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9 thoughts on “Dishonored 2 | Mission 7 | A Crack in the Slab | All Runes | All Bonecharms

  1. I collected all these bone charms but the game says I missed one.
    Is there a way to create a new bone charm in the present by altering the past?

  2. The codes to the safes are random. To help everyone, if your code isn't in the video, please could you post it in the comments, or reply to this comment with it. This will ensure everyone has a possibility of having their code.

  3. If you knock out Silton before the ritual, you will change the past and there will be 1 more rune and 4 more bone charm in the present time

  4. Hilarious thing, I got the Flooded Basement achievement without ever draining it. I just sort of floundered around until I grabbed the ledge the rune was on. 😛

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