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Diagnose & Repair a Cracked Cylinder Head : Cracked Cylinder Diagnosis: Finding the Cracks

DOUG JENKINS: Hi. I’m Doug. I work with 20
great guys in St. Louis at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods, and we’re going to do some work
for you today on Expert Village. The head is loose so he’s going to pull it off and
it’s going to make a big puddle on the floor. So doing what he can, move the coolant pan
over to try to trap as much of it as possible so we don’t have to–get too much with the
mop bucket. Now you can see there’s coolant everywhere. DAN: And there shouldn’t be any.
DOUG JENKINS: What a mess? There should be no coolant. No. At this point, you should
see a little bit of coolant in some of these holes, but you shouldn’t see it in the cylinders
like that. And you can see that the cylinder that we suspect is the problem. And the first
thing I noticed here, these three are black. This one is all clean. The water makes it
so that you’re not getting the right combustion there and you’re not going to end up with
the carbon deposits. And, Dan, what do you think? Most likely the water in these other
holes is just spilling over when you pulled the head loose? DAN: Yeah, that was just from
taking it and so it pooled. DOUG JENKINS: Yeah. And I see a big crack. You can see there’s
a crack right here along my finger. And I think if we rotate it along, you get the piston
down further then maybe we will see more.

69 thoughts on “Diagnose & Repair a Cracked Cylinder Head : Cracked Cylinder Diagnosis: Finding the Cracks

  1. uhh
    you got that straight backwards my friend
    pink stuff is shitty
    all GM vehicles come with Dex cool because Dex cool is a GM product
    and everyone i know with a GM runs Green coolent

  2. Looks like that engine is gettin' pulled out of the car and is gettin' a slight overbore on the Rottler machine…

  3. gonna take a little more than an overbore to fix that… a sleeve might do the trick… but only in a numbers matching resto…otherwise I'd rather replace the block…

  4. ive taken plenty of engines apart and when i pull the heads on a in frame i always get water/coolant in the pistons/cylinders.

  5. How to diagnose? LOL pulling out the head completely and seeing coolant on the pistons? That's pretty obvious unless your car was COOLANTPOWERED.

  6. Well this calls for cylinder sleeves which might make it stronger or not. But this option will require new rings and pistons.

    Or replace the engine block.


  7. Lowering the head give you more response but the increased pressure always there this will happen soon or later. I don't understand having a car like that takes all your money but drives like cheat that takes about what 6 seconds in the best chance instead of 3 to 4sec.,that you can never be challenged to run and make some cash and make your girl embaraced !! well but I think that is the spirit of the american muscle anyway, on the beach having some beers!!! \\nuevo M5 gobierna el mundo!!!

  8. @comelunch103 all toyota motors are aluminum. once you over heat one your done. how is that great engineering? its a light pos that cost less to make. And yea toyota engineering great company kill families with the death pedal. yea thats how you win over new customers. my great ass american motor is cast iron. beat the fuck out of it and it still keeps on going. viva toyota?? what a fag

  9. @comelunch103 dude, fuck you.

    america is the ultimate home for cars, your pos jap crap is just a copy of everything.

  10. @1972FordF150 Right, so don't buy a Ranger, an Escape, or an Edge, because they are a B2500, a Tribute, and a CX-9. 😛 Ford uses Mazda's cars as their own.

  11. @AKIman522 I think I'll keep to my old Ford's. Not that 1990's crap and newer. The early 80's stuff and older I'll stick with lol

  12. @MrButterneo It's the same as any other Variable Valve Timing system. It's not magic, dude, it's old technology that Honda lovers like to think causes pink and blue flames to come out of their 6 inch exhaust tips. Sorry, 6 inch TIP, not tips. VVT has been around since WW2, look it up.

  13. @MrButterneo Most V8s have VVT now. You can put VVT in ANY OHC engine, and in some cases even an OHV engine. I4, I6, V6, V8, V10, V12, it doesnt matter, not just a shitbox economy car. Do you even know what I'm talking about?? ANY clue at all? V-tec is just another name for VVT, Honda doesn't have anything special with V-tec.

  14. @1972FordF150 Well, I'm driving a 91 Chevy truck, and it outlasts just about every make and model of new shit, so I agree. 20 years and no problems except a new alternator deserves applause. I see all kinds of new cars break down every day.

  15. @AKIman522 Those are nice trucks. The 90's Chevy trucks are good. it amazes me how much new stuff breaks down and the old stuff rarely ever breaks down.

  16. @1972FordF150 I worked on a 85 ford with a 302 just the other day that had been sitting for 5 years, all i did was put carb cleaner in it, then it gave a huge belch of flame at my face and started. lol

  17. @AKIman522 yeahh, all that displacement with torque and shit, but in the end of the day still got raped by an inline 4 ' shitbox economy cay ' as you say, lol, honda have nothing special with vtec ? honda produced the highest amount of power per litre from a small n/a 1.6 inline 4 which is the B16A untill today ! nothing special huh ? lol

  18. @MrButterneo In the end, no matter how fast your honda is, people with real cars will laugh at the way you look, the way you sound, the way you act, and the way you look around like "did you see that??? I just beat a v6 mustang!!!" A honda looks like a dog dragging its ass on the carpet, and sounds like my grandpa with bad gas. FWD will ALWAYS understeer into a tree when a RWD car simply oversteers and drifts. Even the NSX was the shittiest supercar ever made. The s2000 is ok. that's it.

  19. @joeymdorsey52185 Not if you want torque, there isn't. Gotta have cubes. Horsepower sells cars, but torque win the races.

  20. its not clean due to the wrong compression its clean because every time that cylinder fires it make super heated air and the coolant turns to steam thus steam cleaning

  21. This happened to my E39 BMW M5 3 years ago while doing 140mph. Engine overheated and pissed coolant into the cylinders, nearly wrecked the whole engine.

  22. It aapears to be a late model thinwall casting, judging by the OEM roller stamped steel tappet guide. Don't bother sleeving that block. Either get a Dart block or shop around for an early block part no. C9OE-6015-B(8). The bearing saddles are fully cast (machined surface from the oil pan rail to the registers for the main caps) and there is metal for four bolt mains for caps 2,3 and 4. The only problem is that there is no casting extension for the air pump on the right side, one must be fabbed.

  23. WHat a shitty fucking engine. dont make em like they used to, everything cheap and shit now, just like people…. Pathetic.

  24. Hi Doug, nice to know you work with 20 great guys!! Now remind me again, how the F#CK does this have anything to do with diagnosing a cracked cylinder head.  If you make a video with that title, it should be just that.   You need to be competent and not ask your partners questions.  I recommend oldskoolfunk, his videos are long and detailed, and he seems to know what he's doing.

  25. Diagnose & Repair a Cracked Cylinder Head? well how did you diagnose it and how did you repair it? All you did was point to the crack……..Bloody hell a 12 year old girl could have done that!

  26. Cracked block = dead engine. Time for a re-manufactured engine, or take your chances with a used block from another engine, but as Dr. McCoy would say: "It's Dead Jim!"

  27. Did NOT see a REPAIR! Youtube should crack down on people aka jackasses that out and out lie in their titles………………That is worse than CLICKBAIT!

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