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Difference Between Cold Pour & Hot Pour Crack Filler | Asphalt Kingdom

♪ [music] ♪ Hello, Judd Burdon here from I want to talk to you today about a question that commonly comes
through social media channels to us or through Google or through
YouTube or through our website, and this question is really a good
question. “What are the differences between cold pour and hot
pour crack filler?” Great questions. Cold pour generally comes in a one-gallon
bottle or a five-gallon pail in a liquid cold form that you need to apply by
hand. You’d use a U-shaped or a V-shaped squeegee to go over the top of the
crack and smoothen it out so it looks aesthetically smooth. Now,
hot pour is totally different. Hot pour are actually rubber cubes of
crack filler that are melted down in a crack filling machine or a crack
repair machine. So it melts down in it, and then you could pour it into
a pour pot and apply that by hand, or you could buy an all-inclusive
machine, which is called a hot pour melter applicator. It’s actually a
two-in-one. It melts down the crack filler like a kettle would,
and then it also applies it in a pushing-type style like a lawnmower or
shopping cart. Now, cold pour crack filler are usually acrylic water-based products,
cold pour. Hot pour are rubber-based, and there is bituminous materials that
are added to it to give its tackiness, so that it can truly stick and bond
to the side walls of the cracks. So, cold pour and hot pour.
Cold pour is generally used in the residential market, whereas the hot pour
is used in residential by professionals and also for parking lots,
roadways, racetracks, and so on. Cold pour is generally used by the
homeowner wanting to fill a crack here and there. If you are a
sealcoating professional looking for a professional-grade crack sealants
or crack filler, we definitely have that at We
even have calculators to allow you to measure out the amount of product
that you’d need for your job sites. Hope this has helped. Remember,
share this video, comment down below, and we’d love to answer any
unanswered questions that you have. ♪ [music] ♪

3 thoughts on “Difference Between Cold Pour & Hot Pour Crack Filler | Asphalt Kingdom

  1. On the hot pour, how badly will it bleed through and leave that visible line after sealing? I see in a lot of parking lots the hot pour lines, is that just from the filling the cracks and not sealing it?

  2. I can get straight tar from the asphalt plant, can I use it straight or should I mix some Rubberized filler in with it.
    Either way I will most likely sprinkle some sand over the top while it cures.

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