body, same old stupid gangsters fighting, no moral story, all these acts are spoiling the stupid Indian primary/secondary and college going students in South India and Malaysia? Worse thing, is the bloody stupid vulgar songs with stupid music directors.

    Now days music directors can you go near music directors like Ramanathan, Visvanathan Ramamoorthy, KV Mahadevan, V.Kumar, Shankar Ganesh, Veda, AM Rajah, etc No way, even Illayarah has mentioned , everybody has to beg MSV and Ramamoorthy music directors to be born like them.

    Why spend so many millions to produce a Tamil film to destroy the South Indian community, suppose to concentrate on education, become an entrepreneur or venture into business?

    Why in every films the producers show a bunch of lazy guys who are friends of the hero and support his stupid heroism acts and clap hands? Why showing in films school going so young girls falling in love with lazy fellows loitering at bus stops?

    Why still showing films the hero , a poor uneducated with a beard with ugly look from poor family but falling in love with a rich beautiful girl who is a heroin? Wake up man , you producers, you producers are still back backward spoiling our Tamil / Indian communities!

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