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Do You “Crack” Your Own Neck?

Hey guys! Dr. Austin here with King
Chiropractic. I wanted to make a quick little video for you about one of the
most commonly asked questions we get in the office, and that’s about cracking
your own neck. So the reason we feel like we need to crack our own neck, is there’s one joint that’s not moving and it’s causing decreased range of motion,
increased tension in those muscles and overall stiffness pain and discomfort in
that area. So what most people do is they twist, crack, stretch, and pop their neck.
And what happens when they’re doing that is you feel a “popping” noise and
it’s either at the joint above or below. But it doesn’t actually fix the real
problem. What happens when we get that “pop” is a release of endorphins and
it feels great and we think that we actually solve the problem but when in
reality we’re actually doing more harm than good.
So we have the spot that’s stuck it’s hypo-mobile and the spots above and
below, when we crack them and pop them these little ligaments on the
outside are getting over stretched and we’re actually doing more harm than good.
So that’s why it’s so important if you’re having their urge to crack and
pop and twist your neck so important that you seek chiropractic. Because a
trained professional can find that one spot and they can gently, safely, and
specifically adjust that area to create lasting health you don’t have to keep
doing it over and over again. So please give us a call if you’re having the urge
to crack your neck. We’d love to be able to help out. Thanks!

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