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Diamond Platnumz Live in Uganda To Perform At Comedy Store

/ – time employees on television on the east of Africa I don't here for you that's all I can say and I can say I'm ready because I believe I was born ready so just like she loved green Tigers tomorrow because you won't be able to tell because so buzzing it doesn't see me to programming to serve again the gang / that's all anything and I'm here ball team I make sure that's right thank you first informal first and foremost my name is Naruto I represent India 6 media services we have so many media outlets in their area televisions and even television 106.1 next radios along TV an aisle cause it's a big company basically one of the biggest in gender supply so I work on an entertainment entertainment sure Oh is everything I do radio and TV is entertainment and in Uganda my show is one of those questions because it includes entertainment another fact right yeah yeah alright if the diamond is pregnant almost like to say congratulations to you for your international that is lovely and for your baby on the way my husband is how does it feel being in like Anthony you cannot eat them all of Africa we come beautiful ladies today you know today know things like then we move in here yeah my second question is you made Africa's – Africa's coolest Africa's sweeted Africa's most said later Ernest yeah how does it feel working with all the so much added a lot of the world I'm talking about Ricky rose I'm talking about how humans are these artists have been working with a Morgan heritage tell us about your experience share it with us and of what we want you for your experience to try and follow the entertainment industry of Uganda rated great our industry how you find it exceeds the musicians that you know and how are we doing out there how you get musicians doing out there my other question is you can hear and apparently some of the team members are totally way to tour the PAL of Africa and one of the places that you're going to be going to is ginger why ginger yes what is it sir what am I going to teacher my last question is what should we expect horror listening performing in Tanzania everywhere everywhere yeah what should we expect one with special I am angry to be known by showing us more what should we expect thank you very much the Dhamma questions whose equation that I'm trying to color them first of all I can't say of the drought honestly I'm thinking go ahead my funds for the opportunity that I have and I believe all the men are because he said that's opportunity to like to show the world what they get from the monsters I can say are from that like when it comes to my music when it comes to my career whatever do I'm trying to represent or East Africa that's all they do like whatever to whatever go I'm trying I'm trying to put or East Africa visiting artists in a while teaching on the West Africans not only a really good soul as a kid from South Africa I'm trying to make sure that we are doing good and I'm officially supported there from different areas East Africa West but everywhere saluting them but it comes to rinse you got an easy way it's the best music there are trust me and is busy so much like me I respect as a comedian so much you either swim can be convention East Africa is your mission without mentioning like you say meeting like Christopher Hitchens so I can't saw respect a person so much now one day you could have a something oh sorry one of my news a fourth kid by selecting so I can say because everything comes from that Lea wishes are both ones everything so now I'm having them cheap and up only for their kid because it's a light moment that's all I can say and we're talking about her mother sassy the same way I can have another girl yeah I don't think I don't want to bring another problem the experience but it's the best experience I don't wanna lie to you because I believe all the musicians one of the dreams is through different artists from different and special those artists fool with Washington listen to their music seems to be really key so when you get opportunity to work with them but it's a nice to make a statement and when it comes to myself when I get those little traces I'm trying my level best to make sure that I don't make myself be cut down I don't think my heart be cut down I've tried that with us so I think we should expect more palabra this year yeah I think because in our last year I was I wasn't working I wasn't doing any music thing else I was I was focusing on my media because I have winter station-to-station can say it's number one now it's a radio and he's doing very good yes but why are you killing myself last year media because there's every stations if there's no media there's no entertainment if there's no Megan and I believe their huge contribution when it comes to my career and my personal level so say like if I'm gonna have a radio station TV station there's a lot of I mean presenters who maybe don't have opportunity like to show their talents and say like if I'm gonna have tau then I can create another opportunity to live are two other presenters they never know I'm having fun really wanna be promoting but if our only last busy in the rest case in Africa so this year is we are doing an easy thing because they don't know my videos to be very firm so I'm cool and have started my project and we should expect a lot trust me even here yeah like how does she say like I love the best things and right you know if we're going that I believe that my all Easton the continent so ever so I have to make sure whoever I mean go through whatever Oh see where I am she only has to see the nesting so through me we can promote our challenge a promoter he Santana so these are the things we supposed to talk more so that people can come when it was what people to come excel finger so they can bring money there was a month of game

30 thoughts on “Diamond Platnumz Live in Uganda To Perform At Comedy Store

  1. All that hypocrisy.One can't even think that he is the same guy who made disrespectful comments about our country after Uganda vs Tanzania afcon qualifier match.I really don't like that guy.

  2. Primitive indeed w"hy would you run with a camera ?just because ur filming a Diamond .In USA we dont even run behind the arcade of the president neither we dont care look at u running 4 diamond. Yes he came for the show ,but why all convoy and 10000 cameras

  3. Diamond, you fucked with the wrong one…Zari has ended your career, a year a go he was sharing stages with the rick ross's and now with comedy hostπŸ˜†πŸ˜†shit will even be harder after his pregnant pornstar gives birth…and id shoot that stupid bitch askin dumb questions….

  4. Karibu saana Diamond ,Alex we appreciate bringing us this Humble young talent, cant wait to see hes performance.

  5. I'm i seeing well or?, is that one Wema's future husband in black next to Zahra, I mean the one who linked the kissing tape on media, kineke πŸ€”πŸ€”, what does he looking for there? or his also team Domo πŸ˜‹

  6. People from Uganda know that English is the last optional language in Tanzania please. Go slow on the lion

  7. Alex muhangi banange nze wasobela kati eddie Kenzo tewamutuweleza nga ali ne B2c nga bayimba gutujja 😐😐😐😐😐😐

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