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Dirty Grandpa Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Zac Efron, Robert De Niro Comedy HD

I don’t understand why you
have to drive down to Florida. You just had the funeral. Your grandmother and I were
there at this time every year. It just seems like we’re cutting it a little close with the rehearsal brunch on Friday. I’m just freaking out. I know. Can you take my car, Sweetie? I need the SUV for the wine. Now let’s get in that giant labia
you drove up in and get out of here. Hey! We’re heading to Daytona. So you guys want to tag along for a bit, maybe? Party some babies into us? Holy! We’re not going to Daytona. Bah! Are you kidding me right now? Grandma’s funeral was yesterday! She told me on her deathbed, “You get back out there again.” Hey, Grandpa! Did he just call you Grandpa? What the! Want to be a lamb and get that for me? You ever go on Spring Break? No. Hey, you know, one in three of these girls as herpes even if you can’t see it. Whoops. That never usually happens. Really? Happens to me all the time. Daytona Beach! You’re in Daytona Beach? We’re just driving through. Jason! She’s not right for you. If you marry her, you’re going to be
sleepwalking through the rest of your life. The way I see it, this is our last stand. Party til you’re pregnant! Everybody on the floor! This is crack. I just smoked crack? Yeah. But just like, a lot. I just smoked crack! I want you to know how much I
appreciate you doing this for me. Did you just get naked? That’s the best way to sleep. Oh my god! I want you to tear open my bra
like it’s a Social Security check. Now fumble around, pretend like
you’re trying to find your glasses. I found them. I can see! The greatest gift a grandson can give his grandfather is a hot college girl that wants to have
unprotected sex with him before he dies. Most grandpas just want toffee or socks.

100 thoughts on “Dirty Grandpa Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Zac Efron, Robert De Niro Comedy HD

  1. This Movie did exactly what I expected it to do entertain me and give me a few laughs nothing more nothing less

  2. You guys need to stfu about this movie. What did you expect from the title? It's funny and there are many movies likes this. It's called a comedy people! Why come here if you're just gonna trash talk?

  3. Robert why buddy? U a legend in these Hollywood streets!!!
    I am still gonna see it though
    Just because of him and it's free on Netflix

  4. The last good movie I ever saw him in was CAPE FEAR, sadly from then on nothing compared , well maybe Heat, but his demonic portrayal as MAX CADY was my favorite Deniro role next to Travis Bickle

  5. This movie is absolutely awful! I felt embarrassed for Robert de Niro, he must be completely out of his mind!!! What made a movie legend like him take part in this mess???

  6. some opinions on films like this? i mean some ideas i loved this fim and want to see more of this high school students, drugs,sex commedies? thx for advice

  7. Why hasn't De Niro retired? He's ruining his reputation. Just like The Bourne trilogy is masterpiece. It doesn't need a sequal.

  8. Zac Efron's character gets punished throughout this film for being the only decent human being. This will be supports a horrible message that you need to be a douchebag to get respect.

  9. Uhh what the HELL jack efron uuuuuuuuu idiot u such a fudging bad goooooose why the gratest show man and grandpa too old and can u get a knife and kill ur self😄😠😭😖

  10. De Niro started out in comedies, so maybe he's just returning to his roots. Maybe all that serious Actor routine was never really him.

    But I've always found De Niro oddly funny. Even parts of Taxi Driver made me laugh, in a sick kind of way.

  11. Dirty grandpa 2 please… if they can make those terrible sharknado movies… this film can get a franchise.. based off it.

  12. I may have arrived late but…..Lol all you sad idiots moaning saying this can kill De Niro's career and is a bad path…..Get off your damn pedestal and stfu moaning how this film is pathetic and disgusting.
    NEW FLASH…..most of the audience loved this film, who cares about critics, its the audience where the money comes from and it was a hit with it, the film did pretty well and earned its money.
    Here is a quote from wiki – "received scathing reviews from critics, but succeeded in the box office, grossing over $105 million worldwide."
    Morale of the story is – Just because YOU don't like something or don't agree with it……it doesn't mean it's bad.

  13. why do we always see dirty old men with young, beautiful women but never the other way around?

    this trailer is just gross

  14. Watch from 1:33 to 1:39 it looks like De Niro REALLY liked her boobs and the girl looked REALLY thirsty for him if you know what I mean

  15. I can't believe it's been a year since zac liked my tweet about watching the greatest showman this looks so funny.

  16. From watching Robert De Niro on the Intern, its clear the guy's got mad acting skills. # very different roles.

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