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Doctor Reacts to: ABSURD MEDICAL MEMES EP. 5

– Who’s ready for Medical
Meme review episode 5? (upbeat music) When your family asks you how schools? (laughing) This dog is adorable… First of all nobody wants to hear it. They ask you being polite. But then if you start telling
them about your anatomy lab, your O.N.T lab, your boards are coming up. People are just like (snoring). “Doctoror, Can you show me
where the pain is coming from? “Me: shows a text that has
been seen with no reply.” If I’m struggling in a relationship. I would just show a text from my ex and I’d be like (makes noise) sadness…” It is probably better that doctor strange became a superhero, “because his sterile
technique is cringe-worthy.” – Oh, I’m excited for this.. (Strange..) – Oh did he touch his
face mask after washing? Dr. Strange, that is a no no.. “Some girl in my college came to the chemistry
lab wearing flip-flops.” “The instructor made her do this.” – Always use protection folks and I’m not talking about condoms. Well, I am talking about condoms, but I’m also talking about your feet if you spill hydrochloric acid, you will burn your foot. your feets… Do not burn your feets. “When you cannot mentally
take in any more information, so you physically (laughng).” “Doctor: I’ve got some bad news.” “Me: laid on me gently.” “Doctor: Okay. Knock knock” “Me:Who’s there? – (laughing) Herpes… Here’s the deal with herpes. You shouldn’t try and get it. But if you get it’s not
the end of the world. A lot of people think herpes is some sort of deadly illness But the huge majority of the time. It has no bearing on your life. Outside of some discomfort,
or physical symptoms, or a rash popping up. “When surgery turns up the jam in the O.R” (drum solo playing) – Yo, surgery room gets lit “$50 to walk in the door” “prescribes green tea
with lemon and honey.” (laughing) – I just paid a copay for you
to tell me to drink honey? My grandma told me I can have honey. What did you go to school for? I just saved you unnecessary antibiotics. That had you have taken unnecessarily for your viral illness. You would have been
developed diarrhea down here, possibly a rash up here, possibly anaphylaxis in here. wWhich means your throat closes and you end up… “Putting on gloves, “alone” :In front of other doctors” – When you’re alone your
palms aren’t sweating. When you walk into the surgery room, the O.R , as a new student and you
haven’t been there a lot. Your palms just start spraying sweat like it’s sprinkler fluid. Sprinkler fluid? I remember when I was a resident. I was nervous doing a procedure and I was putting on his
gloves in front of a patient. It look like it was my first
time putting on the gloves. The patient was probably like “Dude, this guy still don’t know how to put on gloves.” * “I’m not getting sick
during my Peds rotation.” (cat sneezing) I remember I’m on my own
Peds in the hospital. And I’m doing my rounds
and I’m all cheery. And I’m like, “okay little baby say ah…” And just as they say “ah”. The baby goes… (spit sound) right into my mouth. I tasted the baby’s saliva and they had Coxsackie. It’s a virus. (ugh) – “Dr. His palms are sweaty,” “knees weak arms are heavy.” “There’s vomit on his sweater already.” Did you just quote Eminem? Ma’am, your husband’s
alcohol problems not a joke. – On the surface. He looks calm and ready to drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole… okay.. (laughing) – (inaudiable talking) – Oh, yeah didn’t James Charles… Yo James Charles got
demonetized for some craziness. For singing like “womp womp womp.” Yo, Em, please… we have a lot in common. I’m from Russia. You’re from Detroit. I’m white. You’re white. You rap. I don’t. Don’t demonetized me bruh. (laughing) – “when you’re attending
gives incorrect instructions, but you really want a
letter of recommendation.” – You have to figure out a way to tell them that you
don’t think it’s right or what you read is wrong. – “Trying to learn a new
skill in medicine like:” (inaudiable) (laughing) – “Open up please.” “Me: Sometimes I get sad.” (laughing) – That’s really funny. I like this one. This one makes me happy. I don’t know why. But yeah, it’s okay to get sad. You only appreciate the sunrise when you see the sunset. – “Me: I think I have cancer
“Doctor: It’s all in your head. (sigh of relief) “A bunch of all in your head. – Yeah, that’s a meme. – “Your patient drinks,” “smokes,” “consume 6 cups of coffee daily” “has diabetes,” “high cholesterol,” “BMI
40, BP 160 over 110” “doesn’t adhere to his meds.” “But in takes a daily multivitamin.” “Why are you still alive?” – I don’t know if any of
you have ever heard of ‘House of God’. It’s a great book. Samuel Shem it always talks about the unhealthiest people living the longest. It feels like they never croak. Their blood pressure is poorly controlled. They’re overweight. They don’t take their
medications appropriately. But then they’re like “oh but I take my Flintstones daily vitamin.” – “When you scrub in for the first time” “and walk up to the
operating table like…” “I’m not sure what to do with my hands…” – Honestly it’s true, because you have to keep
your hands like this, or like this, or like this, because you can’t drop them too low because that area is not sterile. You can’t put them on your face because that’s not sterile. So you have to like keep
everything like this. And if you sneeze… you have to sneeze forward. The worst thing that you can do is turn to the side and sneeze. Because at all this sneeze stuff all this sneeze stuff…. all the sneeze particles comes out onto the patient from
the side of your mask. – “Texas: 14 year old
virgin Falls pregnant” “after flu shot.” ” Hell no” “Why myself or my kids will
never get the flu shot.” “One of the many reasons” – What? – Unless you’re dating a guy and you’ve nicknamed him flu shot ain’t no way a flu shot’s getting you pregnant baby boo. – “Nurse: You may not feel
anything from the waist down. “Him: Just (bleep) then” (laughing) – What? I would have rated this meme as “you may not feel anything
from the waist down and I want to say as “him want to bet?” – “You are the mother(beep).” “You, are great!” “You are magnificent!” “You can do whatever you
want to do in this world.” “Get yo mother(bleep) shine on today!” “Because you can’t.” – I’m officially changing
my alarm clock into that. Because we all need a little
inspiration the morning. This isn’t just for healthcare work. – “Many top scientists
on the autism spectrum.” “So technically autism causes vaccine.” (laughing) – What movie is this from with the rock? This looks old school. But yeah. No, it doesn’t – “Mike, Carbs are bad for you. Also Mike eats their Kinder Eggs. – Dude, keto for 30 days with no carbs, no sugar was tough. So when I finish Keto and I
get a package of Kinder Eggs , you best bet I’m gonna go in. – “So do you like touch my balls first?” “Or how does this work/” “Steven I’m your dentist?” (laughing) – Hold on a second. This picture is not accurate. Why is he has a stethoscope doctor? – “Doctor: It’s okay. Your
wife’s in a better place.” “Heaven?” “My Apartment.” – “When the parents refuse all vaccines” “and the newborn screening” “because they’re all natural,” “but then the man is circumcision.” (laughing) – I love this guy’s meme face. I don’t know what’s been
going on with circumcision lately being in the news. Everyone’s talking about it. There’s a huge uproar. There are health benefits
to getting a circumcision. There are health risks to
getting a circumcision. The health benefits are
pretty few and far between. But if some people for religious reasons want to get one and there
are some health benefits. We do do them. Let’s make a circumcision video. No, wait, that sounds bad. Let’s make a video
discussing circumcision. – “I pass this every day, ” “and it always seems like
someone caught in a lie. ” “Where do you work?” “Oh the medical building?” “Oh, what’s the address?” “1 2 3 4 5 geez? What do you do there?” “It’s the surgery…. center… (laughs) – I didn’t even see the
“12345”. That’s crazy. – “Sure. You’re a doctor. “Then how do you explain
all your free time?” – That’s a question I can relate to. Making YouTube videos, going on television. I mean Ryan Seacrest
the other day was like, “are you a real Doctor?” Michael Strahan’s like,
“are you a real doctor?” – Yes, I’m a real doctor. Board certified family physician here. Sup’ yo.. – “Other student: how
are rotations going?” “what I say ‘living the dream’.” (laughing) “what would mean” – “Dr. Any drugs?
Patients in the E.R: Nope (laughs) – I’ll have young folks come in and they look like they just
came from a rave concert from Ultra Coachella
burning man, whatever it is. And they’re like, “I don’t feel good Doc” and I’m like, “well tell me what’s
been going on would you?” – “Oh, I just came back from this concert’ “We were raving all weekend.” – Well, “did you do any drugs?” – “No.” – Did you drink any alcohol no… tell me let’s talk about it. How can I help you if
I don’t know the truth. – “Vaccines cause adults” (laughs) – I’ll take all the
immunity got thanks Pam. I would wear that shirt. Vaccines cause adults. You know what’s funny? I could totally see an anti
vacs person seeing that being like, “oh my God
you believe in that too” – “when a patient’s
blood pressure is off.” “So the attending asks
you to take you manually,” “thinking it will
somehow be more accurate” (laughs) – It’s so easy to check blood pressure. You should know how to do it do not lose your art of the physical exam. – “Do you need another
stool sample doctor?” “I didn’t even ask for the first one.” – “Doctor: your wife is pregnant.” “No, she isn’t I was wearing a condom.” “Yeah, but I wasn’t.” – Why all the things about doctors cheating with their patients wives. I can’t understand. – “Ask yourself.” “Is she actually thick?” “Or is she just suffering
from lumbar lordosis” – Whenever you say lordosis or kyphosis that’s actually the
curvature of the spine. And if you have extra kyphosis, or extra lordosis, it accentuates that curve. – “Doctor: you’re going to be a vegetable” “for the rest of your life.” “Patient: I’m vegan so that’s amazing.” (laughs) – Speaking of vegan… I’m about to make a 30-day vegan video… Shhh…. I can’t believe I’m doing it. I’m giving up the meats. Vegetables, I’m coming for you. Memes are great. But have you seen my take
on YouTube challenges? Click here for that bad boy. Stay happy and healthy. (hip Hop music playing)

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  1. Metaterians need some updated education about how our bodies make complete proteins from various incomplete proteins from non-meat.

  2. Dude, you definitely should do another House M.D. episode "Let Them Eat Cake" Season 5 Episode 10. One of House's team members starts an online side business that answers patients medical questions (Little different than what you're doing obviously) and offers possible diagnoses' but the catch is, he is doing under Houses name. Great episode

  3. You're so handsome Dr.! The moment I saw your first video, I'm your fan 😍😍😍😍😍

    P.S. – I'm a dentist😁

  4. You can never argue a doctor. They will start scaring you with all the things that can go wrong with your body if you don't follow them.
    It always ends with "you might also die"

  5. Omg….I just realized I might have lumbar lordosis. I've been standing like that for a couple of years thinking it was a bad posture. Better go see my doctor….

  6. i dont know if anyone will see this or if its the place to ask
    but i am 17 and i have phimosis, and i am too scared to tell anyone
    how bad is it to have it? cause i am not having any problems with it

  7. Finally , now i know why I like you. You are from Russia… С большим уважением, теперь точно подпишусь.

  8. Circumcision

    Why is it that when this procedure is forced upon girls it is genital mutilation but when it is forced upon boys it is normal and accepted. There is no medical reason or benefit for the procedure and it is extremely traumatic for the baby. and are amazing sources of info.
    The foreskin is an incredibly healthy and important part of the male body.

    Circumcision is actually a excruciatingly painful procedure due to the fact that the area cannot be completely numbed due to the large number of nerves.

    MRI scans have shown that the pain during circumcision causes changes to the frontal lobe, temporal lobe and amygdala. These are areas of the brain associated with personality, behavior and emotions; the same areas damaged with PTSD. The American Academy of Pediatrics even advises against circumcision because there are no benefits.

    – Amputates the most erogenous part of a non-consenting person's body (the foreskin).

    – Removes a significant amount of naturally mobile penile skin, which prevents a normal gliding mechanism, important for sexual intercourse and masturbation. The lack of mobile skin causes excessive friction, which leads to vaginal pain in women. It may also cause tight and painful erections in male children and adults.

    – Permanently exposes the glans, which is meant to be an internal organ protected by the foreskin. Over time, friction against clothes causes dryness and keratinization of the glans, which may lead to meatal stenosis and erectile dysfunction.

    Circumcised boys and men are deprived from an important, normal, erogenous, protective and healthy part of their body.

    I invite you to please pursue your personal reflection on this topic and comprehend the deep permanent harm that infant circumcision causes to boys and men.

    No medical organization in the world recommends it, not even the AAP, because it is completely unnecessary and entirely harmful.

    Genital cutting of minors violates the basic tenant of medicine, "First, Do No Harm." When performing a circumcision without a diagnostic on a non-consenting patient, you are violating your Hippocratic Oath. For that reason, a growing number of American physicians and nurses are conscientious objectors and refuse to participate in that unethical surgery.

    Full disclosure about circumcision includes:
    – the short term risks linked to the surgery, which include glans amputation, exsanguination, collapsed lungs and death;
    – the long term complications, which include skin bridges, meatal stenosis, loss of sensitivity, excessive friction, painful erections and erectile dysfunction;
    – the fact that medical benefits are virtually inexistent, and rare enough to not justify amputation of a normal, healthy body part.

    Please consider going though the below resources developed by American and international fellow physicians:

    George Denniston, M.D.

    Mark Reiss, M.D.

    Richard Schwartzman, M.D.

    Christopher Fletcher, M.D.

    Alex Rotta, M.D.

    Leonard Glick, M.D., Jewish American Scholar

    Doctors Opposing Circumcision

    Video of the procedure

    The elephant in the hospital video

    this page addresses pretty much every what if for and against, including the study in Africa claiming a higher risk for HIV, intact care, loss of sensitivity, etc

    "The real reason you're circumcised" video

    Here's info on behavior and brain changes resulting from pain during circumcision

    More info on brain changes and pain response as well as info on how pain is still felt during circumcision even with a dorsal penile block

    Benefits of remaining intact

    Effects of circumcision on a possible breastfeeding relationship

    Raising intact sons:

    Foreskin: It's not Icky:

    I am not judging anyone who has already circumcised their boys, it's just that if I were having a boy and I didn't know this info, I would want someone to tell me so I can make the best decision for my baby.

  9. To circumcision; honestly I dont see what the big deal is. It's fine without getting snipped, it's fine even if you do snip it, it honestly just seems like one of those things you do purely to 'make it more pleasing to look at' and maybe eliminate a few extra steps in cleaning

  10. So, you are a real western doc .. making more money on adverts and videos then practicing medicine. But that is good.

  11. All of those are very hilarious! I can definitely relate to the lumbar lordosis meme, after I had an accident I had to go to the doctor then to therapy which meant a chiropractor and I found out that my spine wasn't curved right and it was at a very odd angle so I had about a month and a half of a chiropractor telling me to relax as he popped my spine and hip bones into place, and I was like seriously! You want me to relax while you are working on my spine!? (Nothing against chiropractors!)

  12. I was laying on the dentist chair one day while my dentist was adjusting my braces, when I gleeked all over his glasses. Thats basically when your mouth is wide open and saliva shoots out from under your tongue. He just wiped his glasses and continued working like nothing happened.

  13. Yes do the circumcision video! I've always been curious about the origin of it. We all know how much men love their penises so I can't grasp how thousands of years ago they just decided to cut it. I did try to research a little, found out that it predates Judaism, apparently some Egyptian priests did it but I still don't know why. I imagine there was a torturer and he nipped the tip of a guy and was like "you know what, that looks nice."

  14. the gloves on the feet ::::: thats real and that is a thing, we do pharmacy and that happened to my friend on the day she was wearing flip flops

  15. Fun fact about my Friday:
    My friend Jace, was chased by a bunch of girls, and beat up by them, Don’t worry I told on the girls, but umm..all the girls in my class are mad at me…fUcK

  16. True story: I got a saline injection to prepare me for contrast for an MRI. They put the needle in and said “oh no.” You never want to hear that LOL. Luckily, it simply didn’t quite hit the vein, but it wasn’t too bad.

  17. My optometrist was concerned that he couldn't get my vision perfect in my right eye, so he wrote my spectacles prescription, and told me to come back for a follow-up at a later point. I did show up for the follow up, and he had me go through a two and a half minute eye exam, concluded that the vision in my right eye still sucked, and then he charged me $40 and that was it. What the hell? I haven't been back since. I had to go without food for three days because he wasted my time with that crap.

  18. I have lumbar lordosis and I know this as an 11 year old if I told one of my friends that they would ask for my dictionary. Yes I willingly bought a dictionary.

  19. Dr. Mike, there are no health benefits to routine infant circumcision. That procedure is a major problem in our society in my opinion and I am not alone on this. Please do make a video. We should discuss the topic for sure! My short story "The Procedure" and poem "The Gardener" are published, along with a personal bio (which is outdated but mostly applies) in a book called Unspeakable Mutilations by Lindsay Watson. This is a topic I know a lot about.

  20. Serious question…I had surgery back in Feb. Full hysterectmy and cysts taken out. My question is….why do I still have terrors (day and at night) that the place I was cut will reopen?

  21. Old borscht belt joke:

    Man living in the Diamond district goes window shopping for a place to fix his grandfather’s antique Black Forest cucoo clock. He steps into a jewelry store, they only have a watch guy. Goes to a appliance shop, owner nows a guy but he’s only in town once a month and his shop is in Yonkers. And so on.

    As the sun goes down, the man is so discouraged he resigns himself to going home and renting a U- haul for a trip to Yonkers in the morning, when suddenly he spies a tiny shop with a full length window in which a glorious refurbished Black Forest cuckoo clock stands proudly.

    He rushes over just as the shopkeeper is stepping out to lock. “Sir ! Wait! I need an appointment to fix my clock! What are your hours?”

    The owner furrows his ancient brow. “ You want I should fix a clock?”

    “Yes, sir, just like yours.”
    “Forgive me, my friend, I do not fix clocks. I am a moyel.”

    The man sighs in frustration. “A moyel? Then why the hell do you have a clock in your window?”

    “Okay, mister, what would you put in the window?”

    ( for those who don’t get it, a moyel performs religious circumcisions.)

  22. i took flintstones vitamins as a kid and i’ve never gotten any vaccine preventable disease. yeah i’m vaccinated but trust me it was the flintstones vitamins.

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