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Dexter’s Laboratory Jokes You Definitely Missed

phew Cartoon Network shows can compare
to the greatness that is Dexter’s Laboratory for many of us our childhoods
were partially spent conspiring with Dexter as he conducted risky experiment
after risky experiment without his parents knowing and as much as we were
glued to our television screens following the boy genius on his wild
adventures as kids there were quite a few not so easy to catch jokes that
producers seemed to sneak in most of which we didn’t quite understand or were
far too oblivious to realize that there was a bit more to the gag today we’re
revisiting one of our favorite childhood shows and looking back at all of those
more mature jokes that went right over our heads as kids I’m Kyle with wicked
binge and these are Dexter’s Laboratory jokes that you missed when you were a
kid let’s get started Dexter hires a dancer for those who watched replacement
sisters you’ll remember some of the odd and quirky girls that Dexter had
auditioned to take the place of his sister DeeDee while some were indeed
questionable one of them might have been a little more than Dexter had hoped for
candy and with that kind of name you know exactly what kind of dancer she was you might not have caught this as a kid
but there’s a solid chance if your dad was watching this with you he knew what
was going on after all candy did say that she would dance for money that
coupled with her large assets could only mean one thing
right the neighbor lady when Dexter’s female neighbor bends over to pick
something up it would seem that she revealed just a little more than she
intended to or more than likely it was exactly what she intended in case you
missed it when she bends over you can see dad’s trophy written on her but
someone clearly wants the world to know who the king of the household is
twister with Dexter’s parents although it turned out that they were just
playing twister considering that all we could see was parts of their body
intertwined and limbs sticking out awkwardly it’s only natural to assume
that they were having some fun if you thought the moaning and grunting wasn’t
enough when Dexter’s mom says honey I don’t think that’s gonna fit we know
she’s not talking about trying to pack Dexter snacks in his lunchbox
you gotta spice up your marriage sometimes these inappropriate anagram in
an episode rife with hidden codes and mysterious clues dee dee drops an
anagram that is as inappropriate as the f-bomb maybe more so in an act of
annoyance dee dee tells Dexter that his fan club
is for big idk SC while some might make an argument for the meaning of the
anagram not being so obvious we all know that dee dee said something bad when
Dexter exclaims in horror hey I’m gonna tell mom what’s mandark’s mother’s
smoking in case anyone missed it in mountain-man dark in season four
producers made a cunning reference to marijuana and one of the slighest ways
ever as Mandark and his parents walk along a nature trail his mother states
cornucopia of sustenance to be harvested from our great giving earth at this
point she crouches next to what appears to be a marijuana plant coincidence I
think that it was a cornucopia of sustenance to be harvested by my great
and giving it narcos in season 2 episode the beard to be feared there is a
reference to an illegal narcotic which just can’t be ignored
I mean come on someone’s seen cutting a package that contains a small white
powdery substance doesn’t say something like I can assure you it is a hundred
percent pure unless they’re talking about the stuff that fueled Scarface
let’s be real nobody’s concerned about the purity of
sugar or flour DD’s dull yet another episode in the
show’s second season labels features quite a bit more than may meet the eye
especially if you’re observant this episode is all about Dexter marking his
territory in the best way he knows how by putting labels on everything even Dee
Dee’s doll gets a label although in one of the most compromising locations
possible stuck square on a crotch talk about an interesting choice of location
on Dexter’s part Dexter’s dad likes his bathroom time Dexter’s dad has stated in
the past that early morning is his special bathroom privacy time back then
as kids we probably thought that he meant the bathroom was a tranquil and
peaceful spot where he could get in the zone before he faced his day of course
now that we’re older this expression takes on a whole new meaning
pressing Dexter’s button yet another joke that you may have missed from
replacement sisters candy whose occupation we now know cheekily pushes a
button in Dexter’s Lab centrally asking him what does this button do Dexter in a
frenzy rushes out and douses himself and what is presumably cold water was
Candy’s voice too hot for him or was it the button she pressed perhaps we’ll
never know but one thing’s for sure when you push
Dexter’s buttons you send him over the edge
the babysitter’s confessions in babysitter blues Dexter is shown to have
a bit of a crush on Lisa the babysitter lissa however doesn’t return the
feelings as her world is focused on her boyfriend someone with whom she appears
to be doing quite a bit of things that perhaps shouldn’t be mentioned in a
kid’s show while chatting with her boyfriend she casually implies that the
two have been intimate together she expresses shock that a friend of hers
was as well but suggests that it was okay that she was doing it with her
boyfriend because the two were in love agent honeydew how can we forget agent
honeydew she was monkeys former partner in crime
when they worked together in a secret governmental organization as alluring as
she may have been it may seem that at times producers may have presented agent
honeydew in quite a compromising manner in one sketch honeydew is seen munching
on a hot dog in a way which can only be described as motivated perhaps through
the blissfully unaware there is nothing wrong with it but to those who are a
little older the sketch does seem to be a tad bit provocative or maybe we just
have a dirty mind probably both hi centerfold and one of
the old Dexter’s Laboratory bumpers our boy genius receives a package in the
mail very excited he takes it to a very
secret location in his lab to look it over in isolation it turns out to be a
magazine and he’s a little too excited to open it given the fact that the
centerfold is of a giant wrench I think maybe he might have been looking at
something else what do you think Dexter’s dad loves his wife’s muffins
Dexter’s dad loves his wife that’s a fact still in the episode the muffin
King the way he expresses his love for his wife’s muffins seems to be a little
too over the top he Quivers and trembles just at the thought of getting to munch
on his wife’s muffins kids sell to the average Joe this might not seem like
something so inappropriate the guy likes his wife’s cooking
so what however you can also see that there’s probably much more to this much
like the hook of the popular song milk in both cases we can see that they’re
not talking about a sweet delicacy from the kitchen cultural insensitivities
there is actually a very sneaky slide joke made about Chinese culture in the
episode words of wisdom in this episode a Chinese trap ends up getting both
Dexter and Dee Dee stuck together in an effort to separate themselves they go to
Chinatown there they come across an elderly Chinese businessmen whose
character is a bit of a misrepresentation of how we should
portray the Chinese he’s shown to be very stereotypical a fast-talking
businessman who is hell-bent on selling devices to them you kids special $20 he
manages to get them to do various chores on his behalf yet while didi is doing
them she mimics a ninja okay you must complete three tasks and also anyone
remember that freak incident that happened to dexter when one of his
experiments got loose and made its way to South America
he named his experiment Charlie when it was in fact a reference to chupacabra a
mythical beast featured a Native American folklore which had an affinity
for sucking the blood of livestock in an effort to go capture it Dexter solicits
the assistance of didi and the two make their journey to South America in a
vehicle fashioned after a sombrero some might say that’s a little stereotypical
and a little too on-the-nose and the truth is both of these things would
probably not fly on Cartoon Network today but what do you guys think did we
miss any hidden jokes from Dexter’s Laboratory let us know in the comments
section below anyway don’t forget to like this video subscribe and hit that
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47 thoughts on “Dexter’s Laboratory Jokes You Definitely Missed

  1. Did you realize how many dirty jokes were hidden in Dexter's Lab? What other cartoons had a lot of jokes that went over your head as a kid?

  2. To be honest all children when watching these cartoons miss the adult jokes until they become old enough to understand it later on.

  3. I Remembered Dexter Laboratory she was a stripper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. I think the "offensive" things are just over thought by people being too sensitive. I mean the Chinese businessman is actually voiced by the well known Chinese actor James Hong and the flying sombrero is just tongue in cheek comedy. I mean how boring and unfunny would it have been if he used a rocket or flying saucer?

  5. Your videos deserve SO much more love! They are greatly edited & I always enjoy seeing a new upload. ❀ Thank you.

  6. 'Labels' is my favourite episode, the best part was when Dexter drank an entire jug of apple juice and Dee Dee labelled the toilet.

  7. β€œ20,000 for a β€œCandi?” β€œ

    β€œthat’s Candi with an I by the way”

    If you know the reference then I love you

  8. How about the episode where Koos Deedees imaginary friend hangs out with Dexter an later on in the episode Koos tries to make Dexter eat some kind of burrito that he calls pepe wrap or how ever he pronounced it when Dexter didnt want to eat it then Koos tickles Dexter under his chin Dexter laughs an gets the burrito shoved down his throat. Now go back to the part where hes trying to make Dexter eat the burrito but keep your eyes close an prepare to hear what your eye cant see an be traumatized. Here is a to video to show you what I'm talking about your welcome.

  9. In the episode momdark Mandark replaces Dexter's mom, Dexter's dad tries to woo Mandark but Mandark says that he has a headache and Dexter's dad said that's what you always say… Hinting that Dexters mom and dad's sex life is bad

  10. On the second episode the sub coach says whats this crap to dexter when he give him the gym excuse so i heard it and i was like that cant be right so i put on subtitles and yes he said crap
    And this is for kids right

  11. I was able to follow the "fifty bucks extra" joke.

    But I never understood what happened with Dex, after Candy said "what does this button do?"

  12. You forgot when Dexter computer made him cum with the sexy voice EP. The one when he was trying out a new voice chip on computer to find the right voice

  13. Awesome vid man, Dexter is my favorite cartoon show of all time. Perhaps do one on my second favorite, Invader Zim

  14. After watching this vid I feel like my grandparents now. You know how we say that older shows tend to be more and more overtly racist. Black people and other minorities only had supporting roles or worse yet only SERVANT Roles. I love TMC but for the love of God, give me a black actor whos not a butler.
    Paw paw, that show was racist. Lol
    I was a kid watching dexter, I loved it. I'm dont consider myself racist, just like a few racey jokes here and there. I feel like jews and asians get the best ones. Smart, rich, business owners, knows martial arts, funny. Kids these days live in a world that's too "woke" and sensitive. Im a 90s kid btw.

  15. I will get all the booties I like them so booty I want to smell your booty and like their booties do booty good I will look for booty to

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