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DIY LAZY CLEANING HACKS || Cool Funny Cleaning Tricks by 123 GO!

Yep, you guessed it, it’s cleaning day. And if you’re anything like most people, you’ll do just about anything to avoid it. But what if there were easier ways to get around these tedious, disgusting chores? Because let’s face it. When it comes to cleaning, let’s not and say we did… Well, this is what you get for waiting three weeks to do your laundry, Vicky. Alright, better start folding. Geez, Vick! It took you that long to fold one shirt? At this rate, you’ll be folding clothes til Christmas! Yes, my new shoes finally came! Woah, nice catch! Hey, wait a minute… Ever try using a box to fold your clothes? Place a t-shirt on a flattened out box facing up. Fold the sides inward. Next flip up the bottom. Don’t forget the top! Now that was easy, wasn’t it? This little cheat can cut folding time in half! Look at that thing go! Aaaand done! Oh yeah, I forgot I put in a second load. Looks like Sophia’s doing laundry today too! Hey, I can’t see what I’m doin’ here… Oops! Oh no! The soap! Ugh, how are you going to clean all that up? These paper towels will have to do. Um, are you sure you can flush those, Sophia? Oh boy, it’s ready to blow! Quick, think! How can I clean that all up? When your toilet is having a moment, try covering it completely with plastic wrap. Really layer it on, there. When you flush the toilet, Push down on the plastic wrap, creating a suction effect. After a minute, go ahead and take that stuff off. Yes! It worked! Ooh, I wouldn’t put that on your face if I were you, Amy. When’s the last time you cleaned that thing? Amy, what the heck? Huh? Ooh, my bad… That gives me an idea… Add a little soap to your makeup sponge soaking in water like Amy’s doing here. Next, pop it into the microwave and set the timer for about one minute. Once it’s done, go ahead and take it out. After it’s had time to cool, take the sponge out. Squeeze out any excess water it’s holding on to…it is a sponge after all. Using a clean makeup sponge is great for your skin and will prevent breakouts! Squeezing in a quick load of laundry before you head out for the day? Aw man, I forgot I put my sheets in here. it won’t fit in the basket. I’ll just fold it now. If you’ve ever folded a sheet by yourself, you know it isn’t always the easiest. What on earth is she doing? Just finding the corners of this thing is a job within itself! Okay, I’m going to fold you if it’s the last thing I do! Is it just me or is this starting to look like some kind of performance art? Yeah, things just got a little out of control there for a minute. Next time, try this. A little room, please? Put the sheet over your arms outstretched. Bring your hands together. Wrap it over one hand, pull the rest of the sheet out like this. See? You’ve made a perfect square! Bring your hands together again and do the same motions. Now that you’ve created actual corners with the sheet, lay it down flat and fold it like you would a blanket. Don’t forget to smooth things out as you go to prevent too much bulk. Once you get to this stage, fold the side over, creating a rectangle. And there you have it! A perfect fitted sheet fold! Hey Emily! I have a present for ya. Is this a smooth fold, or what? Job well done, Olivia! Now help me fold the rest of this stuff. Ever accidentally lose a sock? It’s gotta be in here somewhere. Aha! Looks like it got trapped in a blanket. Yep, perfect match. Uh oh… Hey, did that pile of clothes just move? Oh no! Is my kitty trapped under there? What? Not a cat, just Sophia! Yikes! The vacuums sucking up that plastic bag! You thinking what I’m thinking? Want to make your clothes more compact? Try vacuuming the air out of the bags they’re in! Woah! It’s totally working! Once it’s done, you’ll have a shrunken bag, perfect for storing in small spaces. There you go. Now you can fit double the clothes in half the space! Job well done, Sophia! All girls know what happens every time you shower. Nope, it’s not a small animal, it’s shedding hair! Gross. A plunger? Are you sure that’s a good idea, Lana? Pretty sure that wasn’t what Lana intended on dragging up… Looking for this? Oops! That was an accident. Wait… I just thought of something. For this hack, you’ll need a straw and some scissors. Flatten out the straw. Next, cut diagonal slits at the end, continuing most of the way down. Be patient, it may take a minute. See? Now it’s more flexible. Stick that sucker in the drain and pull it out, hair attached. Woah. Need a hair piece, anybody? Ah, a clear drain is a happy drain. Got any jelly to go with that peanut butter remote? I wonder if I have any wet wipes around here… Well, that’s not helpful. When Did I leave this here? Well, good thing I did because this may solve my problem! To keep your remote peanut butter-free, take some piece of plastic wrap and cut it into a rectangle. Now wrap that sucker up! Give it a little warm blow-dry to get the plastic to sit flush with the buttons. So next time you’re all greased up, pizza in-hand, you won’t ruin your remote with marinara sauce. Hey, don’t worry about it! See? Wipes right off! There really is nothing like pigging out during a Netflix binge, is there? Oh man, I can’t not watch… She looks like she’s ice skating on that stuff! Way to help out, Olivia… What’s with the mess?! And that? I feel like I’m living in a pig pen, Olivia. Ugh, are you even listening to me?! Whatever, you’re not my mom. Nope, I’m not cleaning, I’m too tired. I don’t want to either. What are you gonna do with that stuff, Em? Take a bathroom rug like this one and turn it back-side up. Take a house slipper and cut around it. Now stick some double sided tape on there. Stick the same sniper to the tape. Now, that’s what we call sweeper slippers! Let’s get sweepin’, shall we? I’m ready to clean, baby! And I made a pair for you too! Cleaning doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? It’s like doing a chore and a workout session all in one! Dance your hearts out, girls. Okay, now we’re really get into it. This place is gonna be spic and span in no time! Alright, that’s enough cleaning for the day, time to have some fun with some side-splitting bloopers! some side-splitting bloopers if you love
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  1. /, yeah when you do a jogger upload oh that's a possibility, does that a lot what what what what did you say I smell a lovely what is you are not knock knock why I I I I did that I did that for me p

  2. The sponge cleaning hack :
    First, god damit Amy, you drank water with soap. Second, you edited the video cuz if you put a sponge in a microwave, it would light on fire.

  3. My question: why does she have a washer in her bathroom and why did she throw it in the toilet with a trash can right there

  4. 9:15 Okay. So you want me to sacrifice my rug that my mom PAYED just for that? I mean it sounds fun but you know how parents are theese days, Naive and all that, Especially my mom, She was born in República Dominicana and she is strict as HECK, You do at least ONE thing wrong and she comes up with the chancleta or just her hand, And I'm telling ya if I did that she would take away my phone for a week or a month, OR, She would slap me in the face and grab my ear and just drag me all the way to my room. I'm banned for using my phone just bc I have a yt channel. But noooo, My sister can have one but I can't. And plus Your gonna have to clean those over and over if they get really dirty, bc they're eventually going to make an even bigger mess on the floor AND your gonna have to dry it if wet UwU

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