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Do You Hate Me Or Are You Just Flaky?

(audio glitch) (techno music) (suspenseful music) – [Detective] All thumbs. (footsteps) (bang) – [Girl] Oh crap. – Come in and sit down. We gotta make this meeting quick doll. I have got to find that Lindbergh baby. – Oh God. Yeah I’ve been reading about hims. I hope he’s okay. Detective, you got any leads about
my sweet friend Betty? I miss her so much. Her smile. Her laugh. The sound of her voice. Where the hell could she be it’s been five whole months missing. – Listen toots. – Yeah. – Your suspicions about
your friend were correct. – No. – [Detective]
Betty’s not just some flake who’s canceling plans on everybody, because, she hates ya and she’s too
much of a goddamn coward to tell ya to your face. – No! Say it ain’t so. – No can do ya crazy dame. Just look at the proof. (slaps) Exhibit A. Your text history from four months ago. You said, “Wanna see a movie Saturday????” She said, “Let’s do it.” On Saturday you text to follow up. “What’s the plan for tonight??????” She replies, “Sorry, girl! Way too much work. Super swamped. But let’s chill soon! – You don’t think there’s anyway she really was busy with work? (sighs) – If this were an isolated
incident I’d say sure. – Yeah, maybe. – But she’s canceling
on ya every single week, and just varying up the excuses. – Oh God you’re right. So many excuses. My roommate’s friend is in town so I gotta hang out with them. Or I’ve got so much laundry to do. I gotta go home to wash my hair? Wash your goddamn hair
some other time Betty. – Now you’re getting the picture. – [Girl] Wait a minute. But she’s got herself a new boyfriend. (laughs) – [Girl] It’d be natural to wanna spend more time with
your significant other if it’s the start of a relationship. – Mhmm, sure, that could be true. – Yeah it could be true, for sure. – Except for exhibit B. For someone with a job and a new boyfriend she sure is socializing with a
lot of people that ain’t you. – Wait a minute. I know all these people, I could definitely have been
invited to these events. – If she really, wanted to spend time with ya, she would have reached out the
moment she became available. Especially, since she been
canceling on you so much. – Dammit to hell. She hates my guts. Where did I go wrong? – Can’t tell ya. But I cracked the case for you kid so, get the hell outta my office, I got things to do. – But there’s something
you haven’t considered. Exhibit C. – What? Impossible. Only I can talk about that. Hey, get away from my board! – She likes all my
social media posts, look! Why would she like my stuff
if she didn’t like me? Maybe there’s hope for us yet. Maybe, maybe we were wrong. (slaps) – Get it together sweetheart. She likes everybody’s social
media, it’s what she does. You’re not special. – Oh. Yeah, I bet you’re right. Maybe exhibit C was just
me trying to have hope. She’s gone forever, I’ll
never see her again. – There there it’s okay. It’s okay doll. Whoa, now shut your yap because I gotta make it to
this date at a jazz club. – But wait. What about the Lindbergh baby? – He’ll be fine all right. It’s up to me to find him alive and I’m the best detective there is. – Okay well at least that will end well. (suspenseful music) (audio glitch)

100 thoughts on “Do You Hate Me Or Are You Just Flaky?

  1. I once had a friend who was like this.
    Asked her all week if she was coming round, yes, yes, yes. Saturday comes and an hour before we're supposed to hang, she cancels on me. I log onto facebook, and there she is. With other people. Hanging out.

  2. LOL I've been there. Now, I am very picky with people. The moment, I see red flags I end the connection. My life is more drama free, now.

  3. Seriously this video came at the perfect time for me. All summer I've been struggling with coming to the realization that my childhood best friend does not value me as a friend anymore. And just today I finally shifted my brain to accept that she doesn't consider me a friend (even though she won't say so). Thanks for making me laugh at my despair!

  4. Usually I just tell people that I wanna stay in bed and play video games by myself, avoids the whole flaky label

  5. Should rename this channel to QualityHumour cause all these bits are quality. And yes I did spell humour correctly, good of you to notice

  6. Me and my bestfriend legit have other "friends" like this and this video has been a big help in helping me realize that. I know the video was a skit but still.

    Thank you College Humor!😊

  7. This sketch made me ask way more questions than it should have lol About 1m in I paused to do research on actual private eye and all the services than they offer and such and its pretty amazing let me tell you. Did you know you can contract a private investigator to follow somewan day and night and have full reports with pictures and/or videos of all there whereabout , in multiples languages including hebrew! (this is in french canada by the way) and if the person goes overseas they will actually keep following them!

  8. Thanks for re-activating my social anxiety CH… Pretty sure all the people I like hate me now… my parents call sometimes, so there's that. Maybe I'm just too intrusive on people's lives and I should leave them alone for a bit.

  9. I do that a lot, flake out, but it's because I think I'm boring and I chicken out of social situations.
    Isn't it? I mean, I suppose it means I prefer not to hang out with people, does it also mean I actually don't like them?

  10. So how does one get friends who aren’t flakes? I’m pretty much at the point where the end of work on Friday means that I’m not even going to see a soul until I go back to work on Monday… and I don’t exactly have friends at work.

  11. 1:49 did they really censor "goddamn"? Like I know some people find that offensive but they're obviously just censoring so they don't get fucked by the algorithm. Will Youtube really demonetize you over "goddamn"?

  12. You guys need to bleep the sware instead of just cutting the audio. Might as well pretend its risqué to say god dam, you know like how my grandad would

  13. I hate flakes. I have pushed people like that out of my life. I’m tired of being the one to make the plans.

  14. I know everyone else is saying it already, but… This skit is all two of my brain cells every time anyone cancels on me.

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