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DIY WAYS TO REUSE OLD TOYS || Old Toys Funny Crafts Ideas by 123 GO!

Adulting is hard. Okay, really hard. But maybe something from your childhood could
help. Yup, we’re talking about toys
and how you can recycle them into new helpful gadgets! Oh. My. Gosh. What the heck happened in here? Toys, trash? Who on earth would do something like this? Ah, so you’re the culprit! You’re grounded, Mr.! And of course, I’m stuck cleaning up all this mess. Oh no, poor Teddy! You didn’t deserve this, little guy. Hold on a minute… Have an old, torn up teddy bear? Go ahead and take all its stuffing out. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt him. Once all the fluff is out of the bear’s
torso, you’ll need a free-standing zipper, like this one. With the zipper closed, tuck each end under
the bear’s fabric. Now sew it into the bear like you see here. Now run a stitch along the length of the zipper. All done! Next, take a thick piece of ribbon or fabric
like this and sew the end of it into the back of the bear’s head. Sew two ribbons onto the bear by their edges to emulate a backpack. Once the straps are secured, you’re good
to go! Now your bear has a handy compartment to store
whatever you’d like! Whether you use it to store your phone and
wallet, a healthy snack, or some lipstick to touch yourself up later, You’re ready to take on the day! My thanks, Mr. Bear! C’mon, how cute is that thing? See, toys aren’t just for kids anymore. Hey girl! Wait ’til you hear about the day I’ve
had… Hmm, let’s see, where’s that book Amy
wanted to borrow? I swear it was here, last I checked. Oh boy. Sophia’s not going pull that book out, is
she? Oh no, this is not going to end well. Don’t. Do. It. It’s raining books, everybody! Oh, did I do that? Now I’m buried in books! Looks like there was an unfortunate casualty
in this book avalanche. Oh, man. There’s gotta be a way to fix him! First, take the action figure’s lower half
and put hot glue along its edge. Stick his legs underneath a shelf like this. After putting glue on his top half, stick
him on top of the same shelf. Go ahead and place your books against the
action hero, once it dries, of course. Now let’s turn the page on this mess, shall
we! Good thinking, Sophia! What a great day for a jog! Hey, watch your step there, Vicky. Oh no, this is not going to end well! And she’s down! My headphones! Shoot! I just got these. Ugh, why am I such a klutz? Hey Mia. You won’t believe what I did. Look, I busted my brand new headphones! I can’t afford a new pair and I hate jogging
without my jams. There, there, Vicky. Hey! I have an idea! I think one of my little stuffed bears can
fix your problem! Take a small stuffed animal like this one
and flip it over facing down. With an blade, slice the bear down the middle
from the middle of its head. Ouch! Just kidding… Go ahead and take out just a pinch of stuffing
from the top. Now run a glue gun down the entire open seam. Quickly before the glue dries, stick the ear
of your headphones into the slit. Now just wait for both sides to dry. These headphones just got way more adorable. See, what’d I tell ya. I knew I could fix them! Thanks!! Okay, let’s test these babies out! Yup! They totally work! Way to go, Sophia! Wondering where you can get a pair of headphones
like these? Sorry, they’re one-of-kind! Alrighty, it’s finally dinner time! Ouch! My fingers! These are way too hot!! You just couldn’t wait for them to cool
off, could you, Sophia? Oh no, try to catch it! You’ve almost got it! Move over hot potato — Sophia’s invented
a new game: hot corn! Ooh, look at that! Looks like Sophia’s onto something. Watch how to completely transform this alligator
into something new! After you’ve cut the guy in half, start
pouring hot glue into it like a cup, filling up the bottom. Now take regular prongs like these and stick
its end into the glue. See? Perfect fit. Now that they’re dry, let’s try these
bad boys on for size! These unique corn-on-the-cob prongs prove
that sometimes it’s okay to play with your food. And they’re great for fun, summer dinner
parties! Alright ladies, time to dig in! Ooh! It feels like there’s something in my shirt. My back is so itchy! Aw man. Ooh! A pencil ought to do it! Nice try but still not quite getting that
spot. Or how about rubbing against a wall? Wow, this takes tree hugging to a whole new
level! Watch out for splinters, girl! Okay, if this rug doesn’t do the trick,
I don’t know what to do! Careful grabbing that table, Mia! Uh oh… Oh man, I can’t watch! Woah, your reflexes are on point! Hey, wait a sec, I know how to itch this scratch
for good! Have one of these lying around? Put a dab of hot glue on top. Attach a couple of them with a ruler like
this. Now you can scratch those hard-to-reach spots
with ease! Oh man, that feels awesome. I think I’m in love! Ah, a treat for the eyes and the ears! I am party-ready! Hmm, I wonder what earrings I should wear
tonight. Nope, the hoops aren’t quite right. Maybe I’ll try wearing a necklace! Woah, I said one necklace not earrings and
bracelets too! Ah! Jewelry is on the run, people! Alright, I’ve got to figure out a better way to store all my jewelry. Some of my earrings rolled under the couch! Barbie, what are you doing back there? Okay, Barbie. Any idea how I can get out of this mess? For this hack, you’ll need one of your old
barbies and a nice, sharp blade like this. Now cut off one of her arms above the elbow
— don’t worry, she can’t feel it! Take one of the arms and put hot clue on the
cut edge. Now stick it onto your jewelry dish like so. Don’t forget the other arm! All dry! Voila! Never underestimate the power of a helpful
hand…or two! There’s nothing like going about your day
and getting rudely interrupted by a misstep… Oooh, see what I mean? Ahh!! Ow! Ow! My poor, sweet, innocent foot! Oh man. And to top it all off, I broke the darn thing! This is officially the worst Saturday ever. Oh hey, little guy! Boy, do I have a job for you. Take a little plastic toy like this and squirt
some hot clue down its body. Now stick the actual pin from the thing you
broke earlier and stick it right on there. New pin, who this? Oh my gosh! How stinkin’ cute are these? Way to turn the day around, Amy! Hey! Sorry I’m a little late. These pins are amazing! Can I borrow one some time? This pink one is my favorite. Wow, something tells me this was the result
of another one of your craft projects, wasn’t it? Did you love these toy transformations? Get in on all the fun by watching how exactly
we came up with this stuff! We warn you: there are lots of laughs ahead! If you could use more life hacks in your life,
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