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Directions (Short Comedy Sketch)

(phone ringing) – Yello? – I just got off the train. – Hello? Who’s there? – It’s me. I’m at the station. – Cool. – Where are you? – Home. You? – We agreed to meet at the station. – Something came up. – I was gonna pick up the suit then catch the 12:40 train back to London Waterloo East. – Don’t worry. You’ll still make it. Just come to my place. – Fine. – So, where is it? – Walk down the main road for a bit, then up that street that goes to the left-ish, it’s where the buses always go. Turn at the roundabout. And you’ll soon be at my place. – Which one is the main road? I’m on the corner of Brickley Street and Leahurst Road. The Southwest corner. – Yeah, down the main road. It’s the one with the kebab shops on it. – Okay, down Brickley Street. Which direction? – Away from the station. – So I come out of the station, through the main exit, and one of the ticket offices, so I come onto the main road. Do I turn left or right? – Let me think. – Do I turn towards the kebab center or the city grill? – Yes, the one with the red sign. So walk for about five minutes, turn left-ish at the new house they built last year, the one with the big round thingies on it. – What? – And call me once you’re past the roundabout. – Hello? (phone ringing) – Yello? – Just tell me the post code. I already missed the 12:40 train. – It’s SE6 7PP. – Thanks. I’ll see you in…eight minutes. – (automated voice) Please walk to the Southwest corner of Brickley Street and Leahurst Road. Now walk down the main road for a bit then up that street that goes kind of left-ish. It’s where the buses always go. Take a turn at the roundabout, and you’ll soon be at your destination.

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  1. So tipycal!!! These people should be forced back to school and be tought by your videos untill they learn to think with another's head!

  2. [email protected] BITCH! (Walk straight to the 5th crossing, take the 3rd road (clockwise), walk to the 2nd crossing, take the 1st road, walk to the fourth crossing, take the 5th road [it’s a roundabout], and it’s house number 15!)

  3. This is what happens in london where my phone points me round in circles for half an hour for meetups. That's how I get much of my involuntary exercise.

  4. When you ask people at a business how to get to where they are, they always tell you how they get to work….

  5. TFW he's referring to the "Abbit" junction on the Main Rd. where "Thaet st." crosses, which changes into the "Keindoff-Leftische st." at the local bus depot, "Olewaysgle".

  6. I can pretty well smell the oaf in the house, from here. Maybe the pedestrian should have followed the stench of unwashed underpants.
    Moral of the story: Stay away from losers, and certainly don't have them as your friends. They will drag you under.

  7. That's why I say, never take directions from a local. You're better off with someone that is relatively new to the city. Once you're lived in a place too long (myself included) you stop remembering vital information like signs and street names and your brain converts to landmarks noone else seriously considers.

  8. I learned to navigate while campaigning for a political candidate. We were using these hybrid cars, which were really sports cars masquerading as suburbans, to drive block-walkers around to different areas to drop of campaign literature. I wasn't too keen on folding myself into the back row of the car, so I volunteered, as the only person from the city we were working in from our car, to be the navigator. Thus I was awarded 'shotgun' automatically, and avoided the dreaded back seat. As a result, I can get pretty well anywhere with the vaguest directions!

  9. You didn't get a laugh-out-loud from me, but you did elicit a hearty chuckle. The ending caught me completely by surprise.
    Good job!

  10. Worst directions I was ever given? Turn left where that big tree used to be, near the dirt road. (I was getting directions in East Texas Hill Country to a ranch – There were dirt roads everywhere!)
    Second worst directions? I knew a guy who gave directions based on local restaurants he liked – Turn right at the Bob Evans, then go until you see the second McDonalds. The street is on the other side near a little donut shop.

  11. These are the EXACT same directions that you will get if you visit the eastern side of Texas or the western edge of Louisiana. Not joking, serious as a heart attack, really really. Oh, also be prepared to hear a lot of," you ain't from 'round here are ya." And my personal favorite, "you shure got a purdy mouth."

  12. Typed out the link at the end of the video, website seems to be dead.

    Looks like it was a "url-longener" service, to oppose stuff like and

  13. Hey im a film maker and I just want to see if im allowed to use this idea and make my own version of this film?

  14. I've had people try to give directions like this & it's ridiculous so I don't listen..
    Dunnno if it's funny but certainly annoying!
    Nice little video though..

  15. It's when locals say it's the roundabout before the turnoff to… that really gets me. How do you know it's the one before until you go right past it and have to double back on yourself.

  16. As a teenager, I worked harvesting crops. I had to ask for directions to a farm – “go to the end of the road, turn right, and you’ll know his place when the grass looks better”.

    What’s worse is that I tried to look for ‘better’ grass.

  17. I got to 1:04 and thought "Hang-on, that looks familiar…" Nailed it! 😀

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  19. Yep, happened to me more than I'd like to. And I was driving at the time. The other person alwasy think like our mind telephatically linked together or something.

  20. That is exactly the directions I always get. Talking to my son who is playing online games is like talking to the roommate.

  21. That guy is an amateur on evil directions. In Saint Louis, we normally give directions like

    "Head west down Watson to the road just before where Red Bird Lanes used to be and turn right, go up to where the gas station was and turn left, you can't miss it."

    Near as I can figure, we don't like outsiders around here, so we give directions based on where things used to be.

  22. Once, when I was in a petrol station, showing someone how to fill up (yes, some inexperienced people genuinely find this helpful) and was slightly taken aback when somone pulled in and asked me for directions.

    Now, I know the area like the back of my hand and immediately thought of the quickest way there, however I cannot explain why, but I dismissed the simple route and told the guy to turn around, go waaaay down the road, right at the second roundabout, left at the 2nd exit, left at the roundabout, straight ahead at the next, right at the lights and then he couldn't miss it.

    Basically, I told this poor bloke to go round 4 sides of a pentangle! He must have thought that I was taking the piss.

    The route I foolishly dismissed was, "take the next left, at the end of the road turn left, and it'll be on the left after about 700 metres."

    If he ever reads this comment, please believe me, I am sorry and I was not taking the piss, I was just a bit flustered as I wanted to keep an eye on my pupil (I've had them spill petrol before, when I've taken my attention off them for a few seconds, never underestimate people's stupidity).

  23. To find my house just leave your house and take the highway. Make a left or right don't matter and keep on that road. I live in a city in that state.

  24. I used to live in the rural countryside of the U.S. You often heard directions such as, "Go to where the old church used to be, turn right. Then just past where farmer Bob's cow was struck by lightning make a left. " My grandmother called the highway the "hard road." She once told me to "go out yonder and do that thing." So I went to my brothers house and built a really nice set of horseshoe pits.

  25. Legit directions given to me in the hills of TN while navigating the back roads:

    "Go up to where the red barn USED TO BE and turn off right. Then go just past the the old Maples' place and take the 2nd left. You gonna think you went too far, but just keep goin' until you get to the house with all the shit in the yard and hang a left. Just before you get to the pothole, turn right again. keep on goin' a bit and you run into the big road again."

    The strange thing, was…. even though I had never been there before, the directions were 100% accurate and completely idiot proof once we decided to trust them. got us right where we needed to be without a single mistake….

  26. Is it english manner? I think it is asshole manner. As if he does'nt want to see the person.

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