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"Did You Know That Your Fiancée Just Swallowed a Bunch of Crack?" (Part II)

[Laughter] [Applause] buying it up here sir if you want to go back there [Applause] [Applause] not entirely sure I just showed up but he keeps playing with his leg [Applause] Wow you can leave your wallet art you can just leave your wallet in there that's fine you're not gonna need work dancer [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] gonna be your wife okay who's who scores is here live in Kentucky live in okay was a boy [Applause] interesting hey those emotional Rock have an archivist k9 canine strain detect the others on marijuana methamphetamine hair it's going to sniff the air around the outside of your vehicle it becomes into any of that trained odor go indicate on the car as far as you know the dog won't indicate alright okay sir I'm gonna Pat you down what do you got any do you carry a pocket knife or anything like that I don't okay just turn her out quick I'm just gonna Pat you down then okay [Applause] the war Oh sorry I understand soap right back over there for my appreciated thank you [Applause] chivalry here you what she said [Applause] of course she did dear upon her doing that [Applause] she going to jail well she's gonna go to the hospital who she said she just swallowed a bunch of crack cocaine she said so again is there anything in the car that you want to tell us about she did did you know that your fiance the future wife uses crack cocaine sometimes you use protein as well [Applause] where'd you meet her [Applause] [Applause] about a year [Applause] you guys live together we can wear out in Covington [Applause] what is your address how long your shitter they're smoking the the names for minutes I don't smoke and I don't think this also does either sir did you know she had some 15 motor anything right by syringe the back we'd like a lot a lot of things we can just cite for but we only work with honesty [Applause] so this there's nothing to go and then she said I just bought it back correctly [Applause] well she's about to be your fiancee I mean she is it was kind of your business too isn't it what's yours is hers and what's hers is hers yeah [Applause] hey sir you want some gloves [Applause] force of habit [Applause] you have a driver's license sir [Applause] well these officers took it one of these officers do it okay so you do what this practice paper over here in the door belong to right where you were sitting well unfortunately sir it's right exactly where you were sitting when the dog indicated on it it's also your car I think it's due for this stuff yeah well you know service is kind of crazy but I'm just gonna be go ahead and turn around put your hands behind your back for right now okay a lot going on in this car that you don't the driver of my car my future wife is swallowing a bag of crack cocaine or if there's a crack pipe in the door right next to me these are all things that I try and know about it hey fuck the units here have another in custody all right yes sir I'm gonna walk you down to his car okay now I gotta ask you you're gonna get fully searched is there anything on you that can cut stick Cokely anything I need to know about right now okay is there any is there any syringes in the car because typically when we see here when we see syringes are there some syringes in the car you don't know that if hypothetically there was this wrench in the car where my defeat oh you don't know okay well then that's a good place to start we'll start there no faster going spread your legs for me okay keep them as wide as you can [Applause] ever been arrested before well it's got a situation way down like what kind of situation is that [Applause] [Applause] the prescription just that they took your bills that you ever prescription and I told my in the description okay [Applause] okay but other than that situation down by Tennessee have you ever been arrested for any sort of drug offense [Applause] I don't we you see how it's confusing for us how it's confusing for us that the driver of your car your future wife is you refer to her as a bag of crack crack cocaine or a bag of cocaine she's swallowing there's a crack pipe that you love thank you are you Daniel yeah you in the door next to you is a crack pipe and then some heroin kind of this here yeah that's ponder girl [Applause] [Applause] Maria by the phone which corner is what a corner cracker all you would see mr. Piper there's nowhere in Covington that sells phones he's good you wanted to buy one there okay it's going up here to this gentleman's car okay [Applause] hey Clarkson you got a set of cuffs on you yeah order switch them out right now Thanks Mercer [Applause] so your daughter there see anything [Applause] did she have any drugs on her which is what all your Washington did use the chimney drugs on her you didn't know she did it or you [Applause] right sir come on this way and I rested as a right now yes sir Oh sir let me just read you something real quick okay before we ask any questions you must understand your rights you have the right to remain silent any piece say can be used against you yeah the right to talk boys vote before we ask any questions and have him or with you during questioning cannot afford a lawyer won't be a point for you before any questioning if you wish decided to push this down without a lawyer present you'll still try stopping anytime you also have the right stuff in store anytime attorneys helps your lawyer you understand he's right [Applause] right again please sir well sure [Applause] [Applause] yeah get your legs in there [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

43 thoughts on “"Did You Know That Your Fiancée Just Swallowed a Bunch of Crack?" (Part II)

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this man. His story started out with the female being his girlfriend and she says no, they are only friends. Then he says she is his fiancé to being married 😳

  2. Here we see Hugh Hefner, Jr. Rockin his swanky coat and sporty shirt… Just like Hugh, picked the wrong bimbo.

    Lords!! Kinda feel bad for Gramps.

  3. There apparently alot going on this car an I would typically know if my future wifes swallowed crack right next to me lol 😂

  4. I don't answer questions… the police are intentionally asking him questions to try and trip him, they are trained to do that.. I don't answer questions.. eliminates that

  5. Don't think because he is a somewhat nice looking old man that he doesn't smoke crack and is innocent. Anyone can be into crack.

  6. Back on McMicken St. Love my city although I know many in this viewing demographic have fear and contempt for it.

  7. I feel like the guy could very well be innocent but there is a good chance mr rich is the drug boss. It's almost too good..

  8. I believe the man. Some older men be with women who do drugs but they ain’t focused on the drug use more focused on the arm candy. And of course shes using him. But no i dont see it that he do crack or heroin.

  9. Congrats. I’m very pro-police, and this is the first vid where I feel sorry for the “ bad guy”. These cops were a little too pushy and presumptive. No smoking?. Really? He wasn’t even detained at that point. I hope the charges were dismissed. Don’t forget, I back the blue…but not in this case.

  10. Am I the only one who wonders why such highly trained K9s are such barkers? I’ve trained my Australian Shepherd to stop barking in some situations. Of course, I have not taught him to “non nom” or sniff for drugs.

  11. LMAO, there is a friggin' LAPBAR in the cop car, I wonder if their cop cars are maintained by KIngs Island!!! With that lapbar it's gonna be one hell of a ride to jail!!!

  12. If she really swallowed a bag of crack cocaine she needs to get to the emergency room ASAP. End the war on drugs and stop busting people for dumb stuff and go after real crimes

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  14. but but but whites aren''t criminals….you snow chimps are disgusting…I can't wait for your race to be extinguished from this planet…chop the head of white babies and only white babies

  15. He can smoke a fukking cig if he wants to! Snotty high n mighty cops just cuz THEY, are perfect, don't smoke, tell him he can't smoke while he's nervous and waiting out in the cold rain. He's an older guy too. They don't have to be dikks. This is why ppl hate cops. Oh and the shooting young black unarmed kids too. Public street, outdoors. Smoking is LEGAL. Leave this old guy alone. Sad to see older addicts, but most don't make it to his age, so take it easy , guy! Cops, go catch some bigger, actually dangerous fish.

  16. If theres a crackpipe and heroin in the door handle how does the drug dog walk past it 15 times and not alert?

  17. Wait, they asked him all these questions then 15 minutes later they read him his rights? Hmmmmm. Talk about leading on self incrimination!

  18. I dunno, I kinda believe him. In the first video, she was driving because he claims he's diabetic. If that's true, she may have been first in the passenger seat, where she could have stashed the drugs/pipe in the door before getting behind the wheel.

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